Loved For All Ages

“Dear ones, be then a joyful people, for God created you to be joyful.If you do not have joy in your hearts, if you do not see the resurrection in your lives, in your faith, in the service that you offer to others . . . if you do not begin to live life anew, how can others see Christ in you?”

The Blessed Mother
April 22, 2003


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you again today as always. May Christ be center of your heart, center of your life, center in your home. Dear ones, with joy I come to you as mother, to bless you, to care for you, to advise you, to intercede on your behalf. As mother, I come to show the way to the Father . . . to the Son . . . through the Holy Spirit. 

Dear ones, often you have heard me speak about making Christ the center of your heart, the center of your life. Never is it more important than now when there is such distraction from the faith . . . when there are many, many, many things that would pull you out of God’s loving presence, not by His will, but by your own. For my children, God is as ever with you! Each day in all that you do, He is present with you. Each day He waits to guide you, to help you, to lead you, to send His Holy Spirit to teach you, that the road on which you walk will become easier . . . that your burdens might be lighter. He gives to you His own body . . . flesh and blood, soul and divinity . . . in the holy Eucharist, the great sacrifice. He gives to you your sacraments that you might be reconciled unto Him and know peace in Him. Do not then, dear children, take such blessings for granted. Do not walk astray from them, but firmly and fastly stick to that which brings you closer to Him . . . the sacraments, the Eucharist, prayer, and prayer with family.

Dear ones, the family that does not pray together cannot survive, for prayer is most essential. I have said before that you would do better to survive without the sun or the rain than without prayer. Again, I tell you this. My dear ones . . . mothers and fathers . . . you must guide your children from a very young age to know God through prayer, to hear His voice, to love Him and to desire to serve Him. The family is the cradle of faith. It is the place that God plants the seeds of joy into the hearts of His little ones, for truly you who are mothers and fathers, you are the faith of God to your young ones. You must come together to pray. Celebrate together as you attend the Mass and receive Christ into your bodies, as you receive Him into your homes. Celebrate the great Mass, the holiest of prayers. Do not allow yourselves to become distracted, but know that your God, who gives you such blessings, calls you to life anew in Him and desires for you to live it joyfully.

My little ones, in your families let peace rule in the home. Spouses, do not bicker and quarrel among yourselves, for truly there is nothing worse dividing a kingdom of God over. You are an example of the Trinity . . . husband and wife joined with the Father, like Father, Son and Spirit . . . one. Dear ones, you are an example to your children. You are an example of love and of forgiveness, an example of obedience, an example of service, an example of humility. Live each day this way and pray that the Holy Family might intercede on your behalf, for God so loved the family that He placed His son into a home with an earthly mother and an earthly father that He too might grow to love God in the way in which your children will come to love Him . . . through the love of a mother and father. 

Children, obey your parents. Speak kindly to them. Always respect and grant dignity to those who have loved you and provided so much for you, for they are an example of God, and if you are obedient to your parents you will be obedient to God. Learn the discipline of humility. Learn the discipline of servitude. Learn the discipline of obedience above all else and you will not wander far from God. Let the home be a joy filled place. Do not allow divisions, do not allow strife, do not allow the tensions of your everyday lives . . . work, family pressures, your friends, the world about you . . . to disrupt the peace that Christ gives to His children in the home. May the home become a sacred place where the sanctity of life is celebrated, where the dignity of each one . . . each individual person . . . is raised above all else because you, you my precious ones, are an example, the life, the very breath, of God’s love.

Dear ones, I speak to you on the family today, as often I have, because families are so in need of prayer and there is such sadness in families today. In your own nation, in your own community, in your own parish, there is sadness in the homes. There is division. There is strife. There is pain. God did not design the family in this way, but He designed it as an example of love and of truth, of beauty and joy. Begin to live this way in your own homes . . . husbands caring for their wives as Christ loves the church, wives bearing fruitfully children that they might glorify God and love Him and serve Him alone, children obeying their parents and learning to love as they must in order to grow into the men and women that God desires for them to be. Begin to live this way each day that those around you might see the joy in your home, the joy in your family, and the joy that pervades your heart, and they might too desire to live as God desires . . . and they may too come to know the peace that Christ offers you, the peace that you embrace.

Dear ones, as your mother, again I bless you. I am with you, I am with your families, and I am with this parish. I guide you each day. Heed my words. Heed the words of God. Pray faithfully and live faithfully, for your God is a faithful God and He is with you always. Dear ones, may the peace of Christ be with you this night and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. Know that again I come to you as mother. Know that again I bless you. I bear to you the peace of Christ. I bring forth from God His blessings, His mercy, His grace, to share with you that you might come to know Him, love Him, and serve Him ever more in your lives. 

Dear ones, how blessed you are that you have the opportunity each day to give all that you do to God. Truly, your lives can become a living sacrifice. How easy it is to forget, when we go about the daily things of life, to make God the center. How easy it is to become distracted, to loose your focus on Christ who truly is the way, the truth, and the life. Dear ones, again then I remind you, each day you have the tremendous opportunity to bless all those God sends into your life, to be a source of grace and mercy on this earth, to glorify the Father by that which you do. 

