Saint Mary Magdalene

Heavenly Grace

August 24, 1998

Carolyn’s Description:

The Blessed Mother is wearing a white gown that is quite beautiful. She also has a white mantle. Along the bottom of the gown and along the sides of the mantle is a tiny gold trim. She has a gold crown on her head. Her eyes are looking toward heaven and her hands are folded in prayer. There is a coral colored rosary with a gold crucifix draped over her hand.

St. Mary Magdalene is standing near the Blessed Mother. She appears quite young, just as the Blessed Mother does. She is wearing a gray gown and a deep blue mantle. She has long, very thick, black hair. It is pulled back and held by a pin. She is looking toward the Blessed Mother. Near their feet are flowers and there is a small tin bowl near the feet of St. Mary Magdalene.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little children, how good it is for me to be with you in this way this evening. I come to you tonight as Queen of the Hearts of All Mankind. As my son has given you to me to be my children from His cross, I am with you as your mother. I am so pleased that so many have come to receive this grace from God who gives it to you out of love of you. Do thank Him and praise Him for this glorious opportunity to truly know Him through those who have loved Him and served Him in their own lives.

During this past year, so many of you have been so faithful in living the messages that these children of God have brought to you. And it is this devotion, the graces that have come forth through this gift, that has made such things as this possible. Our God is so good. He desires to multiply grace, multiply gifts. It is for this reason that I ask you to continue to pray that He will bless the world and all of His children with His goodness and mercy forever.

My dear ones, truly I love you and I invite you tonight to share in the mystery of our God’s . . . our beloved Lord’s . . . gift of Himself. In His crucifixion, death, and resurrection . . . in His glorious ascension to the right hand of the Father, He has made possible a wonderful reconciliation for us with God, a beautiful salvation, the great gift of conversion, a gift that would not be possible were it not for reconciliation merited for you by the Christ. Be grateful. See how God loves you. I bless you in His name, my little ones.

St. Mary Magdalene’s Words:

Servants of God, I greet you in His name, in the name of the Father who has loved us and the Son who is our redeemer and the Spirit who dwells among us. I have much to tell you, but first I wish to tell you that God is with you, that you receive such blessings as the world has never known. I too was blessed in my life and I will tell you a bit of myself. I scarcely remember the time before I served our Lord. Were it not for this beautiful opportunity to teach and to share and to bring a sense of unity to His people here on earth through this gift, I would not speak of it, for it pains my heart to remember those days.

A young girl . . . I was orphaned very young. The same illness that claimed my parents afflicted me for many years. I knew nothing of God, of this Yahweh, and I lived a life that was not befitting a servant of His. From an age of fourteen years, I lived here or there or another place, without the guidance that a father and mother would teach me, and so fell into many things . . . many wayward things.

I befriended a woman in one place which is most dear to my heart now. This woman would come to be a dear friend and the person who I loved most on earth. Why God allowed me even to be in her presence I know not, for she was His mother and a righteous woman. I did not know this at the time nor did I know her well enough to see her virtues. She simply lived near me and spoke kindly to me when many others would not.

She had a son. He had grown up as a carpenter, as an apprentice of His father. And He went out and worked such miracles and did such things that all of those who were in His presence could say nothing more than that He was the son . . . the messiah . . . the promised one. And so from the very beginning, this man had many followers and many who hated Him.

Sometimes I would go and I would sit in the fields where He taught and I would listen. And the things that He said, I could not . . . I could not comprehend. “Love your neighbors and your enemies and those who hurt you.” I was to love those who threw stones and sticks at me and taunted me. How could I do this? “Love God with all of your heart and soul and mind.” I did not even know Him. I could not love Him. “Be kind to the poor. Be generous with what you have.” I had nothing to give. I scarcely could keep myself alive. “Go out among the sick, the uneducated, and teach and heal through a ministry of love.” Who was I to presume to know anything of this?

But still I listened. And each day I came and I heard and I listened, and I saw that there were those who were so dear to Him, brothers who traveled with Him, and I befriended them as well. But still, I suffered from great illness of both body and soul and, as much as I tried, I could not free myself from such affliction.

And then came a day when I found myself face to face with Him, He who I had watched from afar for so very long, my heart aching to do as He said and my mind knowing that I could not . . . that I was not able . . . that I did not have the will to do so . . . that I would not. And in an instant, this man of such mercy and such goodness made real what He had taught to me and freed me from that which had suffocated me for so very long, that which had drawn the very life from my soul, that which had weakened my body and my will to be with God. And through His goodness and mercy, my body and soul were healed and I was renewed.

