Heavenly Grace


October 2009 marked the twelfth anniversary of a prayer group that truly began through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

On October 1, 1997, the Blessed Mother and St. Therese appeared in an interior vision to a college student named Carolyn. Nine days before, the Blessed Mother had promised Carolyn that she would come with St. Therese on that day. Carolyn’s family and a friend were present and witnessed this amazing event. That became the first gathering of a prayer group that our Blessed Mother now leads.

Her promise was not a complete surprise to Carolyn. Two years earlier, the Blessed Mother had begun speaking to Carolyn and guiding her. In the book, “Heavenly Grace“, Carolyn describes the first time the Blessed Mother spoke to her.

“One afternoon while I was praying for help in choosing the right college, I asked to understand God’s will. I clearly heard the words,” That which brings you closer to Him is always His will.” I was stunned. I had heard someone speak to me in a way I had never before experienced. It was a voice that I did not hear with my ears, but within me. I knew in my heart who had spoken to me. It was Mary.”

From that time on, the Blessed Mother continued to teach Carolyn. She asked her to pray more and taught her about holiness. She also asked Carolyn to keep a journal of her words, “I would like for you to spend several minutes each day in quiet meditation. Because the Lord has allowed it to be so, I will give you each day a teaching for the good of the world.”

Every day after that, the Blessed Mother gave Carolyn a lesson to write down. Each teaching was a gentle call to follow Christ through prayer, conversion, sacrifice, the sacraments and living the virtues. These lessons continued until May of 1997. It was not until she was blessed with the vision of our Blessed Mother and St. Therese, that Carolyn’s experiences became public.a period of a year, Carolyn experienced monthly visits from the Blessed Mother and fourteen saints. The Blessed Mother explained her purpose,

“In bringing these saints of Heaven to you, God has allowed me to give you such graces… I have brought many to you that they might tell you their stories, that they may speak of God’s love and His mercy, that they may speak of Christ, that you would come to know Him truly as God made man. Those who followed Him were just as you are, weak and fallen; needing God’s grace, God’s love and God’s forgiveness; always being called to reconciliation on the journey of conversion.”

The small group present for the message of St. Therese grew. Carolyn’s family opened their home to anyone who wanted to be there and, as word spread, more came. Within several months, a group of seventy people met each month to pray, receive this great grace, and share their faith. August of 1998 marked the last message from a saint of Heaven. Carolyn states that afterwards,

“The Blessed Mother asked that the prayer group continue to meet each month. She promised to speak to the group through me for as long as God permits. She asked that we celebrate Mass together and share the graces we have been given.”

The Blessed Mother asked Carolyn to publish the daily lessons that she had written in her journal and the messages of the saints. She asked that the book be called “Heavenly Grace” because it was through the grace of God they were given to us. Carolyn sought help from the Church in doing this properly. Carolyn’s spiritual director writes, “Carolyn’s messages were given to a priest in the Diocese of Lansing who has been charged by the bishop to review books and materials for proper theological content. According to his best judgment, Carolyn’s messages are free from theological error and are in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are simple and encouraging.”

Later, two additional volumes, “Standing In A Miracle” and “Loved For All Ages” were published.

In November 2005, the Blessed Mother ceased coming to Carolyn monthly, promising a yearly visitation. The “Heavenly Grace” prayer group continues to meet yearly on October 24th at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Howell, Michigan. They celebrate Mass, participate in Eucharistic Adoration and pray the Rosary. During the rosary, Carolyn receives and shares the Blessed Mother’s words. Her simple messages call for a renewal of faith, conversion of the heart and frequent reception of the sacraments.


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