Loved For All Ages

“My people, take into your heart my words, that they might be etched upon your soul . . . I am and I love you! I call you home to Me.”

The Blessed Trinity
January 27, 2004


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, peace be with you. Today again I am here with you as your mother. Today again I come to you joyfully, thanking God for the gift . . . the grace . . . to come to you and to speak to you His words that you might know Him, that He might be present in your daily lives, in your families, in your hearts. I have given to you such grace from the Father, for He has sent me to love you, to show you He is Lord. Today again I bring you grace and a gift from the Father, for today alone I shall bless you only and speak no more words to you, for the Master comes to you and I am His servant.

The Words of God:

People of mine, my mother has implored from Me this gift for you. It is through her intercession that you receive My presence in this tremendous way this night. She, on bended knee before Me in My trinity, brings you, your prayers, your needs, all things . . . that she might obtain for you grace without measure.

Dear children, I have come, for you . . . you have invited Me here, into your hearts, and you have seen with the eyes of faith that I was present here with you all this night, that I am present here with you always, that here upon My altar you will find Me. Creation of my heart, I am with you yet. I remain with my people who have invited Me to come into their hearts and their lives and to know them, for truly I have known you. I have known you since first I breathed life into your soul.

My daughter, Mary . . . mother to the Savior, servant of the Creator, spouse of the Holy Spirit . . . speaks to you my words that you might hear and believe and know that I am. My people, take into your heart my words that they might be etched upon your soul . . . I am and I love you. I call you home to Me. It is for My love of you that My heart is burst open and grace and mercy pours forth. I will renew the face of the earth! There will be a time of endless joy. My mercy is a gift to all who will accept it, who will embrace it, who will be merciful.

You are living in a time without mercy. You are living in an age without love, save for a few. This is why I have sent her. This is why she implores Me to come to you this night, to tell you that I am! Search your hearts for love and mercy, for mercy is given to those who seek it, and love . . . love . . . is the design, the reason, the purpose of all things, and is all . . . all . . . that I am.


The Blessed Mother’s Word’s:

My dear children, peace be with you. Know that again tonight I am here as your mother, that I bless you, that I exhort you to prayer, for in prayer you come into the presence of God. I thank you for having offered many prayers at my request. I ask you to continue to pray always, for it is through prayer that many hearts will be changed and many will come to know the mercy and love that God offers to them. 

Dear ones, again I am with you as you are about to enter into the time of remembrance . . . remembrance of the greatest gift that God has given, the life of His own son. Recall, dear ones, how often I have said to you, how God loves you so much He has given His life . . . He has spilt His blood . . . He has given to you every grace that you might one day live with Him in paradise. What a blessing! During this time of preparation when you bring to mind the great sacrifice that Christ, our redeemer, freely chose that you might have life . . . when in this time you recall the great grace of the sacrament where Christ again is alive and with you, and again gives to you His body and blood . . . rejoice! Rejoice and thank God, for it is through His grace . . . through His tremendous mercy . . . that we are all saved from certain death through the giving of one life.

Dear ones, during these times remember the sacrifice and let it live again in your lives when you give of your own heart, your own time, your own wealth, your own gifts, to others. Live the sacrifice of Calvary each day. When you meet the cross, embrace it, for it is life for you. How great God is that the death of one is life for all. How great the gift. Let this be a time when you recommit yourselves to sacrificial love, to the love that God has for each one of you. You become as Christ did when you love with all your strength, when you love without condition, when you love for nothing of yourself, but all for God . . . for His glory . . . in His way.

Sacrificial love is the perfect state of the human soul. It is God. He is love . . . He is mercy . . . He is compassion . . . and every reflection of these things in the human heart is an imprint of the face of God. Therefore, dear ones, embrace the cross in your own life. Embrace your sufferings and sorrows. Embrace sacrificial love and begin to truly understand the gift of the cross.

Dear ones, you know that I am with you and that I love you. You know that I come always to advise you and to guide you to my son, our Lord. You know that again and again I call you to Him . . . always to Him . . . for it is only through God that you will come to know peace. It is only through God that you will come to know joy. It is only through God that you will live. What a grace, dear ones! May your hearts be unburdened and rejoice in the love of God always. May the peace of Christ be with you this day and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you again this day as I come to you as your mother and bless you. Know that I pray with you and I thank you for praying for my intentions and for the holy Church. Now you are in the season of Lent where you call to mind the sufferings of Christ. In these days when you approach Good Friday, recall how our Lord suffered for you, how His love alone . . . His love alone . . . made salvation possible.

