Loved For All Ages

“You have come to see that the definitive change, the moment when one accepts the grace of God, is not brought upon by human ways, but the infinite mercy of God penetrating the heart of His children.It is God first.It is God always.”

The Blessed Mother
October 29, 2002


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, how good it is to come among you as your mother, to be given the grace to speak to you the words that the Father gives, that you might hear Him and know Him, that you might serve Him in every facet of your life, that you might serve one another and do as Jesus did upon this earth . . . give fully and completely of yourself that others might come to know God through you. Dear ones, as your mother I come to you always, imploring that you continue to walk toward holiness, that you continue in your journey of prayer and reconciliation, that you continue to find God each day in His church and in the sacraments. Again, as your mother, I bring you to the Father.

Dear ones, my little ones, continue though the road becomes difficult. Persevere in your faith through all trials and all hardships. Now, dear ones, you must decide to love fully with all of your heart. Reserve nothing for yourselves, for God shall give back to you many fold what you give. Dear ones, it is not difficult to hear the words that I speak to you and to understand them. The difficulty is in putting them into action in your life. In the times when you are most frustrated, when you are most angry, when you are most away from God because you have chosen not to see Him . . . it is in these times when you must recall my words that echo the holy Gospels, that call you into prayer, that call you into the Church, that call you into reconciliation. I cannot tell you, dear ones, how important it is to always . . . always . . . place God center in your life, in your activities, and especially in your home.

Dear ones, this is a time of darkness for the family. It is a time when so many families find themselves pulled away from the love of God and lost in the materialism, in the consumerism, and even in the daily routines of life. My dear ones, as a family you eat together. As a family you play . . . you cry . . . you laugh together. Why, dear ones, should you not pray together? This must be first in your home. Let it be the first thing you do when you wake and the last thing you do before you sleep, and may your mind and heart be set on God in every moment in between.

Dear ones, I come to you as a mother and as your mother I advise and I counsel you. There is no better advice that I can give to you but to continually search out God, to continue to serve Him through serving one another, and to always be strengthened in His grace through prayer. I ask you especially in this time to pray for families who are dear to my heart and who I see so lost and so confused in this world.

Dear ones, many times I have told you that it is the family that is the fountain . . . the source . . . the very seed of faith. Through the family my littlest ones . . . my dearest children . . . come to know God. Through their mother’s love, through their father’s care, and through the fellowship and companionship of their siblings, every child comes to see the face of Christ. And so you see how important it is that every family strive toward holiness, that every family honor and respect one another and grant to each other the dignity afforded to them simply because they are an image and likeness of God.

Dear ones, in this time when there is such abuse, such neglect . . . such sorrows in my maternal heart because of these things . . . dear ones, will you not pray especially for the families and my littlest children, those who because their families have chosen not to walk with God shall not see the face of Christ, shall not know love, shall not know the grace and peace of God. These little ones . . . these precious ones . . . I touch with my own hand that they might one day come to the Father, that He might plant faith and hope and joy into their hearts . . . that faith, hope and joy that their families . . . their mothers and fathers . . . have neglected.

Dear ones, I do not tell you this that you should have worry or have anxiety, for always my message is one of joy and of hope. In every darkness there is the light, dear ones, and you . . . you are the light. How many times . . . how many times do you hear the words of my son, “You are the light of the world?” Truly become the light of the world and especially the light to families. Illuminate the darkness by being an example in your own home, by praying as a family . . . husband and wife, children, mothers and fathers . . . praying as a family for all families and all people.

You know that married life, that parenthood . . . it is a calling, a vocation, and a tremendous blessing that God gives to you that you might know a part of Him that would be hidden from you without it. Truly the love of a mother, a father, a husband and a wife . . . it is most like the love of God in that it is unending . . . it is unconditional. Practice these things in your home and do not let the trifles of life interfere with your relationship with God, with your relationship with one another, and with your love.

Love, as many times I have taught you, means service. It means giving completely of yourself and reserving nothing. Do this, dear ones. Do this and God shall reserve nothing for Himself, but shall pour upon you His every grace . . . His every peace . . . His every joy.

Dear ones, as always, I am your mother, and I pray that God would bless you and that the Holy Family, whom you should always ask the intercession of, shall guide you and watch over you always. May the Holy Spirit be upon you and may you live always in peace. 


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, it is good to be among you, to come to you with my motherly blessings, to bring to you the gifts of the Holy Spirit . . . He who is sent as paraclete . . . to fill you with wisdom, to fill you with knowledge of the truth, to fill you with courage and boldness of spirit, that you might truly witness for this love of Christ that you have come to know.

Dear ones, just as you live and breathe and laugh together, know that it is Christ who is life within you. I have come speaking of Him as teacher, as counselor, as friend and brother, as Lord and master, as healer, as savior, and still He is many things . . . so much so that there are not enough words in the world to describe His majesty. Today I desire to speak of Christ as your life, for truly He is life. He, who reigned over death, who through His majesty and glory destroys all evil . . . He, who through the giving of His own life, His own blood, brought new life into this world . . . is with you. He dwells among you and in you. He is present! In your church, in your homes, in one another, He works. He changes the hearts of those who love Him and makes you a more perfect creation in Him. He desires for you, His children, to turn all things to Him . . . to give all that you are to Him . . . that within you He might work miracles!

Dear ones, if you do not have the life of Christ within you, truly there is no worse . . . no more painful . . . no more horrible thing. If you fill your hearts with self-love and greed, with envy for one another’s things . . . mere possessions, if you live your life in a state of sinfulness and darkness and you reject the light of God, then you cannot have life within you. If you do not find Him in the Eucharist often . . . as often as possible, if you do not seek Him in the sacraments and in the Church, you will not have His life within you. If you do not pray . . . each of you and as a family . . . you will not have His life within you. And so, dear ones, I tell you now as I have told you many times, you must pray . . . together . . . for one another . . . always. You must find Christ as He reigns over you in His Eucharistic love, in His holy church. You must seek Him in your own hearts and lives by placing Him first . . . above all else . . . for none is greater.

