Standing in a Miracle


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little children, it is good to be with you this day. I offer you up as perfect gifts to the Father that He might see you for what you are, His little children who do love Him, who persevere in their trials and tribulations, who seek to know Him better and to serve Him more each day. Be as little children, my little ones. Be as little children. Find God in all that you are and you will be blessed. Thank Him and praise Him, for He is with you.

My dear ones, often you have heard me tell you to live with joy. I have told you that God has designed you to live joyfully, to live peacefully, to live an abundant life in Him. Dear little ones, you have been given so much. You have been blessed, truly blessed, with the gifts of faith, of hope, of a life lived in God. These things are irreplaceable. They are the great gifts. They cannot be forsaken . . . cannot be given up . . . for once you have faith in God, once you come to the realization that He is real, that He is alive in your heart and in your life, that He works, truly works, with you and in you, you cannot take back your ignorance. You cannot desire not to know. For once you have come to know Him, always you will see His face in your life, always you will see His works, always you will see His miracles . . . His graces . . . His mercies. Never can you turn your face to darkness once in light, when blinded by the goodness of His love, the son of His love, the son of His own being who came down from the heavens that He might become one of us, to live and to die for us, and to be resurrected for us. Once you have known the light of God, you cannot go back to your old ways. You cannot forsake this life.

My dear children, I invite you to embrace your Christian life. I invite you to embrace it with your entire being. Do not be afraid of what God calls you to do. Do not seek to know His will in matters that are not of His. Do not think that you can figure in your own minds what it is that He desires for you, for I tell you that what He has designed for you is far beyond your imaginings, far beyond what you can know. Do not decide that you shall determine His will. Do not think that with all of the effort in the world you can design a path better for yourselves, for God, who is all goodness, desires great things for you and He alone, who is perfect and who is all joy, can give you joy and freedom as you cannot know.

Dear little ones, know that alone you can accomplish only tiny, tiny good things, but with God and in God you can accomplish the greatest of miracles. God has been alive in His people. He has changed the world through His little ones who are humble, who are meek, who alone can accomplish the tiniest of things. My dear ones, God who is with you has parted the greatest seas, has walked upon water, has cured all illnesses, and brought great joy and love to this world. Through His son, our Lord, He has brought the mercies of mercy. He has brought freedom . . . freedom from the chains that bind you to this earth, from sin and from death. I invite you to open your hearts to Him, to ask Him to come and to reveal His will, to reveal all that He has to give to you.

Dear children, you can do nothing without God. You can do no good, for He is the source of goodness and without Him you will falter, for it is the fallen nature of man that keeps him from perfection. My dear ones, God has designed you to be perfected and He desires to perfect you. Open your hearts to Him. Think nothing for yourselves, for you need not. Worry nothing for yourselves, for you need not. Do nothing on your own, for you need not. Simply, each day, offer your hearts and your minds, your bodies and your souls, your family, your work, your loves, to Him . . . your sorrows, too . . . your trials. Give all to Him that is His, for He has given you all that you are. He has made you. Every one of you are His children. Each one of you has been called to a mission in Him. He alone knows your heart as no other. He alone knows what He has designed you for. Truly, all men are called to serve, for it is in this service that God is glorified. It is in His little ones that He moves in this world, that He changes it, that He forms it, that He makes bright what was dark and good what was evil.

Dear children, be His messengers. Be His helpmates. Do all that you can do for Him. Ask Him to come into your hearts and into your lives. Ask Him to guide your hands, to lead your feet, to be in your heart . . . to be on your tongue and in your ears and in your eyes and in all places in you . . . that you might see Him in your life and be joyful, that you might hear His words and learn the way to salvation, that you might think with the mind He has given to you of all good things He has given, that you might walk on His road and use your hands to reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dear ones, God is with you. As truly as I say this to you now, as truly as I am present with you, God is with you. He remains veiled from you, behind the hidden cloth, behind all that you can see. Dear ones, I tell you, that which you see and that which you experience . . . it is not so real as the love of God is real in this world. What you see . . . it is simply a reflection of His goodness. It is but a reflection of the gifts He has in store for you. You cannot know what great things God desires for you. You cannot know the depth of His love nor the ends of His mercy, for He is all mercy and all love and all joy.