This is a time of great contemplation. It should be a time of prayer in your families, of joyful anticipation in your heart as you look forward to a day . . . a day that many in the world would consider dark . . . the day that your beloved Lord died. And yet, for you it is a day of hope and gladness, for on that day He took it upon Himself your sin that you might be made a new creation in God and that He might rise that you too might rise and live again. Today then, I call you to resurrection as well as contemplation. I ask you to resurrect in your heart prayer, fasting, conversion, each day. Resurrect in your homes, prayer. Gather your children and pray. In your parish, resurrect the love and faithfulness that you show one another because you are brothers and sisters in Christ . Let these things become a new life for you this day.

You have these many years tried so hard to do that which I have asked of you, and yet I ask more as always, for you never . . . never . . . will be complete in your journey until you are perfected in the image of God. It is for this reason that He gives to you your very lives that you truly might become one with Him. Also, dear children, in your lives be an example of this joyful patience . . . of this holy obedience . . . that those around you sent into your life by our Father in heaven might see and believe through you. It is through His people that God speaks in this world. Through His faithful ones that the Holy Spirit comes into the world and renews the world. And so again I ask you, be perfect . . . be obedient in all things . . . that others might see in you the joy filled and peaceful heart and desire that which you possess . . . a deep faith in Christ that cannot be shaken.

Know that He is with you and as you enter in the great mystery of His dying and His rising, so too die to those things that have kept you from him. How easy it is to become distracted. Often I have spoken to you about the things of your lives, good things given by our Father, distracting you from placing Jesus in the center of your heart. I urge you to care for your families, to love your friends and your coworkers, by being an example of His love . . . to be focused on your daily vocation wether it be a parent or spouse or child, but also and always to keep Christ at the center of your heart and to do all of these good things because you love Him . . . because His love comes forth through you.

Therefore, dear ones, I ask of you again today that which I have called you to many times . . . prayer . . . conversion . . . peace . . . and love. Without these things there can be no joy. Without these things there is nothing, for this is what God is. This is His mercy. It is the truth.

Dear ones, live in that truth that it might fill you completely and change your very heart. I am with you now as always. I guide you as a mother and I pray that each day you might recommit your heart and your life to our Lord that He might do with you what He wishes and use you to bring others to Him. May the peace of Christ be with you always and may His mercy shine forth in your life.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear ones, peace be with you. What a pleasure it is for me to be with you again this day. Thank God and praise Him, for He who is the holy of holies, who is all things, has made this gift . . . this grace . . . possible.

Alleluia! Christ is risen. God is so good that He became for us the savior. He became for us the word made flesh. He became for us the lamb . . . the paschal sacrifice . . . that salvation might be gained for all who choose to love Him, who choose to accept this grace. Praise God for what good things He has done!

Little ones, again today I come to you as mother. Again today I come to comfort and encourage you, to help you to walk the journey of faith which many of you started . . . many of you began with the smallest of steps, with lukewarm hearts. Many of you have come to know Christ, truly, in the sacraments, as you have not before. Through these words God has sent me to bring you, I have shared with you the grace that is our Lord in the Eucharist. How blessed is the Church that God sends to her His body, blood, soul, and divinity to become the perfect sacrifice, offered from morning to night, each day in all places. How blessed are we that He who was creator, that He who is king, that He who is Lord, came and dwelt among us as a child. How blessed are we that He came to save us, that through His beautiful passion, through His glorious death, through each suffering, He redeemed all of mankind.

Dear ones, when you truly understand what this gift is . . . what this grace is . . . your homes, your lives, your families, will reflect the glory that is God. When you truly understand what you receive in the Eucharist, your face will shine as the sun. When you truly embrace the love that He brings . . . that He offers to you . . . and begin to love one another as God loves you, your lives will be a model of perfect charity.

Dear ones, as your mother I pray that in your homes you might embrace prayer, embrace the sacraments, love the Mass, and be obedient to the Church. As your mother I pray that you might help those little ones entrusted to your care grow in loving faith, to know God and serve Him each day. As your mother, I pray that husbands and wives might glorify God through their love for one another and, in their daily lives, bring each closer to the perfection . . . the perfection that is God . . . for truly your marriages, they are a representation of that love that exists between God and His people, Christ and the Church, Father, Son and Spirit.

How blessed we are that we have been given so much by our God whose love is without measure. Truly, then, as His children we are called to give all that we have to Him, for first He gave those things to us. That is why, dear children, I ask you and implore you to embrace a life of prayer in your families, to embrace a life of devoted love for the Holy Eucharist, to embrace reconciliation and every gift of the Church God offers to you.

