Standing in a Miracle


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, praise God and thank Him, for He is good and gives all good things to you. Let us worship Him together in this way always. My dear little ones, I am most grateful for your prayers for my intentions. Through the prayers of many of my faithful ones, many graces are obtained from the Father who wishes to bless the whole world with His love and mercy. I am most grateful for your prayers and ask you to continue to pray always that your own soul might be strengthened, that your own heart might be strengthened, and that many graces might be obtained for your Christian brothers and sisters, for those whom you do not know, for your enemies, for the sick and ailing, and those who suffer in purgatory . . . for those, my dear little ones there, who do desire with all their hearts to be with the Father, but rely on your prayers. Do pray also for my priests and my young people, for all married couples . . . for often in these days many of my little ones are tempted away from vows that they have made before God, are tempted away from the faith that God has placed in your hearts since your very conception.

My little ones, you have responded with such fervency and such desire to know our Lord, through myself, through the saints that I have brought to you, through the messages I have given to teach . . . to show you how to live the virtues of Christ, truly how to emulate Him, how to be His disciple, how to live in holiness. Do follow these words and reflect on them often. Read them and meditate upon them. Read also your Gospels, the Scripture, this Word of God . . . thee Word of God . . . that you might always remain close to what God is calling you to do, to emulate Him, to be as He was, and to truly be His hands and feet on this earth.

In bringing these saints of heaven to you, God has allowed me to give you such graces . . . such graces as the world has not known! I have brought many to you that they might tell you their stories, that they might speak of God’s love and His mercy, that they may speak of Christ as a human with a human soul and a human mind in a divine spirit, that you would come to know Him truly as God made man, that you would come to understand how He was very much like you on this earth, that He had a mother and a father, family and friends, those who followed Him and that they, most especially, were just as you are . . . weak and fallen, needing God’s grace, God’s love, and God’s forgiveness, always being called to reconciliation on the journey of conversion.

My little ones, let this past year, the graces you have received, be a great joy to you, a great comfort, and a great source of encouragement and hope, for truly, as you have seen through the words of my children, my little ones who now enjoy the splendor of God’s kingdom, God . . . He works many miracles. He truly is present in your lives, ever present. He touches you and changes you. He has called you all here that you might know Him in this special way. I ask you to continue to come together in a group to pray for my intentions, for the conversion of the world, and for peace which is most sorely needed in this world. Pray for the family, this bedrock of faith that is so often assaulted by modernism and materialism. My dear ones, pray for one another and console one another in your times of sorrow. God has created you not as individual beings to be kept alone within yourselves . . . hidden away, to be far from Him and far from each other . . . but truly as a community that together, one with another, hand in hand, truly you might worship Him and glorify Him and help each other find the road of salvation.

My dear ones, as I have been in many, many ways, the precursor of our Lord, as I was the maid who brought Him into this world, as I do speak His words to you now, as I have given to you His message and announced Him to the world, and as truly I shall bring the good news of His love for you into this world through such graces that God has allowed, I do now come before Him again. Oftentimes, my little ones, you have heard my words and you have yearned to know our God in the most personal and the most intimate way, to hear His words, to know His mind. I tell you this is a feat unimaginable, one that is incomprehensible, but God who is merciful and good . . . God who desires for His children to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in all things, to truly be with Him, united always . . . this God who loves you so much that He has made all this possible does desire to speak to you and so I do, my little ones, bless you with my motherly blessing and I ask you to bow your heads and to pray, and know that God, the God of love, is with you.

The Words of God:

My sheep, your shepherd calls to you. Gather and hear my word that I might speak to your hearts and to your souls. Children, I in my Trinity am with you. In your prayer you invite Me in. You call Me to your very soul and I do dwell there. Do you not know that though you turn your face from Me, I seek you out? I will not let you go, but always, always will seek you to the ends of the earth. My children, I know you as you cannot know yourselves and truly it is my fatherly love for you, my great love for you, that commands all that I do. You are my people! You . . . you have been given my very life.

From your very creation, from the very creation of time, I beheld each one of you and knew you before you had yet come into being. As I held in my hands the form to become the earth on which you dwell, as I shaped the stars in the heavens, as I created all that you know, all that you are, I beheld you. I knew you. You were mine. For you I brought light from dark, life from death, everything from nothing, for I desired to love! I created you to be loved and to love, to love Me as your father and one another as your family in my house. I gave to you your earth and your sun to guide your days and your nights, the rain to renew your world, warmth to keep you, and food that you might eat and be sustained, but of all these things none was so important, none was so great, as my love. I could have given you nothing . . . nothing more than my love, for I have given you all of my heart.