So I come to you today, my children, and I invite you . . . I implore you . . . to accept the word of God, to accept what He has called you to do. I have often counseled you and I have taught you on His word, and I have asked you to do nothing that is different from what you have already been told, what you have known since Jesus Christ Himself walked upon this earth, that which has been handed down from father to son for all these generations. Love God. Love your neighbor. Love through service. Love through giving. Love through sacrifice. Love through patience. Love through kindness. Love through peace. These are the words that Christ has given to you. This was His life . . . a life of obedience, a life of joy, a life of sacrifice, and ultimately a glorified life as you too will be glorified. Jesus asks you to die to your own wills, to your own desires . . . to die to that which you have wanted for yourself . . . that He might enter into you, resurrect your heart and your soul and your will and make in you a new creation, a creation designed in Him, perfected in Him.

Dear ones, this life I speak of is one of such promise, of such goodness. It is the way to truly know peace and joy. So many in this world reject the life that God offers to them, for they have found happiness elsewhere, but I tell you, you do not know happiness until you know the Lord. You do not know joy until you act in the Lord. You do not know hope until you trust in the Lord. Place all that you are in His hands. Know that He loves you with such tremendous love as you shall not know until you meet Him face to face and see the love of a father as to a son.

My children, I come to you these many months that you might know this and still I remind you, for never can you be told enough, as a child cannot be told enough of the love of his parent. My little ones, God loves you. He desires you. He calls out to you and He reaches to you. He invites you to do His will, to be His servants, to be His flock, to be leaders and teachers, to be healers and friends . . . ultimately to lead all of the people of the world to His love that all might call Him, ‘Lord’ and every knee shall bend at His name.

Dear ones, this is what we, as His people, strive to accomplish through Him. Know that through Him such good things as this can come about. Know that through Him all things are possible. I invite you simply to let go of all that keeps you from Him, to reach out to Him and accept the graces He pours into you, and to act as He would have you act, in perfect obedience, in perfect love, and in perfect patience and joy.

Dear ones, these virtues I speak of are great and I do tell you that much good will be accomplished in this world, much good, if all of my children would come to heed this message, to take it into their hearts and to live it. Live what I have told you! Each day live what I have told you! I know the difficulties in this. I know it is difficult as our Lord God in heaven knows the difficulties you face. I ask you each day as your mother to try, to persevere, to persist in goodness, for this is what is asked of you. This is all that is required of you. God desires only that you persist, that when fallen you reconcile unto Him and try again, for never shall He give up on you, never shall He leave you abandoned. Do not abandon Him, but come back to Him. Continue to come back to Him always. Dear ones, be hopeful. I encourage you in your walk of faith. I ask you to continue each day, no matter what difficulties you face, no matter how hard it is, to follow the Lord, to seek Him out, to do as I have asked you to do, that which you have been asked to do through the life of Christ.

My dear children, I bless you and I pray that God who is holy, who is all goodness and all mercy, will be with you, that He might show you the way, that He might lead you, that He might make you truly shepherds among His sheep. Dear ones, bow your heads and pray that He might bless you. Thank Him. Glorify Him. Know that He is with you and that He is love. His love for you is without end and He is ever with you, as I your mother am with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. May God bless you with all of His graces, with all of the love which He does desire to pour down upon you. Know that I am with you as your mother. Know that I come and I bless you with my motherly blessing.

Dear ones, I ask you to examine your own hearts, to examine your faith, to examine your lives. Dear children, what is the nature of your faith? Little ones, know that your faith must be strong. It must be true. It must be unyielding. Jesus desires for you to have faith in Him, a full faith, a complete faith. You do not think that Jesus is your Lord and Savior . . . you believe that He is, and so I ask you, “What is the difference between your thought and your belief?” Thought is arbitrary. It comes and goes. It is fleeting. Your thoughts change as with the wind, each day a new thought . . . each experience, a new thought. Belief is steadfast. It does not change. It is expressed in your inmost being. It is expressed in all that you do, in all that you are, in all that you say. Faith is what you base your life upon. It is your rock. It is your truth. It is the very most precious thing that you possess! Faith cannot be separated from you. Faith cannot be forsaken. Faith cannot be given up once you have seen the great glory God has to give to you, for you cannot deny that He is there and that He loves you. That is faith, my children.

I ask you for a deepening of faith, for a faith of trust, for a faith of hope. Many of my children will acknowledge that our Lord is with them and yet they do not believe He has the power to deliver them from their sorrows, from injustice, from trial, from illness, from all sufferings, both temporal and spiritual. Dear ones, I tell you, our Lord in heaven has the power to do all these things. He has the power to change you, to move you, to mold you, even as you are, even in your sinfulness.

My little ones, let your faith be expressed in your life in a new way this day. Do not treat your faith as a thought, coming and going, to be expressed at some times and not at others, to change as the days change, but rather make it your life, your mission, your very heart. I ask you to express your faith in God, to worship and adore Him in the ordinariness of your lives. You do not need to do great things. You do not need to perform miracles and signs. God asks of you what He has given to you, gentleness and peace, mercy and compassion, kindness and love, truth, humility, obedience, and forgiveness. Dear ones, it is in your example, your example of simplicity, that you are a model of faith and that faith is spread from person to person as lights in this world of darkness.