There is no man while on earth who is perfect the way God is perfect. Only Christ, who was the Paschal Lamb, who was the perfect sacrifice, is perfect. And I was blessed . . . blessed by God . . . to be born . . . conceived . . . without sin that I might be truly the Ark of the Covenant. This new Covenant . . . Christ . . . He is offering to each of you the ability to become saints while upon this earth. He desires for you to love perfectly. This is what my desire is, for I wish for every heart to glorify Him, I wish for every mind to know He is Lord, and for every knee to bend at His name. Only then will I be satisfied. Only then should you be satisfied.

Go then in your daily lives and perfect yourself in Christ. Through the sacraments, through your faith, through the trials that He blesses you with, and, dear ones, as He sent His first disciples to evangelize and to teach through their word and example, so too must you become great evangelizers. This is a world without peace. It is a world without mercy, save for a few. I ask you, dear ones, to embrace mercy, to live mercy, and then you shall receive mercy.

My little ones, I thank you for having responded to all that I have asked of you. And I implore you again to embrace this life in Christ that I offer, that He sends me to give to you, that first the Gospels taught you and now I remind you. My little ones, peace be in your hearts, for you rejoice now in this Easter season. Remember always the great gift that God gave through His suffering son, our redeemer, and the glorious resurrection. May His peace be with you now and always, and may your families become a model of love.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you this day and always. Again I come to you as your mother. Again I thank our father in heaven for permitting me to come, for it is only because of His great love for you and His tremendous mercy that I am permitted to come into this world to share messages of hope, joy, encouragement, and faith . . . to lead my little ones by the hand back to the Father in heaven.

My dear ones, daily in your lives you encounter Christ. Daily you see the souls He has placed into your homes and your hearts, those who you must care for as Christ cares for His people. Daily you are given opportunities to serve one another, to serve the church, to serve in your families . . . your children, your spouses, your friends. Daily God gives you so many chances to truly become sanctified in His love, in His holiness, in His grace. Many times, dear ones, when you see these opportunities in your lives, you do not recognize them for that which they are . . . chances to grow in holiness. Because man’s heart often turns from God, God gives to His precious ones so many opportunities to accept quiet sufferings, to live joyfully the cross. In this way, my little ones, and only in this way, can you be fully united to Christ and perfected . . . more like Christ each day . . . less fallen as human beings are.

Dear ones, I ask and encourage you then, each day in every . . . every opportunity God puts into your life, through every person whom you meet, through every service that you extend to your brothers and sisters . . . do all things for God! Do all for love of Him and praise and thank Him for the tremendous opportunity He has given you to suffer, to sacrifice, to truly know how to love. Dear ones, without these opportunities in your lives . . . without these small sufferings . . . you could not possibly overcome the trials, the temptations, the sorrows that would grieve your heart, for it is in these opportunities that God plants in you grace . . . grace without measure, grace to overcome and to persevere in all things, grace to live the life you have been called to live.

Therefore, dear ones, again I call you. I call you to pick up your crosses and follow the way of Christ with joy. Follow His path. Follow in His footsteps. Live as He does, with perfect love, with perfect mercy, with perfect compassion, with absolute forgiveness and joy. Then, dear ones, you will become a people of God that is a joyful people. You will become a people of hope. Now, especially in your nation, there is no hope. Many struggle and suffer greatly because they do not understand how present God is. They do not know that He calls . . . calls them home. They do not know that He is there if they but turn their hearts towards Him and away from the many temptations that this world offers.

My little ones, because our father is so good, He does not desire to lose even one, but despairs in the knowledge that they may become lost and, therefore, sends me. I come to deliver to you hope, and I ask you to embrace this message of hope and to live it each day so that, dear ones, always you might be examples of hope and teach those around you . . . those who like you who are so loved by God and perhaps have not been gifted with the many graces, with the many gifts, that you have. Teach them that God is present, that God loves them, that God is calling them to Himself.

Dear ones, what a tremendous, tremendous honor and what a responsibility! How God is so good to allow His people to participate in the mystery of salvation, we will never understand! Dear ones, what a gift . . . what a gift you can offer through your lives lived in perfect service, embracing all those whom God sends to you in Christian love.

Dear ones, go then and do all that I have asked. And be mindful always to pray . . . pray about all things . . . giving all to God. It is in prayer that you will be strengthened. It is in prayer as a community that you will be strengthened. It is in prayer in your homes and in your families that you will be strengthened. For, dear ones, the Holy Spirit works in this world now. The Holy Spirit works in your hearts. He desires to open a floodgate of mercy . . . a floodgate of grace, if you but ask . . . if you would live according to His word.

Dear ones, He sends me to speak this to you that you might know that you are loved, that you might know that He is Lord. May the peace of Christ be with you and may He bless you in all of your services.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. Again today I come to you as your mother. Again today I call you to thanksgiving and gratitude, for God has blessed you without measure. He has given to you the fullness of His gifts. He has given to you every grace, even His own body and blood that you might be sustained, that He might fill you and free you through His mercy, through His grace, through His goodness. Therefore, my people, be joyful and filled with love.