It is because of my great love for you that I call to each of you, that I beckon to you. Many, many of my sheep, have wondered and have been lost to Me by their own will, that will that I created within them, that will that is such a gift and such a pain to my heart, for it has taken many from me. My little ones, I truly love you and seek you! In your lives, I am with you. You cannot see what truly is. You do not know what I have created for you. Look beyond the horizon. See beyond yourselves. I who conceal myself in a host and wine, I who move silently as the wind, I who whisper to you . . . who call to you, I who inspire you with my spirit to do great things in my name, I call to you.

I came to teach you in humility. I came to serve you as I desire to be served. I taught you all that you must know. I have provided all that you need. Know in your hearts that I shall never abandon you nor reject you. Know that you are not alone, that you cannot be alone, for truly should you climb to the highest heaven or sink beneath the sea, I am there speaking as loudly to you as I spoke to your forefathers, to those who have written the scriptures that you know, to those who witnessed Me in my body on this earth, to those who now witness Me in my churches on my altars and find Me in reconciliation, who experience Me in the sacraments and in the service of one another. I speak to you loudly. I call to you.

I have given you each day and every moment of your life that truly you might live! So many have such time, but do not live. Let the life that I breathed within you at your very conception, the life that I knew before your existence, the life that I beheld upon the creation of your earth and the stars and the sun that warms you, let that life be one worth living. Let it be one of service as I have served you, and above all let it be one of love, for if there is one truth that I have given to you in your souls, in your hearts, in my body and blood, in my word, in one another, it is this . . . there is nothing but love. Nothing endures but love. I truly am love and life. To live in Me is to live in joy, to live in peace, to live in humility and obedience, and to live in a profound love in your heart!

This is where you find Me. This is where I dwell. I am never far from you . . . you who are more precious to Me than all of creation. For each one of you I have given everything . . . my life which I breathed forth from my body, my spirit that came to descend upon you and dwell with you, my body and blood to nourish you. All things are for you. Live according to my will. Live with great trust in Me, for your God who is love remains with you. Your God who is love seeks you out. Your God who is love desires you. You who are most precious to my heart, hear Me.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little children, it is with joy that I am with you this evening, that I speak to you. I come before you truly as your mother, as the Queen of the Hearts of all of Mankind, bringing to you the graces of peace and joy that you might know them in your heart and that you might live them each day. My dear ones, truly you have been blessed! God has allowed such grace to pour forth from Him unto His people. It is unimaginable! You have received so much from God. Do thank Him and praise Him always, for it is only through Him, through His mercy and out of His great love for you, that such things as this is possible.

My dear ones, I urge you as your mother always to come before God in prayer, to make your life a prayer. Our Lord has taught you to pray in your scriptures. He has taught you that you should read and meditate upon them. He has taught you the words to say. I have come to teach you how to pray, to teach you what prayer of the heart truly means. Through my messages to you, through the prayers that you have offered with such fervency for my intentions, for our father in heaven that His mercy might continue to shine upon this world, and for your own intentions, you have learned to pray selflessly.

My little ones, when you pray, you need not pray in fancy words. You need not pray in a particular manner. You need not say a written prayer. God does not wish for you to come before Him with anything more than your heart, your simple heart. When you pray, it is good to pray the rosary. It is good to pray those prayers that God has given to us in the Psalms, in His word. It is also good to pray a prayer that is deep within the hearts of all of my little children, “God help me this day, for I alone can do nothing and with you I can do all things.” Let this be a prayer that you take into your hearts and that you speak each morning, for God . . . He is so grand, and He desires only the hearts of His children that He might mold you and shape you and change you not into what you are or into what you wish to be, but what is truly in His perfect will, an image, the perfect likeness of Himself. He has asked all of His little children to give to Him all of their joys, all of their sufferings, all of their needs, in prayer. When you pray, pray truly selflessly. Pray with joy and pray with gratitude! This is what our father desires. He desires that His children come before Him with grateful hearts and give to Him all that is within them, for truly I assure you, if you decide to give all that you have to God, He will do the very same for you and what a magnificent thing that is!