Dear children, not one of you has no hope, has nothing they can offer, has nothing to give. You have been gifted by God in ways you cannot fathom, you cannot understand. He has reached out to you. He has pulled you up from your despairs. He has delivered you from your sorrows. He has healed you from all affliction and He desires your love, your obedience.

Dear ones, when Christ walked upon this earth, He commissioned disciples. He made fishermen, tax collectors, simple men . . . simple men . . . His followers, those who would spread the good news that He was risen, that He lives. From a simple man . . . the most holy and most humble and most obedient man . . . all of your faith, all of your gifts, are attributed. Dear little ones, know that this simple and humble man does call to you, does ask you too to follow Him, to be His disciples. As He called men from all stations of life, He does call you. He asks you to serve Him as they did serve, with the fullness of your hearts, each with your own talents, with your own abilities, with the graces God has given to you and the gifts that He has given, that you might offer them to the world.

Dear ones, my son told a story. He spoke of a man who was given much and hid that richness away that it might be saved, and a man who was given little and He multiplied that many fold. Which, my dear children, is the greater? I tell you, no matter what you have been given, if you live in humility, if you live in obedience, if you live with love in your hearts, you will multiply your gifts many fold and the graces you will bring to this earth cannot be measured.

Dear children, Christ who is our life and our love, who is our savior and our redeemer . . . He calls to you. He calls from the right hand of the Father in His glory. He calls from His tabernacles, from His altars where He is consecrated . . . brought forth anew . . . where His most beautiful passion is renewed, is relived, that you might experience the healing salvation of His life and love, His body and blood. This is your meal of life. It is your ultimate, your greatest, your most holy, your most perfect, all joy, all goodness! I cannot tell you how blessed you are to have the Most Holy Eucharist as your spiritual food.

Dear children, know that God does feed you with His love and mercy. He nourishes you with His goodness and compassion. He encourages you with all that He gives to you. Turn then all of your gifts, all of your talents, to Him. Turn then your own lives, even in their ordinariness, to Him. Turn then your hearts to Him, for what a gift it is to receive the heart of a child freely given to Him out of love, out of a knowledge that He alone is God. No greater thing can you do to worship Him than to give your life to Him, for you lay your life before Him as a servant to a master. Dear ones, know that God Himself lays all that has before you, even His own life, His own body, all that He is, and all that He ever shall be.

Dear ones, I ask you to join me in my mission to bring conversion to the entire world through the practices of love, faith, hope. Dear children, what great gifts these are. How you can be a light in the hearts of many! How you can be a joy in this world! Dear children, join me as I call all of my little ones home to God who does desire them as a shepherd who calls to His flock, as He who goes to find the lost sheep, He who is all goodness. My little children, join me then! Pray often and fervently. Make your lives a prayer that not only your words, but your thoughts and your actions might be prayer and that all this might be expressed through your steadfast faith. Build your lives upon faith. Do all things for God’s glory and His goodness. Know that you will be most pleasing to Him and through your sacrifice, through your gifts, many souls will come to know the mercy of God.

Dear children, be grateful. Know how God has blessed you, how He has touched you, how He has reached out to you with His own body and blood, with His church, with His gifts and graces. Know that He has come to you in a most precious way and He calls to you to come to Him, to be with Him, to live in His love as His disciples, as His teachers, as His healers. Open your hearts then and let Him pour His love into them. Let Him give to you all graces. Pray that you might know His will and that His will might be done through you. This is the greatest thing you can give, the fullness of your being.

Dear children, may God’s will always be done through you. May you have every grace and every blessing, and may He find favor in you. I bless you with my motherly blessing and I ask you to pray. Continue to pray. Pray without ceasing, for it is so needed upon this earth. Dear children, be joyful. Praise God and thank Him and know that I am with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, know that I come and I bless you in the name of the Father who sends me, the Son who is redeemer, and the Holy Spirit who works in this world through His children. Dear people, know that I am with you as your mother, for God has given me to you to lead you to holiness, to lead you on His road of faith, a journey that is oftentimes difficult, but a journey that can be accomplished through the grace of God.

Dear ones, I speak to your hearts. I come to you and ask you to dedicate your lives and your hearts to God our father in heaven. He has sent me that I might assist you, that I might give you good counsel, that I might advise you. Dear Children, turn your hearts to Him. Live what He has commanded you. Live the truth that He has given to you. I ask this as your mother, as every good mother wants what is good for her children. My dear ones, know that I am as ever with you. Know that God gives His graces and mercies to you. Thank Him, for He is goodness and He is love. He gives to you all that you have out of His mercy, out of His goodness. He is joy. Live life joyfully, for He has given it to you. Dear ones, have no fear for He is with you.