I began to think again about my decision not to do as He taught, about my decision not to try. Whether I was able or not, I knew not, but I . . . I would try. At the very least I owed Him this. I knew not whether I could be a worthy servant to the messiah . . . the master . . . the teacher . . . but from that moment on I decided that is what I would do each day. And I was so privileged, so blessed, with the opportunity to come to know Him and His mother so intimately, and oftentimes He spoke so casual to me I could scarcely believe that it was the Lord who looked at me through His eyes.

“Mary,” He would say to me. And I would go to Him with all of my troubles and all of my concerns. And each time I was tempted and each time I fought against the darkness that had consumed me, I ran to Him. “Mary.” He spoke only that and I was renewed and I was strengthened and had the courage to go on again. But it was not easy. When one lives life in a certain manner, miracles performed even by the Son of Man do not change that human nature that draws them back into that which made them prisoner. And so I fought hard against my own self and my prayer each day was, “Lord, save me from myself! Save me from myself!”

I do believe that the Lord heard and had mercy on me, for the more I prayed, the more He changed my heart and the less I needed to say such words. For I found that it was not a prayer of desperation any longer, but a prayer of hope, “Lord, save me from myself that I might be only what you would have me be, that you alone might dwell within me and make me pure and make me good and all those things that my heart longs to be, but I cannot be alone!” This is what the teacher gave to me, the gift of prayer . . . of a second try, and a third and a fourth and a fifth and a sixth and a ten thousandth! It is never easy, is it?

Those who followed Him, the men who were with Him, were so good. Though I’m sure that they too struggled as I struggled, as all men struggle, they tried so desperately to do all that the master had commanded . . . to love one another and be patient, and be kind and generous and gentle and humble, and there was so much to learn and how difficult it was! For they were a constant source of hope and joy for me, since I believed that these fishermen and tax collector and poor men, with wives and children that bickered and squabbled just as any other family, could do such great things and go with this savior to heal the sick, to cure those whose souls were as mine once was . . . then truly, with the help of God, I could do the same.

But it was His mother, His gentle mother, who was most important to me. Often times I would sit and I would watch her with Him. I do believe there was never a more perfect mother upon this earth than she. And sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be her, to be so blessed by God and so favored by God that He would plant the seed of Himself within you. What . . . what an unimaginable thing! And it was so frightening!

Her manner was so gentle. She was never harsh. She was patient always, for just as there were many . . . many who came to her son requesting that He pray . . . save . . . heal them, so too many came to her believing, I suppose, that if they could not reach Him, she must be able to do the same for them. Never did she do anything more but invite them in and serve them and talk to them of God and His goodness, and speak to them that which had been written so long ago, that which we held so dear in His word, and spoke to them of the prophets and of the hope that was promised there. And strangely, many who left her presence, though they were not healed of their afflictions, though perhaps they may have returned to their old ways of life, they came away with such a peace, such a joy, I cannot explain it.

I tried so very hard to be as she was and, let me tell you now, I was not! But I learned a great deal from her, especially in the time of her greatest trial in a place that I was not worthy to be in, but that for some reason, whether it was only to be a witness to it that I might come and speak of it to you, God placed me there at the foot of His cross. This is where I learned the most of what it is to love and serve God. On that day, I followed our Lord as He bore a tree upon His back through the streets. And His mother was there also. I wept many, many tears, for He was so dear to me as a Lord, as a teacher, and as a friend and brother. And I was so afraid as I’ve never been afraid in my life. And in that time when I could find no comfort and no solace, she . . . she was so peaceful that it seemed horrible. She did not scream out as I did. She did not run and flee as I often turned to do, but she walked in silence as near to her son as she could be. And what a perfect, perfect trust in God she had that she did not even cry out, for she knew that come what may, God was being served and that was what she and I and her son and all on earth must do.

I was there when He spoke His last. There too when His body was taken from that cross. This was the most difficult moment in my life, the time when the demons that had imprisoned me came back to me again and tempted me, “Mary . . . your Lord. . . your savior. . . your teacher. . . your God . . . is dead!”

What should I do? I could not stay and stand with His brother and His mother who were so trusting in God when I had such anger inside me! And I could not go, for where would I go and what would I do but go back to that which I hated. So I did what my fear of loneliness alone had me do. I remained, though I never in my life was more tempted than at that moment, when all hope seemed to be gone and there was nothing to comfort those who needed Him so much.