Today, I invite you anew to look at the things that are in your life that cloud your vision, that make it impossible to see the light and the life that is within you . . . impossible to see the will of God. Be single-minded! May your heart and mind always be on God. Be filled with the Holy Spirit that He pours forth upon you to renew you . . . to make you a new creation unto Him. Live with peace in your heart and in your home . . . seeking holiness, seeking joy, bearing the light that is Christ’s love to the world that all might know Him through you, and thus bringing the glory of God into this world.

Dear ones, as your mother, I desire all good things for you and I truly wish to impart the peace that Christ alone can bring to you. Accept the life that He brings to you. Accept Him as He comes to you in many ways. Renew the baptismal promises that you made to be one with Him, to walk in His light, and to upon your death be united in glory with Him. Renounce all things that take you from Him, for truly He alone is joy . . . He alone is goodness . . . He alone is majesty.

Dear ones, as ever I am your mother. I am with you . . . praying for you, interceding for you, for all my children. Continue to pray and to grow in holiness that you might be drawn ever closer to our father in heaven through whom all grace is possible.


Our Lord’s Words:

My dear sons and daughters, many times I have sent my mother and she has brought you my words. Today I, your Christ, am with you. This, dear ones . . . this is the time when you bear in your hearts and your minds the memory of my passion and my death and my resurrection. I have come to you today to tell you that I love you, to speak to you about that which you prepare to celebrate.

Recall how I entered Jerusalem. Recall how I was greeted with joy, and yet not all there would welcome me. There were many who hated me. There were many who despised me. Recall that I came to a place to gather with those brothers whom I had chosen . . . whom I had traveled with and known for so long . . . those who, though they first set eyes upon me from fishing boats and streets, I knew before their birth.

Recall that I gathered . . . that I brought them unto me . . . that I broke bread with them and gave them a gift of my soul, the gift that would nourish my church . . . my people . . . to this day and for all days. Recall, dear children, that I gave my own body, that I gave my own blood, not that they would remember me in symbol, but in truth . . . that I, your God, would be present with you in my body, in my blood, in my agony, and in my glory. Recall that those who gathered there . . . they could not understand the words that I spoke, the promises that I made to them. They fled in fear. When I was taken to a hill and placed upon a tree, all of my faithful were lost unto me and I knew despair.

In the garden I prayed. And as they did that night, when I carried my cross all who were with me . . . all who I loved . . .fled me. I bore the strips of the scourging on my back, each one with love for you. And though I prayed, “Father, do not make me undergo such a thing . . . take this cup from me,” it was not His will. And I, His son, embraced His will with the fullness of my heart that you might be saved! I was mocked. And as I on my cross looked out among the people there, I did not see their hatred . . . I did not see their curses . . . I did not see the insults and the stones that they hurled upon me, but the love that God placed in them . . . that He, our father and I with our spirit, that love that poured into them a share of our own life . . . that which is a reflection of me. And as I looked out from upon my cross, I did not see only those who had gathered, some to mourn and some to mock, but every heart of every person for all of time.

I beheld you from the cross. I knew you. In my heart I spoke your name as I prayed, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” You now in your lives . . . you, my children . . . you turn from me. You desire not my will, but your own. Do you not see that still I seek and I see you . . . I know you . . . I am with you? Even now and always I pray, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Into the dead I descended. And many . . . many righteous souls were waiting to greet me and every knee bent, for none could stand in the presence of God. Then the dawn! And light! And the glory of my father came upon me and again I lived, as I live now in the kingdom I have prepared for you and upon your altars and in your tabernacles. And yet, those who knew me so well . . . they did not know me then. They did not recognize me. 
Dear ones, my children, do not fail to see me in your own lives. I am waiting. I call to you again and again because I love you, because I desire to pour mercy upon you and give you every grace and fill you with every joy! I, your God, desire to fill you with peace! Would you not accept this gift?

I, in my glory . . . in the life which is me now and always, in the life which is my father and we in our trinity . . . in that life, I come to you and I am with you. And each of you . . . each of you, I am with you in your agony and I am there when all others flee you. I am there as you break bread and share your meals among friends. I am there! And as you gather at my table and celebrate the great banquet feast I have given you from my own heart, I am there! And when you crucify your own wills that my father might act in you and that our spirit might act through you, then too, I am with you.

I assure you as your Lord that when you die . . . when you come and see the glory that I merited for you on that dawning morning, then . . . then I will be there waiting for you. Do not turn down such a gift. I long for you to embrace me with the fullness of your life and grant to me that which is my own . . . your body, your heart, your soul, your mind. Do not be afraid, for I am with you even to the end of time.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. Know that as ever I come to you as mother, as counselor and advocate. Know that I pray that God would send His holy spirit upon you to make you a new creation in Him, to fill you with every grace, to fill you with every joy, to help you grow closer to Him.

Dear ones, as your mother I come to you. As your mother I ask many things of you, all for your good . . . for the growth and the nurturing of your holy soul placed in your bodies by God Himself when He breathed His life into you. Dear ones, my concern is with your soul’s eternal happiness and with the glory of God. It is for this reason that so often I ask you to turn your hearts, to turn your minds, to turn your every action and every word, toward God.

How often in this world, as parents . . . as friends . . . as teachers . . . as a great many things, you turn yourselves to taking care of the needs of your body. You, as good people, prepare a nice home for your children. You set aside good food for them to eat. You clothe them. You give them every good thing. You educate them. And yet, dear ones, there are many in the world today who forget . . . who forget to remind my dear little ones that they are a good creation of God who loves them most preciously, who is their father.

This is something that you must do not only for your children, but for all whom you encounter, for the greatest sickness in the world today is that of despair. There are many in this world who suffer for want of food, for want of shelter, for want of friendship. And yet I tell you, of all of these horrible things . . . of all of these sufferings . . . none is so great as those who have all and yet lose it because they do not have faith in God. How difficult it is for you to see this through the eyes of the world, that many of those who are most successful as you have defined it on this earth, are most lost.

Despair is a deep sickness of the heart and soul and mind. It plagues my children as a death, as a darkness that cannot be lifted except through prayer . . . except through faith . . . except through trust. You, dear ones . . . you must cooperate in the plan of the Divine Physician in that you dispense His good news to His people that they might be healed. I ask you to do this each day through the way that you live your lives, through the words that you speak, through the way that you pray, through your own faith in God. How much light could be in the world if my children would but accept the fact that God is with them and loves them and would, in this knowledge, love Him in return.

