Saint Clement

Heavenly Grace

February 17, 1998

Carolyn’s Description:

The Blessed Mother is dressed in white with a pale colored veil that is somewhat transparent. I can see her hair through it. She has her hands turned up toward heaven and she is standing along the side of an altar. The altar has a shimmering gold cloth over it and on the front of the cloth there is a cross.

St. Clement is standing in front of the altar. He is older. He has white hair and a white beard, a long white beard, and he is dressed in a black robe. He is holding a tablet in his arm, close to his chest. It has “Father, Son, and Spirit” written on it.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, I am so pleased to be with you. I am overjoyed at your response to my call. I have come as your mother, with love, to bear the gifts of the Father to you that you would know His mercy and His grace, that you would know His infinite goodness and His love for you. He has allowed this wonderful grace because He wishes for you all good things. He wishes for you to know how dear you are to His heart, that He would give all things to you to the very life of His son.

I am overjoyed and filled with happiness that you have responded wholeheartedly to my call to prayer, to peace, to conversion! Seek the road of conversion every day in your lives. Walk nearer to my son. As your mother, I wish only to bring to you His peace, His joy, the life that is Him, the life which He promises to each of you. I wish to share with you the hope of heaven, of the place that our father has prepared for you . . . the joy and the love through this grace that He has allowed.

I have brought many to you thus far and you have opened your arms and your hearts and your ears to hear their words . . . their words that are an echo of the gospel given to you, the words of my son, the words of God, the message of love, the message of forgiveness, the message of peace. Today, I bring to you another, he who suffered and struggled for the sake of the infant church that Christ had established. He now shares in the glory of Christ as you who persevere shall. You are the faithful church.

I am most pleased to share with you this grace, this gift. You are my beloved children. I am with you always ever near to your hearts, walking beside you. The Lord has permitted me to come among you that you would not be left to the wolves, but cloaked in my mantle of grace and of love, of motherly comfort and consolation.

St. Clement’s Words:

People of God, praise His name. May the Lord have mercy on us. May Christ grant us peace. May the Lord lift us up. Brothers and sisters of the church, you who are faithful, you who are the body, the very heart of Christ, it is good to be with you.

You are so pleasing to God in your actions and in your faith and in the homage that you give to His mother. She is so exalted in heaven. You cannot know how glorified we, the church, is in heaven. For when Christ established His church, He designed it for perfect glory . . . perfect purity . . . that it would be the rock! Indestructible! Untarnishable! Unending! That although the forces of hell would thrust themselves upon it, it should not be broken nor marred, but kept pristine and holy. Our dear mother reflects this holiness and this purity, the immaculate . . . the very immaculate will of the Father. And so we who join Him in heaven reflect His will. It is for you to strive toward this goal of perfection in the soul through action and faith.

Church of God, your lives are lived in a time of persecution much like the time when I was upon this earth. For in my day, those who followed the Christ were made to suffer atrocious, horrific crimes committed against God’s faithful. Many gave up their very lives as the Christ himself gave His life for us. In my day, the church was at its beginnings. The great teachers . . . the great evangelizers . . . Paul, James, Peter, they had taught to all nations, to Jews and to Gentiles, traveling, preaching, leaving behind the church of God in Corinth, Ladacea, Smyna, Philadelphia. All these places, I traveled too.

As a young man, I went among these early churches and I watched as the Holy Spirit came to all nations as He descended on those first apostles on Pentecost, and inspired them that these little churches so persecuted, so fought against by the legions of the evil one, grew, spread, became alive in the Spirit, more nurtured as seeds beneath the snow. And so these little churches, communities of faithful, were brought up. Oh, the task of those first evangelizers, to keep the faith of these people alive! I recall my travels to Corinth. What a difficult church it was to establish! For the people there were trapped . . . trapped in their ways of sinfulness . . . in sins of the flesh, in eating and in drinking and enjoying all things, but not God or His will. This was perhaps the most difficult church and it caused my friends, the evangelists, much grief. But through the grace of God it persevered.

The age of Peter was over. A kind man he was, a good man, truly devoted to the Christ, a pillar of faith. And then it was my turn to take from him the staff of faith as those before me had and I watched over the flock, these churches so scattered. In my day, the law was “death to the Christians.” These churches, so unstable as they were, began to fall . . . suffered. They laid in a state of disarray and truly I say to you that without the Spirit, none of you would know Christ this day, for no church, no community, would have survived those days.

But because of the grace of God and the gift He gave to us in the Holy Spirit, these scattered churches began to unite under the persecutions. And though threatened with death, they emerged from their hiding places. And this was my task, to unite these communities, to make one holy church. How vulnerable this early church was! Many false teachers passed, many false beliefs. Idolatry was rampant. People fell into their old ways as they so often have the habit of doing. The zeal for God was gone among much of His people. What was I to do? How could I unite these people who suffered so much under the heavy hand of opposition?

Faith in God . . . trust in God . . . is a powerful example to those who wish to suppress you. And this is the route that I chose, faith . . . unshakable faith . . . with good works and with the firm belief that God would guide us as He had watched over and guided those who traveled in the Sinai for so very long, our forefathers. As He had told Abraham, as He had spoken to Moses His law, I trusted that He would guide us, this new church, the church of His new covenant. And through the example of many faithful, these churches were strengthened and so many gave up their lives that they would be a powerful example to the authority that opposed us.