Your lives are a gift from God. Your families, your friends, even your homes . . . they are blessings provided to you by God. God cares for your every need. He cares for you spiritually . . . physically. He cares for you in all things. It is to you, dear children, the task given to care for one another. Each of you in your daily lives has the opportunity to serve. Each of you in going about your daily tasks has the opportunity to glorify God by making your life a living sacrifice.

Dear ones, it is not difficult to live in such a way if you focus completely on Christ. When the cross is the center of your heart, that will be that which you most desire. My dear ones, know that it is Christ Jesus in His glory . . . Christ Jesus who is center in your heart, center in your life, center in your mind . . . who will accomplish great things in you. You need not do anything . . . anything . . . but trust in Him, place your cares in Him, give all to Him, for He has given you much.

Dear ones, to become the living sacrifice . . . this is the way to most emulate Christ who loves you so dearly that He gives to you each day His body, His blood, His soul, His divinity. On your altars, in His Eucharistic love, He has given to you Himself, the true living sacrifice. When you truly begin to serve Him through serving those around you, when you begin to serve Him by making Him the center of your heart, when you begin to serve Him by each day living for Him, through Him, and in Him . . . then and only then will you understand the true grace, the true mercy, the true glory, that is His Eucharistic body.

Dear ones, what blessings you have been given that your God cares for you so much, is so great, that He gives to you His own self. Dear ones, would you not do the same in return by giving all that you are to Him, by giving your all to Him? Truly I tell you as your mother, the Holy Spirit who is great . . . the Holy Spirit who is great . . . the Holy Spirit who is great . . . will work many miracles through you if you will open your hearts, open your minds, and truly place God first . . . always first! 

Dear ones, it is as your mother that I bless you. Know that this day and always I am with you, interceding before God for all of you. I carry your intentions to Him. I place you at the foot of the cross. Always you are in my heart . . . always you are in my heart. May the peace of Christ who is eternally king of the world, king of the universe, king of the hearts of all mankind, be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, praised be Jesus. Thank God and bless Him for what good things He has done for us this day and always. God who is ever faithful to us provides all things that we might be filled with His love, filled with His joy, filled with His spirit. For now you gathered here . . . having shared in the great mystery of the holy Mass, having participated in the gift of the Eucharist . . . you now, as I once was, become Christ bearers, truly holding Christ in the depths of your heart . . . in the fullness of your bodies. You have become living tabernacles. You have become a sign to all people. Dear ones, what a gift and what a grace that those who might see you will see Christ within you, both in the way you act . . . in the words you say, in the faith that you have . . . and in your own corporal bodies, for truly you are united . . . one people, under the same God in Christ.

Dear ones, what a gift God has given us in Himself, for He is father to children. He is the one who guides us, who teaches us, whose wisdom is greater than all things. He is son and redeemer and healer and teacher. He comes in His body and blood, soul and divinity, to fill His people that we might have strength in Him and in Him alone. He comes in His spirit to be the great advocate, the great teacher, the great minister to all people. He sends His Spirit upon His church, upon His priests, upon His faithful, that they might minister to one another, teach one another of His holy love, love each other with the love of God, and in doing so bring the beatific vision of heaven to this earth. In some parts each day you are able to see God as He is in one another.

Dear ones, do not forget that God . . . who loves you so much that He came to this earth and became man that you might know Him as a man, that you might know Him as a divine person in a human soul . . . dear ones, He loves you so much that still He comes to you. Daily He is on your altars and in your churches. Daily He is in your homes and among your family. Daily you have the opportunity to serve Him, to love Him fully, to give all that you have to Him.

In doing so, dear children, you will be most blessed, for giving all to God . . . giving all that you have to Him, all that you are to Him, all that you ever shall be to Him . . . truly it is the road to sainthood. You have come to know through those who God has sent to you that the way to become a holy person of God is not to be perfected in your own will, but perfected in God’s will. To abandon yourself completely to Him, to give to Him all that you are, that is the greatest gift that you can give to yourselves, to your families, to the world. When you become for Him a vessel of His spirit, when you empty yourself of all that is of you, then, dear ones, God can do marvelous things through you.

I urge you and encourage you this day to again commit your hearts to being fully in love with Christ. Fill yourselves with His Word. Absorb the Mass . . . the sacraments . . . the great life that He breathes into your soul in each meeting . . . in each encounter. Live each day the faith that you profess so devoutly when you pray. Live the faith that God gave to you as a gift that you might gift others with the example of that faith.

Dear ones, do not become discouraged or distracted. Do not become so absorbed in your problems, in your troubles, and in your sorrows, that you fail to see the road that is ahead of you. It is easy to become lost. It is easy to become distracted, for there are such trials in life and such difficulties. And yet he who has true faith, who sees the love of God, who knows how God works in the hearts of His children, can look past the storms . . . can weather them out . . . can see the glory that waits on the other side of the passion.