Dear ones, you know that every mother asks her children to obey their father, for it is my role as your mother . . . as your advocate. And so again I come to you asking you to obey your father, to love your father, to give to your father all that is due to Him. Give your hearts, dear ones, that He might truly fill you with the joy that you have not yet known. Give your lives that not only your temporal needs might be cared for, but those of your spirit as well. Give your families that those children that you have provided every good thing for upon this earth through God’s grace might also have the gift of faith nurtured in their hearts. In your jobs, in your daily lives, in the strangers whom you encounter, dear ones, always be a light of Christ’s love. It is the greatest gift that you can give back to the world.

My little ones, I come and I teach you and I bring to you the word of God, that you might know Him and understand Him. You cannot know God as He fully and truly is unless you envelop yourself in His holy church, in His holy sacraments, in His divine will, and in the Holy Bible. The scriptures that you have been given are a treasure, for truly you can see with the eyes of those who saw the works of Christ . . . who knew Him . . . who walked with Him. God gave to you through this prayer group a great grace. He allowed you to see into the lives and hearts of many of those who are now glorified with Him in His heavenly home. For many months, He sent to you the saints of heaven that you might come to see and know Him as a God not only for the holy and righteous, but as a God for the sinful and sorrowing.

Dear ones, I ask you again to remember the example that was set in their words and in their deeds. Go, dear ones, into your homes with your children and pick up the scriptures that God gave to you as a gift . . . and read and pray and love God through His words. See the example of His holy ones . . . of Peter . . . of Paul . . . of all of those who witnessed in His name and who, through their holy lives and through their deaths, merited the greatest reward . . . the pearl of great price. Do not forget, dear ones, that to minister to your souls is the greatest, most perfect, gift that you can give to your children and to your family.

Families in this day . . . they are so often caught up in the turmoil of this world. How many homes are broken . . . how many families destroyed . . . how many marriages suffer! My maternal heart breaks at the thought. Yet it need not be so, for still after these many long years you do not yet understand how powerful your prayer is. You do not yet know what a great gift you have been given. Dear ones, fill your heart with gratitude. Be filled until you sing with joy with the angels of heaven, for truly it will be at the moment of your death that you will see what God has done for you and you will fall to your knees and cry tears of joy.

Dear ones . . . my children, I am your mother and I bring you always to the Father. I lift you up to Him in my prayer . . . in my worship . . . in my adoration . . . and I ask that He continue to pour tremendous grace upon you. How easy it is when you are not with God . . . in your mind . . . in your heart . . . in your faith . . . in your prayer . . . in your churches . . . to lose sight of Him, to let Him become a fleeting and passing thought in the back of your mind.

Dear ones, do not allow this to be so. For if God is the center of your heart . . . if in your homes He is worshiped in His Eucharistic presence, in the sacraments that He has given to you, in His holy scripture, and in your lives . . . you, dear ones, will begin to learn to love as He desires for you to love. You will see each day that your family, your home . . . all that you are and all that you have . . . will grow close to God. I tell you, those who have found this way have known great joy and even in their sufferings they have the peace that only Christ can bring.

My children again this day I bless you. I ask you to continue to persevere on this journey that you have undertaken in your faith. God is with you . . . God is with you . . . God is with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, praised be the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, our redeemer, and our king, for He alone can work great things in your hearts, He alone can save and heal you . . . can bring to you the grace and mercy and peace that you desire in your homes, in your hearts, and in your world. Dear ones, as your mother, I come to you again to lead you to the Son. Always I am a mother calling her children to the Son.

Dear ones, I have been blessed by God that I might come among you, that I might teach you, that I might share with you part of that vision which is mine . . . the glory of God. He who has loved you so much so as to send His son to suffer and to die and to rise in glory, has sent me . . . that I might take your hand as a mother and lead you through your sufferings, through death, and into His glory . . . that which will become yours. God is so good that He sends a mother. For who could we trust, were it not for mothers, to teach and to lead and to . . . with gentle kindness . . . instruct, inspire, and change their little ones into that which God desires them to be? And so I have come and tonight again I come.

Dear ones, I tell you, the love of God . . . it is without limits. It is immeasurable. You do not love a God who desires to punish His children, who distances Himself from them, who desires to seek an earthly revenge upon them, but rather a God whose love is so great that truly . . . each day, many thousands of times . . . He bleeds again for you on your altar in the breaking of the bread at the consecration. Dear ones, your God is such love that He desires to forgive you . . . not punish or chasten you. Your God desires to forgive you with a forgiveness that is not known upon this earth, one that is complete, one that is without condition, one that is both merciful and just.

Turn your hearts to Him in your sinfulness, in that which leads you to die. Examine your hearts and your lives each day. See the places where pride and pain and fear pull you from Him. Then, dear ones, find solace in Him through your sacraments . . . through prayer . . . through the Eucharist. God gave these things to you that you might have them as a most precious gift. Immerse yourself in His love by living His commandments and in this way, dear ones, you will see that it will not be difficult to change.

What struggles all of humanity has! What fears! Truly I tell you, never . . . never was there a time when more people on this earth were lost and afraid. I, their mother, beseech the Father to send His light that is Christ to all nations. He has chosen to send that light through you!

Dear ones, you know that God has blessed you immeasurably. You know that the faith that you have is a gift. It is a grace. I tell you, how many of the saints of heaven . . . who once living wayward lives turned toward God . . . would rather give their very lives, all that they had, all that they could possibly possess . . . just to have served Him for every moment of their lives! There are many who live many years without Him and find Him before they are called home . . . and there are many who do not.

It is for this reason that my maternal heart aches. I . . . a mother, as you many are mothers and fathers too . . . love my children so much that I want all that is good for them. Having participated fully in the banquet feast that is God, in His heavenly kingdom, in all of the splendors of heaven . . . having seen things that eyes cannot comprehend and words cannot describe, nor ears stand to hear but for God’s grace . . . I wish to share this with you because the Father wills it.