You must, dear ones, love always as He calls you to love, to love one another as He loves you. Truly, so few human hearts can understand what a gift the love of God is. So few truly understand what it is to love, for God . . .who is love . . . He is truly in the hearts and minds, the souls and bodies, of each one of His children who loves without condition, who loves with mercy, who loves with compassion, who loves in peace. When you love, dear ones, in perfect love, you experience God in a way that is enviable even to the angels.

Dear ones . . . my children, I have called you this long time to learn to love in this way, for you are His chosen creation. God . . . who is so mighty that He set apart the world, the earth upon which you live, to be His own blessed place throughout all of the universe, God . . . who chose you, His creation, to be children above all other creations . . . He loves you and calls you to love. What a blessed thing it is for us, dear ones, we who have become His children. What a blessed thing to be loved as He does.

These many years I have spoken to you and asked you to pray . . . to pray always, taking all things to prayer . . . and it must be so, for truly the darkness in the world will surely dampen your heart . . . the light of Christ within you . . . if you do not pray. Through prayer, God gives to you every grace. He hears your every thought and word. He speaks to you in prayer and it is in prayer that you will discern His will for you, as a community, as families, as individuals, and as the holy church.

Dear ones, I have spoken to you about sacrificial love and obedience, and I ask you from this day forward to take all I have said and begin to live it anew. Truly, learn to sacrifice with the heart, to give to God all that is His, for He first gave you His sacrifice . . . the greatest sacrifice.

Dear ones, always I come to you as your mother and lead you. Always I come to you joyfully, for God our father is so good He has permitted me to come and to speak to you these words that you might be encouraged and not know despair, but only joy. Therefore, dear ones, it is in this same spirit of joy, in this same hope that you will begin to live mercy, that I again ask you to continue to pray always for one another, to love one another as Christ loves you, and to sacrifice with your heart . . . in your soul . . . for the good of those around you. It is in this mystical participation with the redemption of Christ, the redemption that He alone can merit for all mankind, that you are purified and perfected. This, my dear ones, this has always been my prayer for you.

May the peace of Christ fill your hearts and may His joy live always within you, your families, and in His holy church.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, again today I am so pleased to come to you, to bring to you the message of our father in heaven, to bring to you words of encouragement, words of trust, words of love, words of discipline . . . to be for you truly a mother. Dear ones, God who is so great has blessed you. He has counted the days of your life. He knows the deepest parts of your heart. He knows your soul, the very fabric of your being, for He created you from nothing. Dear ones, He breathed His life into you that you might live to worship Him, to adore Him, to serve Him in serving those around you.

Dear ones, this is at the heart of my message . . . service through sacrificial love. How often I have spoken to you and called you to a new love. I call you again to a new love, a love that is the love of Christ. Dear ones, God’s love for you is so great that He sent His son to walk, to teach, to serve, to heal, to die, to rise, to ascend to glory, that you might know God as He knows you. For He created you and thus He knows you, even better than you know yourselves.

How often my little ones who struggle so in their prayer life see Him as a faceless person, a deity that they cannot reach, one who hears their prayers at a distance, yet perhaps is not real and present in the moment, in their life, in the trials of day to day. And yet, He sent His son that He might be made flesh, that He might touch His people, embrace His people, know His people, laugh and cry with His people, that you might see God for who He is . . . love, tremendous love! Joy! Peace! Forgiveness and justice! For you, He desires all good things. He calls to you. He asks you to follow in His footsteps, for He has laid the road bare for you. He has cleared away every thorn and every snare by walking the journey to the cross. Therefore, dear ones, how simple, yet how difficult, to pick up your cross and follow.

You, dear ones, are truly as lambs. It was no accident that Christ Jesus chose to speak in parables, to call Himself the good shepherd, for you are as lambs tended by one who cares for you in all things. He shall not let you be lost. He shall not let you dash your foot upon a stone. If one wanders, He will go and seek you and find you, for He has done so today in this church.

Dear ones, the great shepherd sends me to call to His lambs. The great shepherd sends me to lead you back to the flock. This is why I have come, to call you back to a true understanding of who it is that God . . . God is . . . and who He desires you to be. Sacrificial love . . . it is something that is inseparable from God for it is the spirit of God. Sacrificial love . . . Jesus gave His life freely and with love, and still this day and every day until the end of time He gives His body and blood , soul and divinity, to His people that they might be one with Him. For He was not content to walk among His people, to teach, to minister, and to heal, but He desired to become one with His people. And therefore, He has given to you the Eucharist . . . the great sign, the only sign . . . and, dear ones, in times when there is great darkness across the world, it will be the only light. It is the only light.

