Blessed Mother: May 1997

Heavenly Grace

May 1, 1997

My dear daughter,

May the Lord bless you with His grace. My dear children, I wish for you to find joy. I desire for your hearts to be full of love. My little ones, if you pray, the Lord will guide you. Through your love for Him and perseverance in all of life’s difficulties, you will learn to trust and hope in Him. My little ones, only a heart that is strong in faith and full of hope can be filled with joy. My dear ones, I call you to bring the Father’s kingdom to earth. Begin to live in His eternal love and joy at this moment. Let His light shine forth from you to light every place of darkness. Pray, dear ones, that the fire of love, joy, and hope within you might spark faith in the hearts of those who are lost. May the peace of Christ be with you.

May 2, 1997

My dear daughter,

I have called each of you to the Father through the Holy Spirit. My little children, now is the time to choose for God. Now is the time to dedicate yourselves to Him. My little ones, I love you so dearly and want you to choose to walk with Him. His way, the way of light, will bring you peace. It is difficult to follow with all of your heart what you have been taught. Remember, the Lord has given you the way of salvation through His word, the holy scripture. My dear children, choose to follow Him. I thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray that you might always be guided by the Holy Spirit. May the peace of Christ be with you.

May 3, 1997

My dear daughter,

I wish to thank you for committing yourself to this task that has been given to you by the Father in heaven. Dear children, I as your mother thank you for your prayer and sacrifice. Truly, your faith has made many graces of God possible. In this age of darkness, your faith brings light to the world. My little ones, when your faith is tested, remain strong in God, for He shall not fail you. Little ones, I thank you for your sacrifices. When you offer your sacrifices and sufferings to the Lord, many are blessed by your gift. The Lord shows His mercy to all because of the love of a few. My dear ones, do not abandon prayer! Do not abandon your father. He will carry you in His arms always. May the peace of Christ be with you.

May 4, 1997

My dear daughter,

I wish to reconfirm to all my children that truly I am your mother. My dear little ones, I love you so very much. I have come to you because of my great love for you and the mercy and love of the Father. Dear children, know that I am always with you as your intercessor. I lift high all prayers to our God that they may glorify Him alone. I am just a simple woman chosen by God for a mighty task. I am the woman clothed in the sun, she who brings forth the Christ not in flesh as once before, but in word as He is and ever shall be. My beloved children, how I do love you. I thank you for hearing the call of our Lord and answering Him. May the peace of Christ be with you.

May 5, 1997

My dear daughter,

I love you so dearly and I thank you for serving God in this way. Little children, as I began so shall I end, with a reminder of God’s great love. Through His grace, I have come to teach you the way of life, His forgiveness, His mercy. I have been but a messenger telling of His joy for each of you. Most important of all words, the greatest of all gifts, is love! This is the message of the scripture, the word of God, for God is love and all that are of God and for God are filled with His love. Little children, as your mother I desire only to unite each of you together with God in His love. Love is the root of all virtue. From love grows hope, faith, and charity. Where there is love, goodness abounds, and a light that cannot be quenched by darkness. This light, the light of God, is His love, that love which created each of you, that love that shapes your souls, that love that unites you with the Father. Above all else, there must be love or all is for naught. My dear children, I offer to you my guidance as your heavenly mother. I bring to you the word of God as His messenger. Know that it is only through His love that this has been possible. My dear children, my prayer is that each of you will come to love God with all of your hearts, to know and understand Him as He has intended, to be one in Him, creature and creator. My dear children, the greatest gift that you have been given and the true gift, this gift from which all else is brought forth in goodness, is love. My dear children, love one another as God has loved you. Be filled with His love. Live your lives joyfully, for you have been chosen as His people, His children. Thank Him! Praise Him! Alleluia! Be filled with joy. May the peace of Christ be with you.