You know the strength of love, for you feel that love for your children and your spouses and your friends. You know the strength of love, for when you pray you feel it also to those who hurt you . . . to those who cause you pain . . . to those who wish you harm. It is that love which must be your inspiration, that love which is God in His most Holy Spirit . . . who works among you, who works within you, who works through you . . . that must act. Each day invite God in His Holy Spirit to come into you and make you a new creation that all that is you might be perfected in Him and all that is Him might perfect you. In this way, united fully to God, the Holy Spirit will pour forth innumerable graces into you and you truly can become the light of the world.

And so, my children, I invite you to embrace your siblings, those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ. Take them by the hand and lead them, for your mother desires it and the Father wills it to be so. May the peace of Christ who is eternal, who is the one true light, God forever and ever, be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words: 

My dear little ones . . . peace. May the peace of Christ be with you. Know that I am your mother, that I come to you always as a mother. Know that again this day I bless you and I thank our father in heaven for allowing me to come, for it is such a blessing and such a grace that I can reach my children in this way to instruct them, to share with them the glorious mystery that is God, to grant them the peace that Christ alone brings, to lead them as ever back to Jesus.

Dear ones, you truly are my children, as all the children in the world are my own. Jesus gave the world to me to be children to me, that all might be saved . . . that through the Immaculate Heart the gate might be opened and you would see shining ever brightly the Sacred Heart that is my son. Dear ones, let this be in all things a light . . . a truth. Dear ones, let the knowledge that you have been given be for you a gateway . . . a window. Let the great grace you have been given be for you the means to which you might see clearly the Father through the Son through His mother. Know that I do not come for myself, but for God who sends me, and I come for no reason but that you might see Him more clearly.

In all things, do this . . . look for Christ . . . for the Father’s glory . . . for the work of the Holy Spirit. When you examine your life see how you are allowing God to act through you . . . or not. Examine all that you do and all that you are. See the person you are through God’s eyes. See the great beauty you possess as His children, as His precious ones, as those created in His own image called His sons and daughters. See how blessed you are and see the great ability He gives you to do much good in this world, to truly act as His instruments. Our God loves people so much, His dear children, that He . . . in His great wisdom, in His great power, in His great majesty. . . fills His churches, fills His people, fills even your holy tabernacle with His presence that you might be strengthened and have a source of life . . . a window to hope. See, dear children, that God our father gives to you all things. See His presence in the world and be, dear ones, His hands and feet.

My children, how God . . . how our majestic Lord, pierces into this world, breaks into this world into the consciousness of all people . . . of all races . . . in all time! See that every person is given the tremendous beauty of a soul created as God designed it to be. And see, too, how you when you keep yourself close to God through the sacraments, through the Church, through prayer, through penance, through fasting . . . see how your soul can become a magnificent reflection of Him, and therefore be a window that others might see Him through you.

Dear ones, still you do not know how present God is with you. Still you cannot see. Know that His angels surround you, that the Son walks amongst His people in the persons who would carry Him in body and blood and soul and divinity in His Eucharistic Self. See that now, after participating in the greatest of sacrifices, He dwells within each of you. He is present here . . . more present, more real, and more true than you can see. Know that all of heaven prays for you . . . knows you . . . rejoices when you turn your faces toward the light of God and see that which is truly there . . . His love . . . His unending mercy . . . His perfect peace.

All of my children . . . all of them given to me . . . are precious, and each was born . . . each one conceived . . . with a glimmer of the light of God within them, for He breathed His own breath into each child and spoke His name to the newly formed soul. And every soul rejoices in Him. Dear ones, it is you who distance yourself from Him, for as infants . . . as children . . . as little ones . . . who did not rejoice in God and truly and fully and really believe that He was present? How many times my children remark that they have grown out of their belief of God. How sad to start life with eyes open and to blind oneself.

Therefore, dear ones, I tell you this. Rejoice in God and always commit to your hearts the words which He spoke to you, ‘Be as little children, for they . . . the little ones . . . they can clearly see God.’ Do not allow your lives . . . your needs . . . your desires . . . your difficulties . . . to cloud your vision, to close the window to the truth that you have on your altars, in your Mass, in the sacraments, and in your very selves. Do not do as many would . . . close off your conscience, close off your soul and let it wither and die . . . that you might seek physical and material pleasures, pleasures that are passing. Know that I see my children suffering and as any mother I go to retrieve them, for many walk blindly toward the great abyss. They do not see the truth . . . the truth that was with them all along . . . the truth that they knew at their very conception, but chose to walk away from.

Each of you, my children, has an obligation . . . truly a mission . . . to share the light of faith you have been given. There are so many . . . so many who suffer so because they have not been shown the truth in their life, and though God might speak His name and breathe His life, the world has injured them greatly and there is no one . . . no one who would heal them. Therefore, again I beseech you, be instruments of the Father by allowing yourself to be open to His will, even and especially, when it is not what you would will. In doing so, He might act through you and your sacrifice . . . your penance . . . will make reparation for all of those who, through their fault and through no fault of their own, do not yet know God as you have been blessed to know Him.

See that what you have received is a gift earned and merited only by the sufferings of Christ Himself upon the cross, through His glorious resurrection and ascension, and through the majesty that He is sitting at the hand of our father, creator, and Lord. He has earned for you eternal life. He has merited for you a gift such as this . . . this tremendous mercy of God . . . this gift that is your faith. Thank Him, for it is only through Him that you know God and have any hope of salvation. Truly, little ones, God does not forget His chosen people . . . His dear ones . . . His true ones . . . His heart and His joy. Every child is precious to God and He desires for everyone to know Him truly and really as He is in His Eucharistic Body, in His true presence.

You know that He comes to you in many ways. In all parts of the world He manifests His glory that all of His children might come to Him. Pray, dear ones, pray that He will continue to pour His mercies upon a willing world, a world that desires Him. Pray that my people might make themselves open to Him, might accept Him, might rejoice in Him, and that the things of this life that distract them might be no more, but rather all things they do might be for Him.

Dear ones, you know your failings and your faults. You know your trials and difficulties, but you, dear ones, having been blessed by this grace know too that God desires to forgive His children. God desires to gather His children into His arms. God desires to continue always to love you . . . to cherish you . . . to be your ever present Lord. Remain with Him always, children, always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, peace be with you. Know that I, your mother, am with you. Know that I come to you as your mother to bless you. Still God sends me to you that I might give you His words, those words brought through me that you might know Him, that you might be more fully in His presence, for as always, dear children, He is with you. He beckons to you. He asks you to turn your faces to Him that His mercy and grace might pour upon you and fill you with every blessing.