Dear ones, just as Christ Himself walked the road of passion, just as He . . . He who is greater than all things . . . first had to suffer, had to die . . . before the resurrection, before the ascension . . . so too must you die to yourselves and to your own lives, giving up all that is yours, all that you are, all that you have in your mind, that God who is true might work through you. It is a great sacrifice, for the mind of man does not desire to give up that which he wants, but rather to seek out his own pleasures. It is the state of the nature of man and it is the reason why man continues to sin even with such good news . . . even with such grace . . . even with such blessings.

But you must not think that there is no hope, for other than your sinful nature, you are an image of God! He created you as He is . . . perfect! He created you to love . . . to shine His light, His joy, His beauty, His grace . . . to be carriers of light into a dark world. Other than the sinfulness . . . which you must not embrace, but you must fight against each day, praying for conversion . . . other than this you are as Christ was and always will be. And it is the intention of God . . . it is the will of God . . . that you return to such a state, that again man and God might be united in one . . . creator and creature . . . father and son . . . always united in love.

It is for this reason He sends His mother to call you, to teach you, to show you the way. It is simple, dear ones. Place your hands in God’s. Place your arms around God. Place your eyes upon God as a child with a father or mother. Trustingly let Him embrace you. Trustingly let Him fill you. Trustingly let Him free you that you might again become that which He knows you to be . . . a people always united in Him. Cling to nothing in this world. Cling to nothing in your lives. Cling to the cross and embrace it, for it is through the cross that you will receive eternal life. Dear ones, know as your mother I am with you now and always. I intercede always before God on your behalf and pray that He may fill you with His unending peace. 


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little children, alleluia! Christ is risen! You are celebrating the season of Easter, the season of hope and of joy, a season filled with the goodness of God’s merciful love . . . of His greatest gift. Dear ones, what a joyful time it is for the Church. What a time of celebration, for passing through the passion you came upon Easter morning and as the first disciples discovered, you found Christ risen in your churches . . . in your homes . . . in your hearts.

Dear ones, what a joyful time in heaven, to remember the great gift of God . . . a tremendous gift, the greatest gift . . . the resurrection that gave to us the promise of eternal life. Without His resurrection there would be no life for us, for He died that we might have life abundantly. We who are in heaven, who share in His glory . . . the glory that God promised from age to age, from Abraham to a humble maiden in a small town many years ago, to you . . . that glory that became alive on Easter lives with you. Dear ones, be then a joyful people, for God created you to be joyful. If you do not have joy in your hearts . . . if you do not see the resurrection in your lives, in your faith, in the service that you offer to others . . . if you do not begin to live life anew, how can others see Christ in you? 

Dear ones, truly as it was those many years ago, Christ is alive and walks among you. But as many of His followers could not see and then did not believe, much of the world is living in a state where they do not see that Christ lives, nor do they believe that there is a God of hope and mercy . . . a God of justice and strength . . . a God of love and joy who has given them such a precious gift. Much of the world is still living the passion. Much of the world is lost in the desert. Much of the world is seeking Christ and cannot find him, for there are few who will truly bring Him into this world living through them. 

Dear ones, you, as the first apostles, have been told the good news . . . He lives! He is with you! You have the choice, for you, as they in those first days, cannot see Him with your eyes . . . you cannot feel Him with your hands . . . you cannot hear His voice . . . and yet you must decide if you believe His words are true. If you believe then you must understand that when He said, “Lo, I am with you even until the ends of time,” that was truth . . . spoken from the master of truth . . . and that truly, as real as He was in the room in which He appeared, He is real among you. 

He is with you. He is with you in body and blood, in soul and divinity, in His humanity and His divinity perfected beyond all things, for He was truly and will always be God made man . . . the Godhead and the humble servant. He lives! He is with you. I come to tell you this good news, to remind you of this, for what a joyful season it is. And how can you not have you in your hearts when reflecting on this?

Dear ones, dear precious children, I am your mother. I come to you to encourage you, to teach you, to show you the way to Christ. I tell you now, look to Him in the most precious of gifts. Look to Him through His passion, through the gift of His own body, through His death and into His resurrection. Look to Him in glory, for He is there. He waits to come into your hearts, into your lives, into your homes anew. He waits to resurrect your families, to renew your marriages, to renew your parenting, to renew your friendships, to renew every vocation that you have taken into your lives, that all may become a glory for Him.

He waits to heal you. As God healed His broken body and made it whole again, made it new, so too does Christ desire to transfigure you both in body and in spirit. He waits for you. He waits to direct you as He directed His first apostles to go among all nations and make disciples there in. He waits for you, to whisper His will into your hearts, to teach you the way to love as He loved, to teach you the way to come to Him in eternal joy.