Therefore, how blessed you are, for each of you today has partaken in the greatest mystery . . . the greatest gift. Each of you has received into your being . . . God. Like me, once a tabernacle, you too are a tabernacle for His spirit, for His body. I ask you then always, my little ones, as your mother who loves you and desires for you to grow close to your father, to always conduct yourselves as such.

Little ones, so many things I could teach you and so many things I have given to you through the grace of God alone. It is He who sends me. It is He who gives me the words to speak to you, for it is He alone who is truly master of all things, who sees into each one of your hearts and knows you perfectly! The words I speak, I give to you because He knows your hearts. He knows your desires. He knows your needs. He cares for each one of you as a precious lamb. He Himself became the lamb that was slaughtered that you might be free. Rejoice then in God who is all good things and whose gift of sacrificial love . . . that gift that you must live each day . . . truly has freed you and saved you and will be that which allows you to join Him in His glory forever.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you. Praise God, for again this day He sends me to you that I might share with you His message of hope, peace, and joy. Dear ones, know that as your mother I come. I care for my children and love them and desire for them to be drawn ever nearer to the Father. It is for this reason that I teach you, that I speak to you, that I encourage you, that you might know that God has called you unto Him . . . to be His as He has always designed you to be . . . for the moment He first breathed life into man God designed you to be children. You are not mere creation, but children of a father who loves you so much. He designed you to love as He loves and this is what He calls you to do.

Dear ones, God made you free to love. He gave you the opportunity to choose to love Him and love one another as He has commanded. Humanity chose to walk apart from Him and the consequence of sin was death. And yet the love of our father is so great that He sent His own son that He might come to save . . . through death . . . all children, for in dying He destroyed death and opened the gates of eternal life and once again restored man to the friendship of God.

Dear ones, it is then through sacrifice that salvation . . . that every grace . . . that glory . . . is attained. Again I ask you to make your lives a sacrifice, to live each day striving to that love that God calls you to, that sacrificial gift of yourself for your brother and sister in Christ. Then, dear ones, then all people will see Christ as He still exists in this world . . . in His people, in His churches, in the great gift of the Holy Eucharist.

Dear ones, how can I tell you how blessed you are, for truly God is with you. Each time you celebrate the great sacrifice of the Mass you receive Him in His fullness . . . you receive the way, the truth, the life that has been restored for you through Christ’s sacrificial death and His resurrection. How blessed are we that God loves us so much that He calls us to Himself . . . that He calls us back when we wander . . . that He makes us a new creation in Him. How blessed are we, then, to have one another to be an example, for from the first days Christ called brothers in the Lord to serve Him, sisters too . . . and those who followed Him were commissioned and sent out to teach all nations of His goodness. And it is because of them . . . the workings of the Holy Spirit through them . . . that you are privileged to know Christ this day. This is how God has always designed faith, that one might show another and that freely all might choose to love.

God designed His people to be children and so He does not force His will upon you, but rather allows you through your loves, through your desires, through your gifts and talents and graces that He has bestowed upon you, to multiply His grace . . . to multiply His peace . . . to multiply His love. What an awesome and tremendous responsibility then it is to truly believe, for belief is a gift given by our father in heaven. It is a gift! If you believe, then you must live as you believe each day, each moment, in all ways. If you believe that Jesus Christ came to die that you might have life and have it abundantly, then, dear ones, you must live life abundantly!

The abundance of God is peace. It is joy. It is a love for prayer and the Mass and the holy sacraments. It is a love for your children, your spouses, your parents, your friends, and those who do harm to you. It is a love that the world cannot know except for Christ’s presence here upon this earth in His people and in the Eucharist. It is a love that is perfect. And, dear ones, truly when you begin to embrace that love and live abundantly in His grace, then, dear ones, His kingdom will be made manifest upon this earth and you shall see the dawning of a new age. Therefore, dear children, again let my words be an encouragement to you. Let my counsel be for you, truly, words to live each day by and greater yet, let my words inspire you to begin to love now.

Dear ones, as always I am a mother and therefore I care for you in all things. I am greatly concerned with the welfare of your souls, but also for your temporal needs and therefore I thank you for bringing to me prayer requests. And again I remind you that I take all of your intentions to our father in heaven and ask Him to continue to bless you as He has blessed you all these years.

My dear ones, know that I am with you and I wish the peace of Christ upon you, for that is my prayer for you, that all of His children might embrace the sacrificial love of Christ and become a reflection of Him. Dear ones, may His peace be with you now and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you. Again it is good to be with you this day as we celebrate the church on earth and the church in heaven together at this joyful mass, praying for those who are in need of prayer . . . those souls who are in a time of purification. I ask you to remember them and to do penance for them, for the one church composed of many is great, and God gives to you your brothers and sisters to pray for you . . . to lead you.