Dear ones, how the Holy Spirit acts in your lives when you allow Him to come fully into your heart, to fill you with His gifts . . . with His power . . . with His glory. Dear ones, I have again and again spoken to you about the great grace of pouring out all things of yourself, and letting God pour Himself into you. When you live, when you pray, when you work, when you do all the things necessary in your life to sustain yourself and your families, I ask you to do them through the Holy Spirit. All of my children are called to a vocation in God. All of my little ones are called to a life lived fully in Him, even those of you who do not see for yourself a place in His plan. I tell you, the smallest of His little ones . . . the least of His people . . . can become the greatest if He were to open Himself completely to the workings of God and let Him work through each and every one of you.

Dear ones, I tell you, God is waiting for you! He is waiting for you to allow Him to come into your hearts and to free you from your sinfulness and your deceits, to free you from your sufferings and your pains, to free you from all things but that which is good for your soul. Know that God loves you so much that He desires for you to know perfect joy and perfect peace. Yes! It is possible to have joy even in suffering, for in those who have His spirit dwelling within them, suffering can become a great joy. These things . . . they are incomprehensible to the mind of man and it is for this reason that you must have the Holy Spirit within you, for alone you can do nothing, but in Him all things are possible.

And so, my dear ones, again I invite you. Each day . . . each moment . . . turn your hearts and your minds to God. Invite the Holy Spirit in His majesty to come into you . . . to work . . . to clean . . . to purify your hearts, to truly pass them under the fire of His love that they may become a new creation and that you, changed through the mercy of God, might become His perfect servant. Each day, open your hearts to Him, give to Him all things, and allow Him to work through you.

My dear ones, you struggle so hard with such difficulty to live the words that I have spoken to you and to live the Gospel truths that alone will bring you joy. And I tell you as your mother, it is not difficult to do such things when your heart and your mind is focused always on God. You will find, dear ones, that when God is the center of your life . . . when the Holy Spirit acts within you and through you . . . you will in your daily lives become more fully alive, more fully aware of the gifts God has given you. Rather than turning away from the world, turning away from your families, turning away from the places God sends you to minister to His people you will embrace them with a new love, with a new joy . . . a joy that is of God. You will see in your children the face of Christ. You will see in those around you His love, His image. You will see in the world a majesty that is God, and you will rejoice always in the Lord and be a blessing upon this earth.

Therefore, if you wish, dear ones, to truly begin to love your families, to truly begin to love one another, you must love in the Lord . . . you must invite Him to love through you. Keep your hearts pure that He might be in you dwelling always in your hearts. Do not allow the temptations and sins of this world to distract you from that prize that is great and without price. Rather, live a holy life. Live a life in God that clearly you might see Him and fully you might know Him and truly you might serve Him.

Dear ones, as always, I call you to prayer . . . I call you to prayer. Prayer is essential! You must pray, for it is through prayer that you can see your soul clearly. You can see your faults and your failures, and you can see the working of God. In this way, you will become ever more perfected in Him and become a gift, a holy vessel, a tabernacle of His love . . . of His mercy . . . of His joy.

May peace be with you always as again I invite you to learn to love as God loves, and then to live in His joy. Know that as your mother, I bless you. I pray that the Father who is great, the Son who is redeemer, and the Holy Spirit forever espoused to the Church, might be with you always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. Know that again I gather you together . . . my children . . . to love one another and to love God as you ought to love Him everyday . . . to worship Him and praise Him with your voices, with your song, with your prayer . . . to love Him through the service of one another, through adoration of His most holy body and His holy blood. Know that again I call you together that I might teach you, that I might instruct you, that I might advise you, that you might grow closer always to Christ.

Dear ones, God who is in heaven desires for you to live in His mercy. His joy is without end. His peace . . . His peace is unfathomable. How many times I have spoken to you of these things and how it encourages and lifts your heart up, and yet you allow the sorrows and privations and the difficulties of life to continue to weigh heavily on your heart. I have called you to a life lived joyfully, a life lived in joyful sacrifice. Joyful sacrifice . . . something that so few can understand, but how clearly God speaks it to you that you may know that which He calls you to . . . to love giving, to love abandonment, to love service, and above all else, love only Him.

It is the joyful sacrifice, the joy filled sacrifice, that I speak to you about. These words, how many times they are applied in your lives, for truly even this night you have celebrated thee most joy filled sacrifice . . . that of the altar! The joy filled sacrifice of Christ is the living body of Christ, though broken and crucified, risen in glory, and living . . . truly living. The joy filled sacrifice of your own lives . . . it is your family, your friendships, your husbands and your wives. It is your difficult times . . . your sicknesses . . . your sorrows. It is your blessings, for there is no blessing that does not have a price to pay.

Dear children, the blessings of the Lord are worth more than all of the gems on this earth, but there is a price to be paid for all things. As followers of my son, the price you pay is sometimes being scorned . . . sometimes being abandoned, disbelieved, taunted. The price you pay sometimes is more subtle . . . loneliness, a feeling of desire for God and yet the inability to attain His perfect presence. It is a spiritual battle and a spiritual hunger. A joy filled sacrifice in your prayer, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, in your homes, in your work place. In all that you do and in all that you say, you become a joy filled sacrifice.

This is the way to become that which is given to you each day through the holy Eucharist, the gift of Christ’s presence. Follow in His humble way. He does not come in glory, but in humility. He does not come with grandeur, but simplicity. He does not come as king, but as the weakest . . . as the smallest . . . as the most menial. Truly then, I encourage you . . . each day begin to live this sacrifice joyfully and in doing so . . . living the Christian life, following Christ even to the cross . . . then you will begin to understand His joy and you will begin to participate in the true beauty that is God.

My dear ones, lift your voices and your hearts to Him with all things and let Him . . . He who is mighty . . . lead you. Be but His servant and the blessings will be great. My dear ones, as your mother I am with you always and I lead you ever toward holiness.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, again it is good to be with you in this way. Praise God, for in His goodness He has poured forth such mercies into this world that you might come to know Him ever as your father, ever as your savior, ever as your Lord. Dear ones, I your mother come to you to spread the joy that is Christ, to give to you His words that you might hear and obey, to give to you His love that you might immerse yourself in it and love all in return.