My dear children, in your lives strive to live what our Lord has taught to you through His word in the scriptures, through His coming and walking and dwelling upon this earth, in His example, through His death and resurrection, and through the messengers He sends . . . His mother, the saints. Truly, these messages are given to you that you might know them, that you might live them, and they are of no purpose if they do not cause within you a great desire . . . truly a zealous desire . . . to love God, to serve Him, and to know Him. This is my purpose in coming to you and it is the purpose why the Father has sent me to you, why He sends me to many places, why He sends His saints and His angels, and why He has sent His very own son, that you might come to know Him intimately as your father . . . truly as your teacher, as your friend . . . that you might come to know Him and love Him with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul, and all of your strength. In serving one another, you do serve Him and love Him. That you might know Him, serve Him, and truly be joyful . . . this is what our father has designed for you.

Joy! Joy and peace in the spirit. The world is so lacking these things! Such virtues as these are needed to combat the great evils in this world, the terrible sickness of loneliness, the terrible sickness of atheism and materialism. And so I beg of you, teach your children. Teach those around you by your example, by your prayers, by your words. Teach them that God loves them tremendously, that they have value and worth because they are created as He is, and that God desires from them all that they can give that He might return that same favor with all that He is. Each day strive to live more like the Christ who is the greatest teacher, who is the ultimate teacher. In His example, in humility and obedience, in joy and peace and with the wisdom that the Holy Spirit brings to His people, truly you will be a pure vessel that God might work through you, that He alone might be glorified, and that His will would be accomplished on this earth.

Finally, again I recommend to you, go, my little children, and visit Him often in the sacraments. You have such a gift in your Eucharist, in this most precious . . . most precious gift! God has given you Himself in His scripture. He has given you Himself in His messengers. He has given you Himself on a cross on Calvary and He gives Himself to you again on your altars each day. Find Him there and truly see Him! This is God’s greatest gift in the world today, for truly without His presence there, His real presence in the Eucharist, the world would be much darker. Visit Him there. Pray! Come before Him for His love for you is so great that He remains shielded under the most humble species of bread and wine made into true blood and true body. I tell you, if His faithful ones could but see what is truly there, they would die with joy!

My little ones, this is what I wish to bring to you today, peace and joy. And so I bless you and I pray that God’s blessing would come upon you and your families, that you might have joy in your homes, joy in your hearts and in your lives, and that through prayer, peace would be with you always . . . the peace that Christ alone can bring to the world . . . and that each of you might be a true vessel for our Lord’s will.

My dear ones, I thank you for gathering. It is most important that you continue to pray. I have asked my little ones everywhere to join cenacles of prayer, for God . . . He does not leave you alone in this world. He understands the difficulty there is in living His way, for it is not the easy road. He has given to you the gifts of the sacraments, His word, and most especially in this group . . . friendship and comradery that you might truly have Christian support and the love of one another to help you when you are weak. Rely on each other and continue to pray together. I am most grateful for your prayers offered for my intentions.

Continue always to pray. Pray that there may be true conversion in the world and that all of my little children might come to know my son and our Lord as the Christ, as the redeemer, as the teacher, and truly as the salvation of the world. Let His peace be with you and I do bless you in His name, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity who reigns forever and ever.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, I greet you in the name of the Father who is holy and the Son Redeemer and the Holy Spirit eternally espoused to the Church. My dearest little ones, just as Christ was the Word Made Flesh, so too must you live in the Word. Know that I come to you as a mother and as a teacher, always to lead my little ones closer to my son that our Lord might be glorified.

Dear ones, our God has loved you so dearly that He has sent His son . . . He who is, was, and always shall be . . . to become man, to be born of man, to grow as a man, to live as a man, and to die as a man that you might know how it is that you must follow our Lord. Live in His way. Each day, my little ones, I invite you, strive to perfect yourself by imitating Him. In this way, you will come to know our father in heaven in a most intimate way. You will follow the steps of His very son, He who came to teach, to guide, to lead. I invite you each day to follow His way, a way of obedience and humility, a way of love and charity, a way of joy, and a way of peace. Meditate on the life and works of our Lord. Know Him, for He is the way, He is the truth, and all eternal life.