I ask you, commit yourselves to the Lord this day. Our God in heaven does not desire His people to do anything but give themselves to Him that He might work through them and in them. He does not expect you to be without fault. He knows your every weakness as He knows all of your strengths. He knows every part of you, your inner most being, that which He has created. Dear ones, He does not expect you to be without fault, but He does desire from you your consecrated will. Give your will to Him that all that you might do might glorify Him. When you struggle, give to Him your sorrows and your troubles . . . give to Him your trials. In joy . . . give Him that too, for He is a God that rejoices in His people.

Dear Children, commit your wills to the Father. Give all that you have to Him and let Him work through you. You need not do His work alone, for He sends His Holy Spirit to be your guide and your shepherd, to be your inspiration and your knowledge, to give you wisdom and courage in faith, that you might lead all of His people to goodness and to light. Dear Children, all that I have asked of you is this . . . give all that you have to God in heaven. Each day dedicate your heart to Him. Ask Him to work in your life, to do His will through you. You need do nothing but allow Him to work through you. Place your trust fully in Him and know that much good can be accomplished through you.

Dear little ones, you are precious to God in heaven. For you He has given everything. For you He has given His own son, His own body, His death, His resurrection, His life eternal. For you He has given all things. You are so precious to Him, so dear. You are His little children and He is with you. As a father guides his children, so too does our Lord in heaven guide you, so too does He shepherd you. Place your trust in Him. You need fear nothing, for with God you have no enemy. No power can stand against you, for God is love and He is truth and He shall prevail above all.

Dear little ones, let me speak to you today words of encouragement. Let me speak to you today about the will of God. Know that His will perseveres. Know that His will prevails above all darkness . . . above all evil . . . above all sin. The will of God is perfect and it is holy. The sanctity of His will is great. I ask you to unite your hearts to Him, to join your will to His, that He might work through you and in you in the most perfected way. He has designed you, dear children, to be servants, to serve one another. By serving each one of you He, our Lord, gave you everything. Upon the cross He gave you His life. He calls you to serve your brothers and sisters, united always you are.

Dearest ones, see Him on the cross. See Him as a sign of resurrection . . . a sign of life . . . a sign of joy. Look to Him there for strength. Look to Him there, for He is with you. He comes to you as a resurrected Lord, as a suffering Lord. Dear ones, our God in heaven need not come to this earth for any reason but to show you that He, our Lord, loves you so tremendously that He would come and be His own creation, that He would show you the way home.

Dear children, what love and what joy is this! What goodness is this! What glory is this that He would come and humble Himself down and be a man . . . a man who walked upon the earth and taught you, showed you the way, showed you how to love. He humbled Himself to come to be among you, to teach and to heal. He humbled Himself to be subject to your hand . . . to all of mankind . . . subject to the sins of man, to the punishments of man, to His own crucifiction. Obedient, our Lord was, even to His death. He comes now to you as a resurrected Lord as you celebrate this Easter. I ask you during this time of Lent, when you prepare your hearts and your minds for the coming of the Lord in His glory, to reflect on the crucified Lord and unite your wills strongly to His. Only then will you know the will of God . . . when you give up all that is within you and offer everything to Him.

Your God in heaven loves you. He gave to you all that He is even to His own life, even to His own body. He has come to you in His most glorious church. He has offered you Himself through the sacraments. Partake in these sacraments. Find the Lord there. Wait with Him as He struggled forty days. Spend this time in prayer. Spend this time with the Lord.

Know that truly our God is glorified. His will shall prevail above all. Though you have times of darkness, also you look forward to the light. Though you will go through the darkness of death, you have to look forward . . . the resurrection. God is coming to you in the most miraculous and most mysterious way. He comes to you with the fullness of His being offering to you His life, His soul, His beautiful love. Accept Him during this time. Find Him in your hearts in a new way. Each day devote your hearts to Him, devote your will to Him. Give to Him your mind and your body, your spirit and your soul, all that is of you, that He might give to you all in return.