Dear ones, I am pleased to be with you. As a mother I have come to you to speak to you words of encouragement, to give to you strength and solace, to give to you all that you need to turn your faces toward the light of Christ. Truly He has sent me because He is so near to you, because His love is for you is so great that He sends His mother that you might see Him clearly.

Dear ones, God has been present in the lives and the hearts of his people since your very beginnings, and yet so many times His people have chosen to walk far from Him. They have failed to see the grace that is about them. They have failed to see His presence, to recognize His true presence. They have failed to understand that He calls, that He is present. This is why He has sent me . . . to tell you and to show you through my workings here and the words I have given to you that He is present here and present in your lives.

When first He sent me, dear ones, to you, I came with a message, “God exists! God loves you!” This, dear ones, is that which I wish to impart to you tonight. God exists and He loves you! He sends me, His mother, as a messenger, with His words to you to call you back to Him, to call you to a new life in Him, to truly call His holy church into a renewal . . . a time of grace . . . a time of grace that cannot be imagined!

Dear ones, what a joyful thing it is for me to announce to you that God truly . . . truly . . . loves you, that He would give to you His body and His blood, His soul, His divinity, every grace and every gift, every sacrament and every help . . . that you might not be lost, that you might not choose to turn your faces from Him, but that you might embrace Him as a father and He embrace you as His children. What an annunciation of joy . . . something that you, dear ones, have been told again and again and yet it has not taken root in your heart. You have not believed with the fullness of faith that can move a mountain. And so, dear ones, again I say to you, “God exists and He loves you!”

Take then to Him all things in your hearts. Take to Him your sufferings, your sorrows, your pains, your sins, the barest parts of your heart . . . that which makes you the person He created you to be and that which makes you faulted from that person. Take to Him all things, for He created you first and He knows you as you do not know yourself, for He knows that which you might become through prayer, through the sacraments, through a steadfast life persevering in faith and trust in Him. Of all the things I have asked of you, perhaps this is what you have had the most difficulty with, trusting in God’s mercy, trusting in His providence, trusting in grace. For a heart that trusts knows no fear. A heart that trusts is filled with joy. A heart that trusts does not look to tomorrow, but looks to the present moment and sees God there. The heart that is trusting lives life in peace.

I have often . . . often said to you, “May the peace of Christ be with you . . . the peace that Christ alone can bring,”for truly that peace exists. It is real and it is yours if you choose it, but you must choose! You must choose to accept the grace God offers to you. You must choose to live a life in Him. You must choose faith . . . in your families, in your marriages, in your work place, in your parish, in your community. You must choose it! God offers to you every grace. He has sent me to teach you, to call you back to the truth that you have known and have not lived. He calls you to a life in Him because He has designed you for joy. He has created you for peace. He has loved you in all things and loves you still.

Therefore, dear ones, again I call you and beseech you as a mother to her children to truly open your hearts, open your minds, open your eyes and see that which God has placed in your life. See His presence. See His love. See the mercy and the forgiveness that is yours if you choose it. It is not a road that is without thorns. It is, in fact, the road that is most difficult. So few, dear ones, so few truly come to understand how to love as God desires you to love while on this earth. If you, dear ones . . . through opening your hearts and praying and fasting and sacrificing and truly living sacrificial love . . . if you really learn to love as God loves, then you would die of joy, for you would see heaven upon the earth and your heart would be renewed in Him.

This is my prayer for you . . . a true renewal of your hearts, of my children, of the world . . . that they might see God and worship Him. I, dear ones, I pray that the day will come soon that every knee shall bend and every lip profess that Jesus Christ has redeemed us all. What a great day that will be! And that day will come, for God has said, “I will renew the face of the earth.” And He shall. Your choice is to live in this moment. You may live with Him, in Him, and for Him, through the Holy Spirit . . . or you will live apart from Him. The choice is yours, dear ones, and I come to call you to God. I come to call you to the life that is most difficult, but the greatest of joys . . . the life that can be confusing, but is the source of wisdom . . . the life that can truly be the only way to peace.

So long, dear ones, I have been with you and God has given to me so much to speak to you of. I have taught you truly how to pray with your hearts. I have taught you to see Christ in the Eucharist, for He alone sustains the world there and were it not for His presence, truly the sun would refuse to shine and the rains would not fall. What a wondrous thing then, to think that He is with you in this moment. I have come to teach you obedience, to teach you discipline, to teach you to fast . . . to do penances, and to become sacrificial love because in doing so you become Christ on this earth. That, dear ones, that is what He has commissioned His people to do from the moment that He came to this earth and walked among you and taught and preached and died and rose and ascended to the Father in heaven, sending His Holy Spirit not only upon those gathered in that time and in that place, but on all generations to come, that His Spirit . . . the Spirit of God . . . might work every day until the end of time upon this earth for the salvation of souls and the glory of God. Praise Him, for what a grace! What a gift!