I invite you to know our Lord through the Gospels which He has given to you, your holy scriptures given by the Father to guide you and direct you. Study them and know them. Absorb them into your very being, for they are the word of God. Through His people, those inspired by His Most Holy Spirit, your Lord has spoken to you. He has given Himself a name . . . I Am. He has told you that He loves you. He has told you that you are good, for you are created in His image. He has promised to your fathers a savior when they fell from grace, that state which He does desire for His children to live in again. He who gave you this word sent His son that the prophesies might be fulfilled, and this Son of Man walked upon the earth and did many things that were recorded that you might see and believe. Learn! Learn from what you have been given. You have received such a gift in His word, for truly you know of Him, you read of Him. Absorb all that you have been given that you might live as He did.

Finally, I call you to continue your walk of faith through the messages I have brought to you through our father’s goodness and mercy. Follow my son. You have been given all that you need. You have been given, truly, such a gift in your scripture. You need never despair. You need never worry. Read and absorb what God has given to you. Meditate. All answers that you seek can be found in God and He has given to you all that you require.

I have come as a servant of God that He might be glorified forever and ever, and what I tell you is what He has told you for years and generations and ages. I tell you the message that you will find in His word. I bring the message you will find in His son, a message of love . . . love one another as God has loved you, a message of peace . . . the peace that only God can bring into your life and a sure rooted faith can bring to your heart. I ask you to live in joy, for God has not created you for sadness, but He has created you to know His joy! I ask you to pray. Even our Lord, He who was most holy, did pray and God has seen fit to give you a record of this as He agonized in Gethsemane. This is so that you might know how truly essential prayer is, for the Son of Man did pray.

You too must do as He did. I ask you, my little ones, to pray for peace, to pray for conversion, to pray that my son might be glorified, that His name might be spoken on every tongue, that our Lord . . . Three in One . . . would reign in the hearts of all mankind. Pray, my dear children, that you would be strengthened in your faith. I ask you also to pray in thanksgiving, for God has blessed you in such ways . . . such ways that you cannot imagine. He has given to you His own heart, His own life, His own son, and His word that you might be directed and guided, that you might have a light, a beacon, to guide you home.

My dear ones, be grateful, for He has sent His most beloved, His most precious to you. He has sent His Holy Spirit to you. He does send His mother to you now that you might heed the call He has given to you from age to age, that you might know that He loves you, and that you might come to serve Him that He alone might be glorified forever.

My dear ones, I do invite you to serve with the fullness of your hearts, with the fullness of your lives. Live in the Word. Seek God in His word, in the life of His son, in that record which you have been given of it in your churches, in one another. Find Him and follow Him there. May His peace rest always with you and may you be blessed by God’s mercy, grace, and charity always.


The Blessed Mother’s Word’s

My dear little ones, know that I am with you, that I love you as your mother, that I come to you in the spirit of peace and joy with much love. Glorify the Father in heaven with all that you do. Sing His name as your praise. Teach your children of His love, for He alone is good and He alone is Lord.

My dear ones, I speak to you in a season of great joy, in this Advent . . . this very dawn of hope. Know that I am with you most especially as the mother of Christ. This is the time of such joy for me, for it is the time when I fondly recall how I held my son and loved Him and raised Him and taught Him all that He needed to know. God sent Him to this earth that He might become man and know His creation intimately. Know that it is again with such joy that I speak to you and I urge you to do as I once did . . . hold Christ in your heart. Seek Him out in the world. Seek Him in yourselves, in one another. Just as the Magi came from the east to find a king, I invite you to look to find your king, for He is among you. He dwells within your hearts and this evening, as you have celebrated the most holy of prayers . . . the most holy of gifts . . . the Eucharist, He is within you in body, blood, soul, and divinity. Praise God, for such a gift this is! You will never know!

My dear little ones, know that I encourage you to find Him in the sacraments . . . find Him in the Eucharist where He waits for you, calls to you. Our Lord was so good. He sacrificed His own body on Calvary that we all might be redeemed. Again, He sacrifices Himself on your altars that you might know salvation, hope, and joy . . . and so it is as the time of His birth when I welcomed Him into this world. Again this eve, you welcome Him into the world as the holy hands of your priest consecrate simple gifts of bread and wine that become His blood, His body . . . that same body that dwelled upon this earth so very long ago. And so joined with me, the mother of Christ, I ask you to praise Him and worship Him and glorify Him always, for He comes again in glory to bring salvation to all people.

I give to you my motherly blessing. I pray that you might know joy and peace in this season and that you might be blessed with the gift of wisdom to see Christ as He dwells in your life . . . in your home . . . in your heart.