Dear ones, I know it is difficult for you to maintain the life that you desire to live each day . . . in every situation . . . at all times. Constantly you are fighting against the nature that is your own . . . faulted, free of God’s will. And yet I tell you, with the Holy Spirit . . . with the power of God in Jesus Christ . . . you, dear children, can be perfected in Him and never will His will leave your mind . . . your heart . . . your soul. Each month I speak to you. I bring you these words from heaven with joy. I am so pleased that you have responded with love, and yet how many go to their homes and their families and their jobs and forget what I have said, though you desire not to do so.

This is the same problem in the hearts of all of you. Each of you seeks to know how to live God’s will more perfectly. It is the amazing fact of human existence that sometimes the things we want most to do are the things we do least and that which we despise is what we cling to. Therefore, dear children, knowing that it is the faulted nature of man that you fall, God gave to you the sacraments to strengthen you, to perfect you, to help you overcome that fallen nature . . . that humanity . . . and raise you up to His glory. I tell you it is not possible to live the will of God each day in your life without His most holy presence within you, body and blood, soul and divinity. If you do not start your day receiving Him, loving Him in the Eucharist, it is as if you are starting without water or without air. How could you possibly succeed in all that God lays before you that day? If you do not seek Him in the sacrament of reconciliation often, if you do not examine your heart and your soul to see the faults that bind you to the same life each day . . . a life that you despise, a life of sinfulness . . . then how can you be perfected with the love that God pours into your soul? How can you accept His mercies? How can you accept His grace if you have not eyes to see it?

Dear ones, for this reason I recommend always . . . always come to God in the holy Church He has given to you, through its teachings, through your sacraments. This is the difference between failing in your humanity and living in God’s perfect grace! This is the difference. Pray. This is the third thing you must do always, in every situation of temptation. In every situation of difficulty, pray! In joys, pray! In sorrows, pray! At all times make your life a living prayer.

Dear ones, you strive to be what I ask you to be, what God asks you to be, an example of His love in this world. And you, my dear children, you have fully accepted this grace I have brought to you and none gathered here today desires to live in sinfulness, to live without God’s love. The danger for you, dear ones, is not an overt rejection of God, but the simple human action of forgetting. Ask yourselves always, when speaking to your children . . . when speaking to your spouse, whether at your work . . . at church, when you are playing and praying, is your mind and your heart on God? If it is not, you will succumb to the faults and failures that will always be your cross to the day that you die. If your heart is on God, then . . . only then . . . will your life begin to change, will every single relationship begin to change, will every single person who God has placed in your life begin to see Him in you.

It is crucial then, dear ones, that you find Him in the sacraments, that you pray often and pray as a family . . spouses, children . . . mothers, fathers . . . extended family, friends . . . all pray . . . pray together. It is the strengthening, this outpouring of grace that happens in prayer, that will give you eyes to see when you have drifted far from God and the grace to be grateful, to fill your heart with a joyful song always, for God who loves you so much is worthy of all praise.

My dear children, let this message not depress you in your spirit, but encourage you and bring you new hope, for I have seen how my little ones have struggled to live as I have called you to live. And it is my prayer that these words that I have shared with you tonight will lessen your burden, will ease your way, and will show you how to find the way back to the path of the cross.

My dear ones, know that I am your mother and as ever I love you as a mother loves. It was a great grace that God gave the world to me that I might mother them, that I might lead them, that I might bring them to my son. It is in His name that I bless you and that I come, and may He be praised for ever and ever.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace again be with you . . . upon your families, upon your homes, in all that you do, in all that you say. May peace be with you, for in peacefulness you will hear the silent voice of our God who calls to you. In the angst and turmoil of this world, you cannot hear. In the daily struggles, if not offered to God, you cannot hear. In the trials and the tribulations, even in the joys and celebrations of your life, if you do not turn your ear and heart to God, you cannot hear. You must live in His peace now and forever. I pray that the peace of Christ will be with each one of you this evening and always.

My dear ones, as your mother, again I come to you to call you to the Father. In your families, in your homes, you see how God loves . . . how He loves so tremendously. God, the Father, leads the home with love. He leads His church with dignity, with beauty and respect, glorifying His church for every single moment . . . the times of great joy . . . the times of tremendous darkness. The Father protects the Church. He cares for it. He who is life, defends life . . . defends love. He cares for His family . . . His children . . . His church. And truly no evil shall ever prevail against it, for God in His mercy and wisdom will protect it from all and in the end only His holy church established in His glory will stand.

Dear ones, I come as mother . . . a position given to me by the mercy of God, for He has blessed me so that I might come and speak to you and teach you truly as a mother. I come to gather the children, to bring them into the light. I come to show them the truth that is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I come to lead and to teach, to gently admonish when necessary, to show you the way to God, that you children might be gathered together.

You are my children. You are first and always the Father’s children. He has created each of you to be brother and sister to one another, to love each other, to defend each other, to protect each other, to pray for each other, to heal each other, to teach each other, to love one another. He has created you for one another, for no man will enter heaven by his own doing. It is first and always the grace of God in his heart and then the prayers, the helps, and the love of others. How many of you would still nourish the faith that is a seed in your heart planted by God, were it not for the love of a parent or teacher. . . one who taught you the right and the truth?

My maternal heart is sad, for so many in the world do not teach my children any longer the truth that God loves them . . . that He is alive . . . that He is with them . . . that He desires their love. How sad it is, for God grants to all people in their life time the opportunity to see Him . . . to know Him . . . to love Him. There is never been a man, nor will there ever be one, who did not in one moment of his life have the definitive opportunity to grasp at the gift of faith with the fullness of his being and to love God fully. Were it to be not so then truly God would not be a God of love and mercy, but He is. How many times the light of God penetrates the hearts and souls of my little ones only to be squelched by the darkness around them. You see then how important it is that you be carriers of my message of truth, that message that is the gospel message . . . that you be carriers of the light of Christ, modeling always His love that others might see through you and Him within you.