Dear children, reflect on my words. See that I have come to you bringing a message of hope and of joy. Know that God is with you, that He remains ever vigilant. Pray, dear children, pray always. I ask you to continue to pray for all of my intentions, especially for those children who do not know the mercies and the love of God. They go through the same times of darkness that you do suffer under and yet for them there is no light and there is no resurrection, for they fail to see the love that God gives to them. They fail to accept Jesus, the savior and redeemer of the world. It makes my heart sad, for I have come to lead all children to Jesus that every name . . . every single child . . . shall be written in the book of life, that every tongue shall praise the Lord and every knee shall bend at the name of the Father. Dear ones, this is my prayer and it is my hope. This is my mission upon this earth. I ask you to unite your prayers to mine that this might become a reality.

My little ones, I give to you my motherly blessing. I pray that God will give you His peace and His joy and a beautiful sense of His love during this time when you prepare for His glorious resurrection. Dear ones, be at peace. Know that I am with you, that I intercede on your behalf to the Father, that I offer you up each day to Him, that I bring to Him all of your intentions, and I pray that His peace might be with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, praise be to Jesus risen in glory. Alleluia! My dear children, I greet you this day with the blessings of a mother’s heart. Know that I am with you, that I intercede on your behalf, that I protect you, that I am your advocate, that I love you most dearly. My children, worship God with all of your hearts. Praise Him with all that you do. Know that you are His dear children and His love for you is unceasing.

My little ones, I invite you this day to take on the role of instruments of God. I ask you to be His helpers, to be His little children, to be the ones who do His work, be the ones who do His will. Dear little ones, I ask you to take this into your hearts. Read the scriptures. Dear little ones, pray. Be an example of goodness that all of my children . . . all of the world . . . might see that God resides in you, that you are His.

My dearest children, as I have told you, you truly are the hands and the feet of Christ. You must pray. You must be an example of His goodness. Know that all look to you as His followers that they might see God in you. Dearest little children, you are the Church of Christ. You are the ones who do His work upon the earth. I come to ask you to increase your love for service, to increase your love for the sacraments, for the most holy Mass and for our Lord Christ glorified in the Holy Eucharist. Dearest little ones, I ask you to increase your love for prayer, for prayer brings such graces into this world, such beautiful grace. My little ones, increase your love for one another. Serve one another as Christ served you and as He serves His church. Increase your love for God. Worship Him. Adore Him. Give to Him all praise, all things due to Him. He alone is goodness. He is creator. He is Lord of your hearts. Let Him be central in your life. Let all things revolve around His goodness. Know that His mercy pours forth upon you, that His goodness is ever with you, and that He desires for you a life of joy.

If you make Christ central in your life, you will find that things become much easier. Place Him in the center of your family. Consecrate yourselves to Him. Come together in family prayer. Worship together. Teach your little ones that Christ is alive and is with you. Make God central in your workplace. Do your work as Christ did His, obediently, humbly, with great joy, with a compassionate ear. Make Christ the center in your communities. Go and serve those who are in need. Pray for my children that many conversions would be made possible. Serve Christ in the world. Pray, pray, pray!

Dear little ones, when God is central in your heart, when He is central in all that you do, you will find that you see things through the eyes of faith. You will find that you see things as God sees them. You will see His little children as blessings, as precious gifts of the Father, all in need of His love. You can show them His love through your example, through what you do, through who you are, through what you say. Be an example of Christ upon this earth. Make God first in your life. You will know such joy. Such goodness awaits those who desire God, for He waits . . . waits patiently to lift up His arms to you, to raise you up, to bring you into His own heart, to pour forth upon you all goodness . . . all grace. He offers to you His forgiveness, His joy, His peace, His love. He offers to you all that you would ever desire, should you desire to take Him into your heart. Turn your face toward Him. See Him as He suffered for you on the cross, as He died, as He was resurrected in glory and ascended to the Father where He reigns over the hearts of all mankind.

Dear children, know that the Lord is a lord of love. I come to tell you that God loves you, that He desires you . . . He desires all of you. Consecrate your families to Him. Consecrate your heart to Him. Make Him central in your life and you will see many graces flow forth through you by the power of God. Entrust yourself to the Holy Spirit that He might lead you and guide you on your journey.

Dear children, know that I do love you. Know that I ask you to continue to pray. Pray for all of those who do not yet know my son as Lord, for they suffer from a great loneliness . . . a great loneliness that they have chosen for themselves, but that God does not wish for them to dwell in. Pray for those in need of conversion, for truly all people are in need of conversion each day. All people have times of doubt. All people have trials of faith. Pray for conversion that all of my children might call Jesus ‘Lord’ and that every knee shall bend at His name.

Dear little ones, I bless you this day with my motherly blessing. Know that I am with you. Know that I pray for you. Know that I guide you and I lead you on the path of holiness. I lead you to my son. Dearest children, praise God for He is with you!