Dear children, as your mother I am filled with hope then, because I see how in your lives you have come to embrace prayer, you have come to love the sacraments, you have come to accept much of what I have spoken to you of, and truly, it is with a hopeful and joy-filled heart that I know you will persevere in this path. Dear ones, the time for my coming to you in this way is brief. Know that I come always to be with you, that I am present in your life, that I am present in your hearts, and that at a time that my voice will be silent, still I will be with you.

Dear ones, persevere in that which I have taught you. Embrace the love that God offers to you, for it is your salvation. Live each day for God. Place Him at the center of your hearts, of your marriages, of your families, of your vocations and ministries, and do all for Him. For it is in this way, dear ones, that you can become an instrument of His will, and as you pray, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done,” it shall. May the peace of Christ be with you this day and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, again I say peace to you. May peace fill your hearts and your minds and your souls that you might live each day in Christ’s peace. He alone can give you true peace. He alone can deliver the world into peace. Therefore, my little ones, do not seek peace and joy in things that are not of God, rather, seek your peace, your joy, your love, your fullness of being, in God alone. It is in Him that you will find the answers to all things and only in Him that truly . . . truly, you will come to understand that peace that I have told you about these many years.

My dear little ones, how good it is again to be with you, to be able to come and to bring my words of encouragement that you might truly begin to live your faith with joy filled hearts. This is that which I have asked of you, that you pray, that you love, that you serve, and that you live, with Jesus at the center of your heart, for only in this way will you truly understand the grace that God extends to you, the gift that is Himself.

My little ones, how many words I have spoken and how many messages I have brought, and yet were I given the opportunity to speak to you but one thing, it would be this – love God through serving others! This is the heart of the life of Christ upon this earth. It is for this reason that He came and taught and healed and loved. Glorify God by loving His creatures. Embrace His people and you will be loving Him. This is the Christian life . . . this is the gift of the church . . . this is the heart of the sacraments and of the Mass. . . . sacrificial love!

God loves His people so much that He sent me to you that I might remind you of this, for so many have forgotten how loved they are. So many do not understand that God . . . God who created them and knows the ever most secrets of their hearts . . . the littlest . . . the greatest . . . that same God reaches out to them and implores them to love. Therefore, dear children, God who has sent me to you, God who loves you so much that He sent His own son to live and to preach and to die and to rise for you, God who is present today in your lives as truly and as really as He has ever been present, sends me to tell you that He loves you . . . and implores you to love.

My little ones, when you begin to love as God loves, when you embrace this message of love and become the message of love letting every fiber of your being and your soul be filled with love, then, dear ones, you will see the face of Christ in one another and never again will you know loneliness or sadness or darkness or despair, for even in the midst of every danger and every trial and every sorrow there is God! He first suffered for you. He first died for you. Will you not, dear ones, die to yourselves and become sacrificial love that you might live for Him?

My little ones, this is the heart . . . the true heart . . . of my message. It is for this reason that I have taught you to pray, that I have taught you to come together in a community, to form prayer groups, to support one another, to love one another. It is for this reason I have called you to the sacraments, for you cannot live without them. It is for this reason I have called you to the churches, to the priesthood, to support of one another, to love for one another, and I call again and again and again.

My little ones, when you pray with the fullness of your heart your voices rise to heaven as beautiful songs of joy. You cannot see that which God sees and you do not know that which He knows. Therefore, I beg you, hear the voice of a mother who loves you with the fullness of my being. Trust God, for He has your days numbered and He knows your every thought. Trust Him, for His love for you is so great that He stops at nothing to call you unto Him. Trust Him, for He is with you even when you turn yourself from Him and seek to hide yourselves. For as it is written, there is no place you can go to escape Him, for if you shall rise to the highest of heavens or sink to Sheol, there He is. My little ones, He wishes for me to remind you that He loves you and that He desires for you to love one another. It is a choice that must be made each day in every moment. You must love, little ones, or you will not understand all that I have come to teach you.

Dear children, again I wish to bless you with my motherly blessing. I thank you for responding with open hearts to that which I have asked of you, to embrace prayer. I thank you for coming together and offering so many masses . . . so many rosaries . . . for my intentions. What grace God pours forth upon the world when His children pray! How much more grace He has to offer if you would continue to pray.