It is not much different in your day. Once again the church is in a time of darkness, a time of opposition. There are many forces that wish to tear apart the unbreakable church: materialism, communism, egoism. There is no room for God here, but faith, love, and hope open the door to God and to His mercy and forgiveness. You too suffer under the persecutions as your early forefathers did. And it is the same now for all of you as it was for those early churches that felt so very isolated and so very alone and so very abandoned. You gather together in groups and into communities and how often do you feel as though you are alone, fighting against all of the world? I tell you, this is not so.

You are confined to the human state. In your humanity you seek to praise God with your voices, your eyes, your ears, your hearts, and your very souls, but there is much that you do not know! Do you know that all of the angels of God stand with you? Myriads! Do you know that we, the faithful who have passed before you, stand with you? Do you know that the church of God, the unbreakable rock, far outnumbers those who wish to suppress and poison it? You must never feel alone, for it is not the case. Do you know that the very mother of God is with you, among you, and that God Himself . . . all power, all glory, and all mercy . . . is among you? How, my brothers and sisters, could you ever be alone? Nor are you isolated, but connected to your sister and brothers communities on this earth, those who know Christ and who are in Christ as you are, to the church past, to the church to come. God is not restricted by time nor space. Language is no barrier for God. His family transcends time, transcends humanity itself.

For me, as the leader of the church, I suffered much just as the vicar of Christ here on earth now suffers. Pray for him. Pray for all who Mary the virgin mother of Christ has called, and Christ Himself has called, to the holy priesthood. These are your generals, your commanders, in the army of God. Yes, in His very army! And how should an army of God behave? Truly what is the army of God? Certainly it is not an army as you would know it. No guns, no fighting, no violence would be here. I tell you to arm yourselves with prayer. Arm yourselves with hope. Shield yourselves with forgiveness. Ride upon mercy and go honorably into battle against evil with humility. It is only in this way that the church can triumph. It is only in this way the church will be what God has intended. Glorified! Powerful! Indestructible!

My life was so small, so very meaningless, and yet to God I was everything. For when I met Him, He embraced me with such a love that I could imagine that His son died for me alone! Many have come to His kingdom since and I have seen that He shares this love for each and every one. A great mystery it is that for each person He would have given the whole of Himself, and yet His death and His resurrection were enough to save all. You must always be certain that His love for you is greater than any suffering that you might endure or any persecution. It is greater than death itself. You are not alone nor abandoned, but you are loved. You are loved!

My death was a holy death. It was all that I could give to the Father. It was all that I had left and I was honored to do as Jesus Himself had done. Each of you . . . each one of you . . . dies one thousand deaths a day. Each of you has the opportunity to offer these little deaths to yourself to the Father. Each time you sacrifice, each time you do penance, you offer your life to Him. Never can our sacrifices add up or be worthy of the sacrifice that God made for us, but this is not what He wants from us. He is not a God who seeks from us what He has given. He does not require our sacrifices in order to give out His graces. He wants our love, our very best, our all in what we do and in what we say, in what we have done and what we will do, in all that we are, in all that He has made us, in our strengths and in our weaknesses. For if we give to Him everything we have, can He not do the same for us? His mercy and justice is for always. He will give to us many fold what we give to Him. He gives to us more than we can imagine. This is His way. He is our Father. He loves us. He wants all good things for us.

And this is why He sends to you His mother, a guardian of faith, a general in God’s army, a pillar in the unbreakable church. This is His most precious gift, the one who He loved most on this earth and He has given her to you. Accept her! Hear her words. Answer her call. Do as she asks, for as a mother she wants for you all good things and wishes only for you to share in the glory of God. Know that the church will prevail! The angels in heaven . . . the angels shall present a glorified church to God and sing “Alleluia” forever. The church will prevail! It is your task to give all that you can to God that His glory might be multiplied for always.

Sisters and brothers . . . people of God . . . take heart! Have hope in these words that I have given to you. Know that there is nothing that can crush what God has instituted, God’s very heart. There is nothing . . . nothing . . . worth giving up your share in His glory. Accept Him and His mother whom He sends. She is the pathway to the Son, and the Son who is the way. He is every hope, is every love, is every mercy. Take heart! Be encouraged by this. Go out as the first evangelizers did and teach the young, the sick, those who thirst for God’s love. Show them, as I showed those early Christians who looked to me for an example, the way to be Christlike in your action, in your faith. And it is this way that the whole world would be converted to God and His church would be glorified on earth as it is in heaven and shall forever be. I thank you for having heard me. Remember all that I have told you in the spirit of Christian love and in fellowship.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My children, I thank you for gathering this day. I am with you as your mother. Praised be Jesus, Lord of lords on high. Prayer . . . prayer is so essential. Do not forget to pray. Do not forget my son. I have spoken to you that the greatest prayer is Holy Mass and again I wish to repeat this to you. I thank you for the prayers that you have offered to me. Know that I lay them before my son and He has accepted them with joy. You are a great comfort and consolation to the crucified Lord. I love you so very much and draw you ever nearer to my Immaculate Heart.