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, it is good to be with you. Know that I come to you with the blessings of the Father in heaven, that I give to you the grace which He offers to you, if you desire to take it. Dear little children, praise Him! He is with you. He loves His people tremendously. He does not abandon you, but as a father He shepherds you and comforts you . . . He cares for you and guides you. He is your father. He hears your prayers and He answers them. Know that He is with you.

Dear little ones, I ask you today to recommit your lives to God, to His will. Many of my children have heard my words and they have gone and they have tried with all of their might to do as I have asked, that which God sends me to tell you. They become discouraged. They see their efforts as futile, for they feel they have not accomplished anything. They see themselves slipping back into old habits and into old ways. Each day is the same struggle, never easier. Dear children, I tell you, there is a way to make your road easier. It is through prayer.

Through prayer God strengthens your heart. He strengthens your soul to make you a willing vessel of His will. He makes you a new creation. He fills you with His love, with His courage. The Holy Spirit descends upon you and makes you a new creation in Him. You are able you accomplish great things in is name. Pray always, dear children, especially in times of trial. When it seems you do not progress in your spiritual journey, when it seems you cannot get anything done alone, do all with God’s help. Do all with God’s assistance. This is how you should do all things. Entrust your needs to the Father. Entrust all of your acts to the Holy Spirit. Pray that His will might be always in your heart that He might always guide you, blessing your eyes that you might see His will, blessing your ears to hear His voice, your heart to be pure and open to His love, your hands to do His work, your feet to walk His road, and your mouth to speak His words to all people that all might call Him ‘Lord’.

Dear children, prayer . . . it is so important! It is as essential to you as water or sun. I tell you, you cannot live without prayer. Certainly you will crumble up and you will die inside. I do not desire this for any of my children, rather I desire for them to be filled with joy, with peace, with wonderful gifts obtained through prayer. God is waiting to pour out all of His gifts upon you, if you would but ask.

Dear children, know that God does not seek for you to accomplish great things. To find favor in God you do not need to accomplish these tasks. God finds favor in His children when they try. All of your efforts, all of your trials, all of your sufferings, if given to God in the spirit of love and charity, are worth more than any accomplishment, any gift you can give back. Truly, God desires a heart that will continue to come to Him even in the darkest hour, even in the greatest trials, and so I tell you, be encouraged and, in times when you feel you are accomplishing nothing, do everything with the fullness of your heart. Even when it seems impossible, even when it seems there is no way, put forth all of your effort . . . give all that you have to God, for it is not in the accomplishment, but in the road.

Dear children, life truly is a road. It is a journey. God has sent me to accompany you in this time that I might teach you that which He has already taught you, that which you know, but you forget. I come to remind you and I ask you that you make each day a reminder. Each day spend several minutes remembering that God is with you, that He loves you, that you are His . . . remembering that He has called you apart from all others to be a great example. He has called you in this most tremendous way, in this miraculous way. He has called you especially to be His teachers, to be His followers, to be apostles.

Remember this, dear children. Do not allow yourself to become so absorbed in that which is around you that you forget this simple truth. God who is love, who exists from always and to forever, is with you. He loves you. He guides you. He is your strength. He is your courage. He is your very life, for without God no rain would fall, no sun would shine, the earth would not exist nor would the heavens be there, the stars would certainly be extinguished, and we would die without His love. His love sustains all of creation, for it is a reflection of His goodness, of His mercy, of His compassion, and His great desire to give all that He is to His precious children. You know His love for you is great. I have told you. You have seen it in the gifts that He gives to you through His church, through you . . . each one of you, through the sacraments which He offers to you that you might experience the fullness of His goodness . . . the fullness of His grace, through the way in which He speaks to each of your hearts . . . individually . . . uniquely . . . as He knows each one of you, creating you from the depth of darkness into His light.

Dear children, know that He is with you. It is not in accomplishing great tasks that you succeed, rather it is in doing that which God calls you to do, the tiniest and most trivial of things, the mundane struggles of everyday life, the hardships that you face, the illness, the sorrow, the deaths. These things can be offered, can be sacrificed, can be given to God and turned from great sorrow into tremendous joy . . . joy that you cannot know here on earth, but joy given only from the God whose love for you is so great that He offers to you His own life. Jesus came to be the example. He came to be the teacher. His life was filled with joys, was filled with great, great marvels, but also with much suffering, with much, much suffering and death. You, dear children, must follow in the same way. You must die to your own wills, to your own needs, to your own preoccupations, that you might see clearly what God calls you to do.

Know, dear children, that when you put your hearts in the hands of God, when you place yourself fully in the Holy Spirit, He is with you most strongly. He is with you in a way you cannot fathom, in a way you will not understand until you join Him in the place He has prepared for you. Take courage in this. Take courage. Take all that I have said into prayer. Remind yourself each day that you are blessed . . . blessed beyond all of creation, for you are His children and His love for you is unending.