Find Him in your lives, dear ones, for He is with you . . . He lives. What a joyful thing! What a joyful day! May the peace of Christ who is our risen Lord be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, as always it is good to be with you. I come again and always as your mother with the love of the Father . . . with the blessings of the Holy Spirit, to offer you the salvation of the Son. Dear ones, you who have been called by God, you know Him. You know of His goodness and His grace. You see how He blesses you in your daily lives. Your families, your homes, and all that you have, you have been given through His goodness. He provides for you the most basics . . . the necessities of life. He gives to you this earth on which you live, the air which you breathe, the food which sustains you, but more important than these things that care for your temporal being are the spiritual gifts He offers to you. The greatest gift, the gift of His body, blood, soul and divinity offered to you on your altars, is available to you always. You have partaken of it this night and in doing so have become truly one in God . . . one people.

Dear ones, God cares for your every need. He gives to you all good things. He provides for you that you might provide for one another, love one another as He has loved you, and serve each other. God in His goodness does not abandon His people, for even when you walk wayward, even in times when you have not decided for Him, even in times when you have chosen a death over life . . . true life with Him, He has not abandoned you. In the same way, dear ones, I ask you not to abandon your fellow brothers and sisters . . . those among you . . . in your homes and families, in your communities, in your workplace, in the city in which you live. Even those of you in times most dark, even you who sometimes are lost, do not abandon each other. Do not leave one another alone on your Christian walk. 

Every person . . . every person has struggles and trials, difficulties in faith life. There is no one who always feels the presence of God with them, for there is no human being who is without sin. It is not to say God abandons them, but that you close your eyes to His presence. Just as God has provided for you all that you need . . . all that you need to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him, provide for those around you when they are in darkness . . . when they are in despair . . . when they seek to know God and cannot see Him. 

In your communities, be a light of hope. Be a beacon of faith. Share your faith with your family. Encourage one another. Pray together. Live together in harmony. Love one another as Christ has commanded you that in the dark times . . . in the times of hopelessness when you have through your faults given yourself over to a lack of love . . . then perhaps, there will be a Christian brother or sister there to lift you up and to show to you the face of Christ. This is your mission . . . to evangelize to all people, to teach them of the love of God, not only through words, but more importantly through your faith, through your prayer, through that which you do and the way that you treat people. 

Dear ones, how many of you can think of a person that you know that is so close to God, that loves God so much, that they radiate the light of Christ? These people . . . they are a great grace in the world. They have chosen to be the face of Christ. They do not do it because they are better, because they have less struggle, because they do not have temptation, but those who chose to live this way . . . they do it because God gives them the grace to and they accept that grace and live it each day. And so I invite you, dear children, as I offer to you this grace . . . the grace to look upon your altar and see with eyes of faith and to live that faith in an extraordinary manner. I invite you to take this mission into your soul and to make it your daily pledge . . . your daily vow before God . . . to live as He commanded, to be as He is, to lead others to Him, that when you stand before Him many will stand with you.

Dear ones, together as a community of faith you can lead each other to hope, to love, and to life. Even in times of sadness, even in times of trial, most especially in the darkest hour, God is with you. He is with you now as He always has been. He will never leave you, nor abandon you, but will remain always in your hearts if you allow Him to be. Dear ones, what a gift and what a grace! Celebrate your faith then, this day and all days, for God is good! It is as a mother that I bless you and as a mother I love you, I guide you, and I pray for you. Do not cease to pray, for through prayer you will become that which God knows you to be . . . truly His children, His disciples, His apostles.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you now and always. Again thank God for His blessings and goodness, for because He loves you so much He has allowed me to come to you, to speak to you, to lead you and to guide you once again. It is a pleasure for me to come to you that I might show you to the way to Christ.

Dear ones, it is because of God’s goodness and mercy . . . it is because of His faithfulness and steadfast love . . . that you have all that you are, all that you have, all that you ever will become. God, who knows your hearts as you do not know them yourselves, leads you when you invite Him into your heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. He guides your every action and your every word, if you would but let Him. He guides your families, your lives, all that you do, all that you are. It is in this way that God made saints of mere men, for it is not through your own grace . . . it is not through your own power . . . that you will become as He is, but through Him who created you making you a new creation in His love.

Dear ones, God who is all powerful, God who is all mercy, God who is all goodness desires to make you as He is . . . perfect in love, perfect in joy, perfect in all things. To do this you must abandon your will to Him and entrust all things to Him. You must give to Him that which is most difficult to give . . . your thoughts, your desires, your hopes, your fears. Give to Him all things. Do not merely say the words, but mean what you say . . . “Jesus I trust in you.” A heart that truly trusts . . . that is filled with love for God and total surrender to Him . . . will fear nothing, for when all is given, trust that He will carry upon His own back all that you need, all of your sinfulness, all of your sorrows.

Dear ones, God created you. He created each one of you. Individually He knows you. He knows your hearts. He knows your soul. He knows your mind. He understands, dear ones, your fears. He rejoices in your joys. God who is all this calls you back to Him, calls you to reconciliation in Him, to the Eucharistic love that is offered each day to you. Seek Him then and find Him there, always in prayer, always in the Eucharist, always in reconciliation. In this way, dear ones, you will prepare your hearts through prayer to see Him as He truly is, glorified on this earth through mere bread. and wine, that when you receive Him, your heart will be filled with joy, filled with goodness. You will be as He is . . . an example of all good things and a light in the darkness around you.