Trying my very best to be as His mother was, I put upon myself a brave face though it was such a falsehood, for I was so torn within myself. And I left, once His body was laid in the tomb, to go. What a painful time it was for all of us and we found joy and comfort only in each other. I do believe that all of us . . . those who traveled with Him, those who He had commissioned to go out and to teach, to make disciples of all nations, those who would later be such great fathers of the church . . . they were my company that night as we sat in dumbfounded angst. Still, His mother . . . so peaceful . . . so sad, but so peaceful . . . so firmly resolved to do what God had ordained from the beginning of time. She was our hope.

The time came when the master’s body was to be anointed. And I went carrying with me nothing worthy to anoint our Lord, but the finest balm that I could possibly get, that I could possibly find. I searched and I despaired. What do you give to the Lord? How can you . . . my mind still swims! The gospels that you have, that witness given to you by the command of the Lord Himself, tell you of what great grace I received. A man approached. “Woman, why do you weep?” What? What words . . . what words at that moment. If I should have attempted to answer in the fullest truth, perhaps I would have said, “Because I am nothing and I know nothing and I can do nothing and there is nothing for me anymore and I am so alone!”

“Mary.” It was our Lord! Hope reborn! And I ran to tell those who loved Him, He was alive in the time when we thought He was so far from us. It is the same for you. In the times when you find yourself so far from Him, He is alive in your life and real and present. When you find yourselves in your churches and you are distracted by the things of life, as all of us are, He is there. When in your homes and in your families and caring for your children and loving your spouses and serving your families . . . He is there. In your work and in your prayer, He is there. Our Lord had never left us. Though His body was broken and His soul left Him, He was there.

Truly I tell you, if the Lord should see it fit to bless someone as myself with such a gift, you need never feel unworthy of His grace. For as He has taught, He came among His people not to save those who were well, but to find the lost, to heal the broken, to save the weak and the sinful. You must not feel that you cannot go to Him with all things and throw yourself before His cross and beg His forgiveness, for truly I tell you, it is yours before you have even asked.

Our God is so grand. He reads your hearts as you read words upon a page. He knows you better than you could know yourself in a thousand years of knowledge. Desire Him. Seek Him out in the sacraments He has given to you, in the prayers He has offered to you, in the gifts and the blessings He has given to you out of His mercy and true desire to have you with Him, as it was always, always been meant to be.

After our Lord departed from us and went to the Father, those who had followed and loved Him, who were so weak, were strengthened by His Spirit. They went out, each of them, to all corners of the earth and taught many things and brought the Christ, brought that Christ that had dwelled with us and ate with us to the hearts of a thousand men. I remained with His mother and cared for her. And I did not do anything great in my life. I did not follow Peter and John and go out and teach and lead and found churches, but I cared for His mother, which was the only thing I thought I could do and what I truly believe the teacher would have asked me to do. This is all I did. Until an old woman when He called me home to Him, I did nothing more than each day serving those who He placed in my life and running to Him when I found that hated darkness consuming me again.

You must do the same. God does not call all of His children to found churches and be priests, to religious life. He calls many of them to be mothers and fathers, teachers, healers, friends. In these things, do serve Him in all ways. Offer up all that you do for Him. There are many who seek out meaning in this life, who like me were lost and see no hope and ask, “What? Why?” This is something that I did learn. What? The answer to ‘what’ is the love of God. Why? Because He wants us with Him and will go to the ends of the earth to find us. Hear Him and answer Him and follow Him as I followed our Lord to His death, that just as He entered into the kingdom of God, that door might be open for you. It is this simple. Serve Him in all that you do. Offer all things to Him, your weaknesses and your strengths, your failings and your successes. Give it all to our Lord and He will bless you, and heal your bodies and your souls and your minds, and truly bring you home to Him as He has brought me home.

Children of God, thank Him, love Him, and serve Him through one another. I look to the day with joy when I can meet you here, for truly . . . truly you are blessed and loved. Do remember what I have told you, for so many wander in such darkness lacking such wisdom as this . . . this wisdom I only learned through what God had given me. Do remember.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, I wish to remind you that ever I am with you, that I pray for your intentions, and I do wish to thank you for praying for those things that rest heavily on my heart. Continue to pray, my little ones, that all of my children will come to know the Christ, that all of my children would receive the strength through the Holy Spirit to be of strong faith and strong heart, that those who are in purgatory might have relief and joy in the Father’s kingdom, and that those who come to serve the Lord through all vocations in life would find peace and joy and a great desire to do the will of God. I do bless you in the name of the Father and Son and Spirit on high, and again I thank you for responding in such great numbers to such a grace.