My dear ones, I give to you today my blessing. I pray that each one of you will accept into your heart the great gifts that God will give to you through fervent prayer, through devotion to His Most Sacred Heart, and through a love for His church and her holy sacraments. Dear ones, may His grace be always with you, may He walk with you always, and may the light of Christ be in your hearts now and forever.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, praised be Jesus! I thank you for gathering here today. I thank you for praying as I have asked you to do and continue to ask you to do. Your prayers are most powerful and many graces pour forth from heaven when you pray.

Dear little ones, I would like to speak to you today about obedience. Obedience is something that is difficult for my little ones. It is difficult to submit yourself to the will of God. He has given you the freedom to choose in your life. This is a great gift. He has given you the freedom to choose to accept or reject Him, to walk this road or that, to do this thing or another. This is a great gift, for you are apart from creation in your freedom to choose. God has made all things good and yet the birds have no option but to fly, the sparrows sing, the worms to crawl in the dirt. This is what they were created to do. They can do nothing else. But you are children of God . . . not just creation, but children.

What parent would force their will upon a child? Rather, you decide to allow your child to grow and to blossom as a flower with all of his natural gifts, talents, and characteristics coming forth, and using all that he has for good. In the same way, God sees you as His little children. He has planted in your hearts the seeds of faith. He has given to you the gifts of the Holy Spirit that they might guide you in your decisions. He has made for you a road to walk that is lit by His love and His goodness and the teachings that He has given to you. He sends His mother to remind you.

Dear little ones, you have been given a choice. You may choose to follow or choose not. Either way, it is your decision. God’s hands are always guiding you, moving your hearts, drawing you ever nearer to Him, if you will allow it. Obedience is difficult for many. To obey is not simply to do what is asked of you, but it is to do it with love. It is to do all things for God through submission. To submit oneself to God means to give over to Him your entire will, your entire heart, all that you think and all that you feel, all that you say and all that you do. To be obedient to God, you must be willing to give up your own desires and your own will. How many children have ventured off in their own direction only to find the wisdom of the their parents was the better road!

I tell you this is the way it is with the Father. He knows the roads on which you travel. He sees the sorrows that you face. He goes through them with you, step by step, leading you by the hand. He knows your joys. He celebrates and rejoices with you, and yet He can see what you cannot see. He can see the road before you. As any father leads a child, He leads you. Trust in His wisdom. Trust that His will is the right way . . . is the only way . . . for I tell you it is only through God that you will live and find joy. Submit yourselves to Him then. Give to Him your hearts and your wills. Give to Him your families and your homes. Give to Him your jobs, your illnesses, your deaths, your trials, your hardships, your joys. All that you have, all that you have been given, give back to God.

Jesus told a story to His apostles. He said that many, many gifts come from the Father. He described gifts given to three men by a master. To each a share of riches was given. I tell you, you have been given a share of riches as well. One man hid his riches and did nothing, and another went out and multiplied those riches among many that he had much to give back in return. I ask you to examine your life. Look into your hearts. How do you give back to God for what He has given you? How have you been obedient to Him?

You cannot possibly understand the great things God has done for you. I tell you this again and again with joy as a mother, for I rejoice as all of heaven rejoices at the mere thought of the grace and mercy of God, and yet never will you come to understand this until you stand before Him. I can speak many words and tell many stories and none would help you to understand the depth of His love for you. It is only through obedience and prayer that you will come to understand that God’s road . . . His way . . . is the only way, and it is a way that will lead you to much joy and great peace. God does not desire for you anything that is not good, for He is goodness and He is love and, therefore, can only design love. You are His children. You are His precious ones. He protects you as a father. He guides you. He walks with you. Your God is not a distant God, but a God who is with His children.

Dear little ones, will you not submit yourselves to Him? Gratefully ask Him to enter into your heart in a new and most beautiful way. Commit your lives to Him. Consecrate your hearts to Him. Each day struggle to be ever nearer to Him and know that it is not you who will need to find Him, but it is He who will find you, lift you up, and gather you into His arms.

Dear little ones, praise Him, for He is good. I bless you and I pray that you will accept God in a new way today in your life, submitting to Him, joining your will to His, and asking that He be ever in your heart.


Note: On this evening, Carolyn received a vision of our Lord who expressed to her His desire to deliver a message to the prayer group through her.

Carolyn’s Words:

Tonight we are receiving a very special grace. The Blessed Mother will not speak to us as she usually does, but rather the Lord Jesus, Himself, would like to deliver a message to this group. Following that message, the Blessed Mother will come and she will bless this entire parish, our priest, and the people of this prayer group with her motherly blessing.