Dear ones, always . . . always . . . always love one another as He has loved you. In this way, all those who are lukewarm in their faith will see you with your family, your peace filled homes, your lives that are a model of Christ, and they will believe. Christ once said to man, “I will make you fishers of men.” And again He says this to you. You all . . . all the people of God . . . are called to be fishers of men. Through your example, through your words, through your prayer, you will win souls for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. But you must be willing to accept this and you must be willing to give to God all that first was His, right to your very lives . . . all that you have . . . all that you shall be. How difficult it is to turn to God and, with the trust of a child, ask Him to lead you and follow His direction. How many saints and holy persons took many years of struggling to come to that place where they truly understood that it was only through following God that they would become leaders. 

Dear ones, in this same way you have struggled through many years and I have come to you and spoken words of encouragement to you. And again I speak to you and again I remind you that God loves you. He will not abandon you. He will not let you alone, but will walk with you every step, every day of your life. Do not fear, then, to turn yourselves over to God, to trust in His mercy, to love Him by serving one another. Do not fear anything, for fear is not of God but rather peace, joy, and a love for one another.

Dear ones, as your mother ever I am with you. I pray for you and intercede for you before our father’s throne. I ask Him to bless you, to bless your lives, and to make you a holy creation in Him, to lead you in the path of holiness. This parish is dear to my heart, for it is named for me and I lead this parish, this community, and the community of faithful gathered here . . . together and individually. I will continue always to be your intercessor, to guide you, to show you the way to Christ. I ask you now to commit anew to doing this for one another.

May the peace of Christ be with you today and always, may your lives be a reflection of His love, may your homes be filled with joy and love for God, and may the world look to you and see His goodness.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, peace be with you. Know that I come to you as mother, as advocate, and always as intercessor. Again I say to you that I love you and I am with you, that I lead you closer to the Father through the Son. Dear ones, I rejoice with you this day as you gather here in this new building dedicated to me. Know that I wrap my arms around this parish and the community gathered here. You are most dear to my hearts . . . mine and my son’s. We are united in one . . . the Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart . . . one heart in the eyes of God. God sees the love of mother and son and He honors that love by allowing me to come to bring you His light, to give you His grace, to share with you the joy of Christ. In the same way, dear ones, you are united together, each of you, as a parish community . . . as a prayer community . . . in your families. You are united. You stand together or you fall together.

Many times I have taught you that God calls you to a life of service and even greater than that, He calls you to a full commitment of your heart and will to Him . . . to His work. Dear ones, what a great joy it is to be as an apostle, going and spreading the light of Christ and yet, how many people look to spread God’s love to far away places when it is needed most desperately in their homes . . . in their community . . . among their brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to remind you again today of this first responsibility to those whom God has placed in your life, to lead them in the way of Christ, to teach them of His love. United with the Sacred Heart of my son, my prayers for you are great and daily I intercede before God that He would continue to bless this place abundantly. And oh . . . how He has responded to my prayer and to the prayers you too have offered here!

I desire for this to become a place of great holiness . . . of great love . . . of strong faith. I desire for each of you . . . each one, all of your families, all who you know . . . to come to love Christ in a greater way every moment of your life. It is not a difficult task when one commits their heart completely to God, gives to Him all that they are and all that they have. It is not a difficult task when you give to God that which first is His, your very life.

Dear ones, pray always. Again I say this to you, for the words that I speak to you will come to pass truly if you continue to embrace prayer. This will become a place of holiness and tremendous grace, as you gather here will become carriers of this grace. I desire for you to share my message, the message that is the gospel message that Christ is life and truth and the only way to the Father. What a joy in the hearts of those who have not yet seen His mercy in their life, for they are blinded and need the light to open their eyes anew that they may become a new creation in Him. You are called, each of you, in your own vocation to be bearers of that light, to shine forth brightly and illumine the darkness that is sin, and death, and sorrow. When you, as a community and individually, begin to love as Christ loves, then . . . oh what miracles you would see!

Dear ones, I ask you again this day to embrace my message of conversion, to embrace my message of peace, and to embrace my message of service for one another. Learn to love as God desires you to love, for only then can you understand how it is that God loves you, how perfectly . . . how mercifully . . . how justly. . . how eternally.

Dear ones, as you mother, again I am with you and always I shall be. I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May the peace of Christ be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, today again I come through the grace of God, for He has gifted me to come among you, to speak to you in this way, to praise and to worship Him with you, that together you and I might lift our voices to Him and give Him the glory and praise that He alone is deserving of. Dear ones, how blessed you are, for God has given to you all the things necessary to grow in faith each day, to love Him more each day, to serve one another in perfect harmony as His children. To you He has given the greatest of gifts. He has given His own body, His own blood, His own soul and divinity, for each time you partake of the sacrament of the altar, then . . . and only then . . . are you in full communion with Him. Those who do not come to Him in the Eucharist are lacking the life within them that He promises, and a great grace that will make the crosses that you must bear in your lives easier and make your load light.