The gift of faith, it is truly one of the greatest gifts you have upon this earth . . . the greatest, second only to the true body of Christ, for when one is in the true presence of God faith is no longer in question. Were my children everywhere on earth but to open their eyes, see through the veil of darkness and death and into the light of God in a way that they always were meant to, then truly every man . . . every women . . . every child . . . would lie flat on the floor in gratitude before God in His Eucharistic body. How blessed are you then that among all of the people of God, He has chosen you to receive the fullness of His truth.

There are so many, so many faiths. God does not divide. It is man who divides, and yet God loves each of His children without exception, His love is that great. But you . . . you have been given the fullness of the sacraments, the tremendous gift of the body and blood of Jesus Christ! How blessed are you! How blessed! With every gift there is obligation, there is responsibility, there is the grace . . . the privilege . . .the joy . . . of sharing that gift with your brethren. All of you know . . . love . . . are friends with . . . those who do not share your faith, and yet they too can truly commune in the presence of God through you, would you be but a willing vessel for the Holy Spirit and abandon your own will . . . your human will . . . to God that His will might work through you. Never has a man accomplished great things by his own doing, but it is God in you who accomplishes mighty things.

Through these many years I have taught you. Through this long while you have come and gathered here. Through the messages that I have given, that I have taught . . . through the saints of heaven who have come to you sent by our Father . . . you have come to see that the definitive change, the moment when one accepts the grace of God, is not brought upon by human ways, but the infinite mercy of God penetrating the heart of His children. It is God first. It is God always. And when you, dear children, in your homes . . . in your families . . . in your lives . . . begin to truly live God first, God always, then and only then will this full grace of this gift you have been given . . . the gift of my words . . . the gift of your faith . . . the gift that is the Church come to realization . . .then, and only then, will every knee bend at the name of God and every tongue utter Jesus is Lord.

My dear ones, pray fervently and pray always. For prayer is your defense and your weapon. Prayer is your strength. It is truly most essential. Pray with your families. Pray without ceasing. Pray always. My dear ones, may that peace that is Christ’s love . . . that is God’s Holy Spirit . . . that is the Father’s grace . . be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, again it is good to be with you this day. Again I bless you as your mother and pray always that God would draw you nearer to Him, nearer each day in your thoughts, in your words, in your actions.

Dear ones, open yourselves to the light that is Christ, to His life in you. God has poured forth a portion of His Spirit upon His people that there might be a great renewal in His faithful church, a great renewal among His people, a great renewal in the hearts of each of you. My little ones, God’s spirit works as never before in the world today. How true it is that He is present and alive in this world, as true and as real as you have experienced Him this night when receiving His most holy body and most precious blood.

Dear ones, for so long the world has walked in darkness. As the years have passed, they have forgotten the truth that Christ came to teach, the truth that God our father in heaven taught years before Christ walked upon this earth, the truth that has been from the beginning of creation . . . truly from the beginning of time and before, the truth that is God, always will be God, and will forever more be God, He who has no beginning and no end, He who is all things for all time.

Dear ones, this truth . . . this precious and beautiful truth passed on from God Himself through the person of Jesus Christ into the Church in the wisdom of her teaching, in the holiness of her sacraments . . . is available to you now and always. God sent His son into this world to be a powerful force for conversion, to be a reminder, to be a true and new covenant with His people. And yet when Jesus rose He did not leave you, but He left His holy sign, His holy church, and His holy body in the holy sacraments.

Dear ones, what a great time this is, for the Spirit works in ways unknown to men. The Spirit works in the hearts of people. He works in the Church glorified. He works in the Church militant and in the Church in purgatory that all souls . . . all souls . . . touched by the love, the grace, the mercy of the spirit of God will come to know Him, to truly see Him, to experience Him with hearts and eyes unveiled, and truly love Him anew. Dear ones, what a marvelous time this is, for God gifts you in so many ways and gives you every grace that you need to accept His love, to live His way, to live in eternal joy. What a great time this is for the holy Church, for God who has created this, His bride, shall never let it go asunder, but has led her through many years . . . through many times . . . through many struggles. And in this time when you, blessed with such great and powerful leadership . . . with such holy leadership . . . have come to see these wonderful awakenings of faith in parishes individually . . . in the Church as a whole . . . in individual families . . . in individual hearts . . . you will truly come to praise God as never before and thank Him for His glory.

I share these things with you, dear ones, that you might always be encouraged. How often I have said this to you, “Be encouraged!” May you be encouraged. May you live in hope. This is the heart of my message . . . hope in God, for with no hope in God there is nothing. With no hope in God there is no reason to live. For if you do not trust Him, if you do not hope in Him and you do not love Him, you shall not have life within you. If you do not seek Him in the church and in the sacraments, if you do not love Him in the Eucharist, you will not have life within you. If you do not pray, if you do not live truly the call of sacrifice and service, if you do not love to your very best, you will not have life within you. How sad it is that so few in this world truly know what it is to live.

This is why God has sent me. It is why he continues to send me and will continue to send me until the time of His appointed hour has come . . . the time known not even to myself. Then He will cease to send me here and to all places, for it will no longer be necessary for the entire world will come to know Him, and so many . . . so many . . . will fall to their knees in adoration. This is the time spoken of for all time, from all history, from every prophet, in every age, in your sacred scriptures, and at every pulpit every Sunday since. Dear ones, as your mother . . . as one who in heaven sees the exaltation of the Church glorified and the glory of the face of God . . . I too can say to you, “God has great things in store for His children!” Be faithful to Him. He is faithful to you. Dear ones then, never despair. Never have a lack of hope. Never have a lack of love, nor truth. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the darkness that is a perception in this world, that is a deception of the evil one, for I tell you there is great light and there is great hope and there is marvelous conversion and there is true awakening. Do not allow yourself to be deceived to think that all things are bad and that all of creation is truly without God, for this is not so. His voice . . . His face . . . His spirit . . . is echoed in everything He has created and it glorifies Him. In every child, in every heart . . . young, old . . . He is glorified simply in their very existence. This is what it truly means to have a love and a respect for the tremendous gift of life that God gives, to know that every soul . . . every soul . . . glorifies God by its very existence.