I thank you, dear ones, for dedicating your lives and your hearts and your families and your marriages and your vocations and everything to me and to the Sacred Heart of Christ, for together His Sacred Heart . . . the King of the Hearts of All Mankind . . . and my Immaculate Heart, shall reign. Yes, dear ones, God has spoken to you. He has touched your lives and sent His spirit to this place to make it holy. It is for you to live this gift with the fullness of your lives.

See then, with hope. On the horizon, God’s promises will be fulfilled. He shall renew the face of the earth and give to every heart a measure of grace so great . . . so great that the world has never known such grace! He desires for His children to accept Him, to love Him, to serve Him, to be with Him. He invites you, dear ones. He calls you. He sends your mother to you to call you home to Him. Therefore, accept this great gift. You do not know . . . you do not know . . . the greatness of what you have received. Glorify God with all that you do. Praise Him in your hearts and in your lives and through your prayer and through your works, and live . . .live as He has commanded.

My dear little ones, I bless you in His name. I ask that God our father in heaven will always be merciful to you and just and fill you with every grace, for I know that He shall. And I ask my son each day, interceding on your behalf, to fill you with love for one another, for He alone was the greatest example of love and He upon the cross and through His resurrection and His glorious ascension defined for all mankind . . . for all time . . .what love must be. And I ask the Holy Spirit . . . eternal spouse of the church, friend and advocate to all the faithful . . . to be in your hearts and in your minds and in your souls that you might be pierced with the knowledge that God is love, and that you might be moved to live that love. As always, dear ones, may the peace of Christ be with you this day and always.


The Words of God in His Blessed Trinity:

My children, long I have sent my handmaid to you. Long I have given to you my words through her. From age to age I call my children to myself, for I created you to be known by me, to be loved, to serve one another as I have commanded you.

My children, truly I have called you. I have known each of you. I am with you. It is I who work in this world to bring light where there is darkness, from the moment of creation to this present moment. It is I who brings forth new life that I might create out of love. It is I who provides for your every need, who gives to you a share of my own heart that you might know eternal life. It is I who comes who walked among my people. It is I who came that all of my little ones might prophesy and speak and preach and heal and announce to the world that I exist. It is I who come to you now, who created the stars of the heavens, the water, the earth upon which you sit, and the tree upon which I died for you. It is I who loves so much that I took on the form of my creation to become as you are, not satisfied with simply making you an image as I am, of love. Dear ones, I am love! I am mercy! I am joy! And when you my faithful children, embrace mercy, and joy, and become forgiveness and love, then . . . only then . . . do you become that which I always meant for you to be.

My dear creatures, how blessed are you that above all else. I raised you up and made you as I am, that forever you shall be with me. I am your God and you are chosen people. To the world I call now. To the world I invite my children home. To all people, I give innumerable grace, but you must choose grace . . . for first I gave you freedom. I wish for you to love me to love. I desired children to love. I created you each, knowing every sin and every fault and every failure, and yet I loved you . . . and love you to the end of time! This is the love you must live. There is nothing that remains, for I have created everything. Nothing existed but love, as I am. All of creation will cease to be, but my love . . . but you, my children who I created to be with me eternally. There is nothing . . . nothing . . . that is worth the price of separating yourselves from me. Do not abandon me, children, for never have I abandoned you. From the exile of your forebearers, to the coming of your messiah, to this present moment, and my return to you in glory . . . I am with you! I am a God of mercy and justice and love, and you must become mercy . . . justice . . . and love.

Long I have sent my servant to you. Long have I sent her with my words that she might speak to you that which you must know to turn your hearts and your minds and your wills to me. Heed that which she has taught you and live it, for I am the author of your days. I know you. I know your failures and yet I love you and offer you every grace necessary for salvation, for this is why I sent her and sent those who now are with me in glory to speak to you. Yes, to you . . . you whom I have gathered here . . . you whom I have called by name. You who know me now. I have sent them to show you that it is not through your works, or your words, or your thoughts, or your being, or any breath that you take, that you will glorify me, but it is I who will lift you up, grace and bless you, and pour my spirit upon you that I might be glorified. Do nothing but turn your hearts to me and I will complete you. Do not be afraid. Fear is not of me.

My children, hear my words as you have never heard them before. Hear now that I speak to you as real and as true and as present as I am in the sacrifice of the altar, in my Eucharistic body, offered up for you that you might know salvation. See how I call you. See how again and always I invite you. I shall not leave my people. Do not depart from Me.

My little ones, above all else know this . . . you are loved above all creation. You have been given that which nothing else, none of my creation, has been given . . . my own breath of life, my own spirit. Yes, I send my spirit upon you to make you a new creation in me. I am calling to you, my children. The world will hear my voice. Respond with love. Fill your hearts with the Spirit that I pour down upon you and accept the grace . . . the gift . . . that I offer you . . . salvation and eternal union with me.