Dear ones, you have been gifted with great teachers, with great leaders among you who show you the truths of the Gospel, who lead you in times when you perhaps on your own would falter from the grace of God, who come to you to teach you and speak words of wisdom and counsel . . . both your priests and those who pastor you and also friends who are brought into your life that you might know God and see Him through His creation around Him.

Dear ones, you have been given the sacraments, especially the sacrament of reconciliation. In this great sacrament you come before God and you are exposed fully in the most beautiful and most intimate sense, for God sees you as you truly are and He knows that which you can become in His grace. What a beautiful sacrament this is and how neglected in the Church today. My children fear to come before Him. They do not know that God is one who loves to give mercies as water flowing forth from His own heart. They do not understand that His love is without bounds. That He comes to them and desires them. They do not understand that forgiveness is given to all who seek it and that to become one with God is to reconcile in Him in this holy sacrament. 

You have been given the great gift of a mother, for from His cross Christ gave to the whole world a mother, a heavenly mother to intercede before God for you, for your intentions and all of your needs, for all of the world until the end of days. And do I intercede for you!

Dear ones, know that I am with you now as I have been these many years. Still you are blessed by my coming and echoing to you the words of the Gospels, the words that you have known since you were children, that you heard at the knee of your parents, and yet still are striving to live each day. The lessons are simple. They are the love of God and the grace of God that you need to be complete, to know joy, to know peace. It is only when you begin to truly implement the Gospel message in your life each day . . . in your homes, in your hearts, in your community . . . that you will come to understand the peace that God desires to give to all who would accept Him, all who would love Him, all who would serve Him. This is what I desire for you, dear ones, to bring you into the light of Christ, to bring you from darkness into light, to bring you from despair into joy. I pray that God would bring healing upon you, that He might within you do great things, that you might do great things for others through Him.

Dear ones, it is as a mother, as always, I come to you and so it is as a mother that I advise you. Again I call you to prayer. Always pray, for in prayer you are communing with God and you are able to hear His voice speak clearly in your heart. Do not cease to pray as a family, for families suffer greatly and it is prayer that is the remedy for this suffering. Pray as a family. Participate in the Mass with joy. Receive the sacraments, especially the sacrament of the altar, with great fervor in your heart that God might do great things in your heart, and that through you the light of Christ might be know to all.

May the peace of Christ be with you this day and always, as I pray God blesses you now and until the end of your days.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, again it is good to be with you. Still I come to you as mother and advocate. The Lord sends me to call you to Him. He loves you so much that He sends His mother that you might not walk in darkness, but be filled with the light. Praise be to God.

Dear ones, how many times I have spoken to you and these messages that I give to you, you try diligently to work at . . . to put into your lives each day. Still I call you to this same message . . . to gather together and to pray as a family, both in your church family and in your families at home. Again I give you this message . . . seek Christ in the sacraments, in the most blessed and high sacrament of the altar, in reconciliation with Him and union with the Church. Then, you will know the fullness of grace. Fast. Give up things that draw you far from God. Live a life of simplicity with your faith firmly planted in the Gospel truth that is Jesus Christ. It is only in this way that you will continue to grow ever closer to the Father and continue to walk the path that He has designed for you.

Dear ones, ever as a mother I continue to come. I continue to exhort you to prayer and, again I say to you, pray with a new vigor and a new fullness in your heart. Pray, always! Dear ones, my desire for you is peace. . . peace in your homes, peace in your lives, peace in this world. It is only through prayer, through a simple, humble obedience to the scripture, through a love for the Church and devotion to the sacraments, that peace will be obtained. How often, dear ones, I have seen you try . . . try with the fullness of your being to live these messages . . . and how pleased I am, for I have come to you with love in my heart, with the love of God to share with you. And it is my pleasure to give to you the graces that God allows me to bring, even these very words.

Dear ones, do not loose hope in times of trial. Do not be distracted by the things of life that pull you away from truth that is Christ. May Christ be the center of your heart and your life each day. When you do all you are called to do, do all things for God. In serving your families, in loving one another, in your teaching, in your listening, in your friendship, in your service, in your living, in your dying, in all things . . . make Christ center. It is only in this way that you will come to understand how suffering is joy and how God, who has done great things for you, is with you in the most real way . . . in the most true way . . . always. For it is in practicing the Gospel truths . . . in living your faith each day . . . that the sacrifice of the altar will once again become for you a renewal of Calvary, will become for you truly a joy beyond joys. It is through living the Gospel truths that you will look with eyes of faith upon your altars and see the Christ, He who came once as a humble child, who was scorned and mocked, who was nailed to a cross, who suffered, died, and was resurrected in the glory of God, now seated at His right hand . . . Father and Son with the Holy Spirit . . . still leading, still guiding, still loving you, always. See with the eyes of faith there, children. See with the eyes of faith. I invite you to a renewal in your lives, a renewal in your homes, a renewal in your hearts. Seek the Holy Spirit, for He is with you. He guides you if you allow Him to speak to your heart, to teach you to love as God loves.