How different those who have faith see the things of this world and the trials of daily life. How different those who have faith see the church, the sacraments, your priests, your bishops, all your leaders. How different those who have faith see each of you when you gather to worship and to pray together. How different the world will look if you would unveil your eyes and see God’s tremendous grace . . . His tremendous mercy . . . His great will.

And so be encouraged, but never, dear children, lose your vigilance in prayer. Persevere in prayer. Pray again and always. Never cease to pray, for you cannot pray enough. It is the food for your soul, for it is in prayer that you commune with God, that He speaks His will to you and makes Himself known. Prayer with the sacraments, a love for Mass, and frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist, is the way to come to know God fully. What great gifts He has left for you here on earth. What great gifts He extends to you from heaven. What great gifts He will extend to the world as He does each and every day. What a tremendous gift to allow me to come this night and speak these words to you even if it is only to encourage you to persevere one more day, one more hour, one more moment.

Your lives can be filled with joy even in the midst of terrible suffering. Your lives can be filled with peace even in the midst of unrest. Your lives can be filled with love even when surrounded by hatred. Turn your hearts, turn your minds, turn your prayer, turn your lives, to God. Always keep God center in your heart and your life, in your homes and your families, in your community, in your church, in the world. In this way, truly, the renewal that is promised, the renewal that occurs each day when many hearts are converted to my son through the tremendous mercy of God, will come about in your heart as well as the world. May the peace of Christ be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, all praise be to Jesus who truly is King of kings and Lord of lords. As you have gone through this time of celebration in the Church, as you have gone through Advent looking with eyes of wonder toward your Emmanuel, the eve of Christmas when you celebrate in the dimness of the church the coming of the light, and Christmas Day when you celebrate the coming of our Lord not in glory, but in humility . . . in obedience . . . in perfect love . . . as you have gone through the great mystery of the birth of Christ incarnate, I your mother have been with you. I bless you and praise God. Join your prayers to mine in thanking Him. for truly He is so great as to give you His own son. How tremendous a gift! How tremendous.

As you have gone through the celebrations . . . as you have come together as a parish, as a community, in your families, as friends . . . you have, it is my prayer, kept in mind the great gift, the greatest gift, that is Christ. To keep your heart focused on Him, your eyes firmly upon the cross, your mind always on the will of God, that is the greatest gift, that comes with faith, the gift that God gives to you on Christmas. The gift of the Son born of a lowly women, born in humility, born to die for you . . . the gift of faith to hear and to believe though you do not see, though you were not there . . . but I was there that night and I tell you, truly God is great!

Dear ones, it has been the time of celebration, a time of joy . . . of remembrance of the great gift that is Christ present now with you always in your soul, always in your church, always in the sacraments, and most especially in the holy gift of the altar, the eternal gift of God, the body and blood, soul and divinity of His own son. What a tremendous gift to have each day in your life. What a tremendous grace to have in your churches, in your homes, even now in your hearts as you have participated this evening in the Mass and received Him. Truly, this is a joy that should not be remembered but at Christmastime, but always, each day, each moment and then you will live with joy in your heart, peace in your homes, peace in your families. Your time of celebration is not through, for though many now are quieted after the Christmas rush, you my faithful ones, you my children, you . . . all those in the world who would hear me . . . you know there is reason to celebrate, for still the Christ is with you, still He is the living sacrifice, still He is the eternal gift, the gift given daily broken on your altars.

Soon you will enter into the season of Lent. In this time, you will remember the greatest gift of Christ on earth . . . the true gift of a man and God in one. His passion, His death, and His resurrection. What a beautiful thing God has created in the celebration of these many mysteries in her church. For truly in the church, with the church, together as the church you remember the fullness of the life of Christ and in doing so . . . in doing so your are pulled closer in to our father’s heart.

My dear ones, this evening there are many who celebrate a different thing, for it is a turning of a new year . . . it is the coming of a new time. Let this day be no different than any other in your life in that this is a day to change your heart. There will be many tonight who will make promises they will not keep . . . who will celebrate a time that for them holds fear because they do not have faith . . . who will celebrate the coming year with uncertainly, with doubt, perhaps with sadness and loneliness. This is not what God has for his faithful children. It is not what God desires for you, for you have been gifted. You dear ones, you have been gifted to see that God is alive, that God is with you, that God is ever present. What then should you fear. What then should you doubt. It is a gift offered not only to you, but to the whole world.

And this is the reason that God sends me and many messengers and works many signs, and has given to you even your angels to lead you and the saints of heaven to pray for you. He desires for His children to see Him though they do not see with eyes of the body, to hear Him though they cannot hear with the ears of the body, to know Him though they could not know Him as I did one night long ago when he came upon this earth . . . the word incarnate. You have been given these things by God. You have been gifted by Him. You know the truth and have been given every grace.

Now dear ones you must share this blessing. In your homes, in your families, in every place you are sent, share the truth and the light you have been given freely without price for love of you. Truly there is no man upon this earth who can say they deserve through there own works the great graces that God pours into the hearts of all men. Even I, a simple woman . . . I cannot believe that God chose me to become a living tabernacle and yet that is the measure of God’s love.

Dear ones, why then should you know this joy when your brothers suffer? Why should you have such faith when they are alone? Why should you have no fear when there is tremendous fear in this world? It is for you to share this gift . . . to share the grace. In every home, in every domestic church which is the household, it is for the parents to teach and the siblings to help one another. It is the same for you. God your father in heaven has sent me, blessed to become your mother through His word, to teach you. And you . . . you blessed ones and gifted ones given a tremendous grace that so many would die to have one moment of . . . you must share with your bothers and sisters in Christ the truth that is your faith.

Let this then be your promise for this new year and always, for every day, for every year, for every moment, for every breath upon this earth that God allows you to have . . . that you will with a steadfast heart, with the courage of the Holy Spirit, with the commitment and the love, and the fidelity that God has shown to you. Spread the truth that God loves you tremendously and that He is alive in this world, and is calling His children to Him. Live this joy each day and others will see Christ in you. Pray each day with gratitude and God will continue to bless you. Speak the truth in all that you do and all will see God’s love growing in your heart, multiplying the graces and bringing the light of Christ born upon this earth into the hearts of many. May the peace of Christ who is all goodness, who is all joy, who is the gift of love be with you now and always.