May the peace of Christ be with you this day and always. As I am mother to you, I pray God bless you and lead you always to a life filled with His peace.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you again today and always. Let us praise God and thank Him for gifting us all with the grace of salvation that we might share in the eternal life that is His. Dear ones, again I come to you as mother. Again I say to you I am so pleased to be able to come, to speak to you about Christ, to lead you to the light that He is that your lives might be changed, that your hearts may be changed, that those around you might be changed because of His glory.

Dear ones, what a precious gift you are given each day. God who is so great has given to you all that you need to see Him clearly in your hearts. He has poured every grace upon you. Through the waters of baptism He has washed away your inequity and brought you into a wholeness with Him, a fullness in His life Through the gift of His Holy Spirit He has poured upon you every grace, every gift, that you might speak His words to all people, be an example of His goodness and His mercy, live His compassion and His love, and be truly the body of Christ as families . . . as a church . . . as one people in one God.

Dear ones, through all of the sacramental gifts He has given you, most especially through the gift of the Eucharist, He is with you. He blesses your every day and your every night. He is there waiting . . . waiting for you to seek Him out that you might be reconciled unto Him and begin your life anew. That is why, dear children, I call you again and again to the sacraments, to reconciliation, to frequent Eucharist, to Mass whenever possible . . . the greatest of prayers. That is why I ask you to pray together and in your families.

Dear ones, God desires to give you all things. He who merited salvation through His own death and resurrection still desires your hearts. Continue then the work that you have started in your lives and in your homes. Continue to persevere in goodness, to live your faith according to the Gospel truths, to live truly as the hands and feet of Christ. Do not bear ill will against one another in your hearts, but embrace forgiveness. Do not live preoccupied with the distractions of your life, but let Christ be the center of your heart. Do not live with worries or cares for tomorrow, but rejoice in what God has given today. It is only in this way that you can become a people of God and know the peace that I have promised you, the peace that Christ alone can bring.

Our God is so good that He sends a servant to you His people, to speak His words to you as clearly and as truly as He spoke them Himself upon this earth. God is so good that He raised me up as He will raise each of you up to His glory, if only you seek His love, His forgiveness, and take up your cross to follow Him. God is so good that He does not lose His children, but no matter how far you walk, He is there waiting for you to turn to Him that He might embrace you and catch you as you come near to the precipice.

Dear ones, how then can you have any cares at all. How then can you have anything but joy in your hearts, for you know that God is steadfast and He is faithful. You know that He who is and always has been will continue on forever. Infinitely His love is with you. Infinitely His mercy is upon you. Infinitely His graces are yours if you will seek them, if you will live in His love. 

Dear ones, embrace your crosses with joy, for it is through the cross that you have received salvation and eternal life. It is through the crosses of your own life that you, joined with the meriting grace of our savior, will become truly the creature that God desired for you to be, one in Him in His perfect image. Embrace your crosses. Let this be your daily struggle. Each day, suffer joyfully. Each day, love more. In this way, dear ones, my coming here among you will not be in vain, but will be a great testament to those who will look to you to show them where Christ is. My coming to you will be a great sign to those who see you and know you, and those who are converted by your example through the glory of God, will thank you when with you in paradise and they see His glorious face.

Dear ones, it is a heavy responsibility that I ask of you, but a great gift that God gives. How wonderful He is! How blessed the servant! How great the master! May the peace of Christ be with you now and always. Amen.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you. May your hearts be glad as you are about to enter into a time of preparation, when you remember the great gift of the Son, the redeemer, the one who was chosen for all eternity, the one who was given to you as a baby, the one who grew and taught and healed and loved and died for you, the one who ascended to the Father after He was resurrected in glory. Prepare your hearts then in this moment. Be prepared to accept your faith, your life, your blessings, and your crosses with a new joy as you begin a new season of hope.

Dear ones, again as your mother I call you to prayer. It is difficult in the hectic day that you live to find solace in your heart, to find peace, if you do not pray. You must begin your days with prayer and end your day with prayer and live prayer each moment in between. If you do not truly begin to accept and embrace prayer you will not have peace within your heart, and though you might find yourselves going about good deeds throughout the day, you will not find the deep longing . . . the deep fulfillment . . . of that grace in your heart that is God.

Dear ones, it is through prayer that you, each day, come into the presence of God. He speaks to your heart. His Spirit guides you. The Son renews you with waters of mercy and life. It is through prayer, through that intimate relationship with your creator, that you will truly become that which God desires for you to be . . . a people apart . . . a people who as lights in the darkness are images of His love. Again and again I call you to prayer, for it is a great grace. It gives your heart strength. It gives you courage through the Holy Spirit. It is a great gift to pray for others that all of you brothers and sisters in Christ might be blessed.

Dear ones, also this day I call you to accept the gift of Christ Jesus into your hearts, minds, homes, and lives again. It is a time of preparation, a time of true anticipation, a time of joy, as you prepare for the fullness of the grace that God gives you, for the fullness of all things, for He for whom all things were created, Christ Jesus. Dear ones, do not then forget to be a joyful people, for a people awaiting a messiah . . . a people awaiting the coming of a king . . . rejoice. Their hearts do not hang in desperation. Their eyes are not downcast. They do not feel despair, but alas they dance, they rejoice, they praise He who is coming.

Dear ones, God promised a messiah to the world and sent Him in the humility of a child. Again, make your hearts humble that you might truly see how God acts in your life each day. To see His workings, to see the action of His spirit, you must see with the eyes of a child. Let go then, of all of the things that you seem to know and let God lead you to true knowledge, to true joy, to true wisdom . . . that wisdom, that grace, that gift of hope in Him that can only be obtained by truly abandoning your heart to Him, giving to Him all that He gave to you. Dear ones, what a gift this is for you, for when you abandon your heart to God, when you love Him and embrace Him and rejoice in His presence, then, dear ones, do you have a glimpse of heaven.

My little ones, as your mother I lead you. As your mother I pray for you. As your mother I rejoice with my church, with my people, with those who are committed to my son and, therefore, who are alive with His glory. I rejoice in anticipation, for all of heaven sings in joy and all of heaven celebrates with you. Let your hearts be joyful. Let your homes reflect the coming of a king. Let all that you do be focused on He alone, for He alone is all things. My dear ones, I bless you this day in His name, He who created you that you might be loved, He who redeemed you for that love, and He who in spirit leads you that you might truly learn to love one another.


The Blessed Mother’s Words: 

My dear little ones, peace be with you this day as I rejoice with you, as I love you and come to you as a mother. Know that still now I speak to you as I have spoken to you these many years. Still now I rejoice with you. Still now I look with anticipation to this great feast day that you celebrate. Still now in heaven the angels rejoice and share in the great prayer of the Eucharist.

Dear ones, see that you look with anticipation to the remembrance of the coming of the Christ Child. As you reflect this Christmas with your families and loved ones on this great event . . . this greatest gift given by the Father in heaven . . . see, dear ones, see how the Lord has worked such great things even to this day, that the miracle that was Jesus . . . the miracle of the Christ . . . continues now to this day. For Christ was born as an infant, an infant destined to die for our sins . . . His birth necessary only for His death, for through Him salvation was gained for all people if they so choose it. See as you reflect, as you look upon the nativity scene, the Christ Child swaddled in the same linens in which His body was lain. See as you reflect upon that manger that as the infant Christ is pressed against the wood, so too His flesh was pressed to the cross that you might know salvation. See as you reflect on those who came to worship Him, your brothers and sisters in Christ, that even today throughout the entire world all people come to Him bringing their gifts . . . the things that they offer in their homes, in their hearts, through their prayer, in their daily lives, through their works and their faith.

See that He who once was proclaimed the infant king and savior of Judea and the world, is still today from your altar proclaimed king as He comes to you in His body and blood. See, dear ones, that no longer does He lay against the wood of a creche. No longer does He lay against the wood of the cross. Now He is comforted . . . He is cradled . . . in the wood that is this church, in the gold that surrounds Him in the tabernacle where He is worshiped now as once He was worshiped a long time ago. See that the same Christ who came then is the same Christ with you now. See that you do not look in anticipation for the coming of a king . . . see that now, at this moment, He is with you, for He truly is forever and ever, Alpha and Omega. He came to give God the glory that once was His before the beginning of time. He came and was born to die that you might know salvation and that you with Him might share in the gift of eternity, of absolute love, of mercy, of joy.

Without Him . . . without the gift of salvation . . . without His presence in the tabernacles in His churches throughout the world, there would be no light, there would be no love, there would be no joy. All of creation would simply cease to exist, for He alone sustains you . . . He alone who sustains the life that He once created and gave to you. And so my children, when gathered with your family, when in your Christmas prayer, when celebrating the coming of a child, celebrate now the gift of a king who is with His people, the lowliest and the greatest, now and forever.

My dear ones, I am your mother and as a mother I come always to exhort you to choose salvation. It was a gift merited through Christ alone offered to the entire world, to every person, for God loves each soul He creates with a love that cannot be measured. And it is His greatest desire that each soul might return to Him, return to the sanctifying grace given to them in the baptism . . . the baptism that is only possible through the death and life of Christ. Therefore, dear ones, choose salvation! Choose to live as I have instructed you, for my words are not my own, but those that God has given to me to share with you. Choose to live for Christ, for once He lived for you and still He lives for you. Once He died for all and still His death has a power that can be toppled by no one, that no king on earth shall match, that nothing . . . not the gates of hell . . . shall prevail against. He is our true king. He is the messiah. He is with us. Praise God and thank Him for such a gift, for His love is without measure, His mercy is great, and He is with you.