Our Lord’s Words:

My people, I who am love speak to you now. You are mine. As I have taken you into my own heart, I have made you my people. I have called you from all places. I have come to you. I have touched you. I have brought tremendous grace to you that you would see and know that you are loved above all creation. I have sent to you my mother, for she has been my mouthpiece. She has been my messenger and she has spoken to you that which I have sent her to tell you.

My children, she goes to you as a messenger. I have sent her that you would know that I am with you, that I shall never leave my people, that my hand works in your lives, that I lead you, that I call you, that I reach into you to bless you, to purify you, to fill you with my Spirit that you might be filled with love and joy and mercy, for it is these gifts that I extend to you. It is these gifts that pour forth from my heart as blood and water to purify and renew you, as I shall renew the face of the earth. I have sent her to call you. I have sent her to mother you. Heed her words, for they are my own. Hear her as she calls you, as she brings you to Me through prayer, through obedience, through love and mercy, that which I pour forth into her and into you . . . for I am all mercy.

I come to my people for love of them. It is for love of you that I come now. My children, see that I come for you. See that I send to you every grace, every blessing, that you might be enlightened with the truth that I am the way, that I am love, that it is through me that you shall be in eternal joy! But without me, you shall die. Accept the grace that I give to you. Accept the life that I offer you. Listen to my mother. Heed her words as they are mine. Be led by my Spirit that I might change you, that I might fill you with every grace, and that you might reach to me as I have reached to you. Oh my children, would you not let your Christ embrace you? Come to my heart that you might know my peace.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

Dear children, all praise be to God who has given to you this most precious gift. I have interceded . . . I have begged before the throne of God that He should give to you this tremendous blessing. And as your mother, I am so filled with joy that you have come to know the Lord in a way that perhaps you, and you alone, would know tonight. You do not know what you have received! Praise Him and be filled with His joy. There is nothing for me to say now, for the master has spoken. May you be blessed, my dear ones. I am with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, I ask God’s blessing upon you. I pray that He might fill you with every goodness and every mercy. I pray that He would give to you all that you need and provide for you as His children, as He has done and will continue to do.

My dear ones, often I have come to you and I have blessed you with the blessing of the Father, with the words, “May His peace be with you. May the peace of Christ be with you.” Often I have told you that the peace of Christ is a peace that you cannot know . . . you cannot know . . . unless He is within you, living in your very soul, unless He is the center of all of your life and activities. I have blessed you in this way, for I wish that God would send upon you His peace. Truly, when you pray for His peace it is given. He pours forth His peace upon you immeasurably.

I ask you, dear children, if you have taken into your lives any things that will block the peace that He wishes to give to you from entering into your soul, for I tell you, He sends you His peace as His gift. Many times it is easy to become anxious, or worried, or scared. There are many things in life that are difficult. There are many trials to overcome. There are many sorrows to bear and yet, I tell you that would you just trust God with all that you have, with all that you are . . . if you would place in His hands your very being and your family and your life and your faith . . . if you would just place in His hands your weaknesses, your strength, your sorrow and your joy, you would know His peace, for it is not that God does not pour His peace upon you in times of distress, but it is that you have not recognized His gift to you.

I ask you to reflect on your lives. See the ways that you have turned from God’s peace, that you have instead embraced the anxiety that the world pushes upon you. There is no reason to fear. Christ Himself gave you these words, “Do not be afraid.” God is with you. He shall be with you even until the end of your life, to the moment of your death, and He will be with you to welcome you into the place He has prepared for you. Do not be afraid . . . do not be afraid. Again and again I echo these words to you, as Jesus Himself has given them to you, has echoed them to you through His own life and death, for He went to the cross with fearlessness and courage and the beautiful peace that He desires to bring to you.

You . . . each of you . . . have your own crosses to bear. You have your road of sorrows. You have your tribulations. Each of you must endure your own death . . . death to self, death to your desires, death to your own will . . . before you can enter into the life that God gives to you. When you, like Christ, follow the road of sorrows and die . . . you, like Christ, will be resurrected into His glory, for He desires to give to you a share in His glory, such is His mercy!

Dear children, His peace . . . it is a gift that He gives to you freely for love of you. He desires to calm your heart. He desires to put peace in your soul. He desires to take from you all of your pain and give you great joy, a silent joy, a joy that will make all things in life an easier load to bear. You know that your road is difficult, for you have been called to be followers of Christ and follow Him you must. Through His teachings, through the miracles that He places in the world and in your life . . . the miracles that you will experience in your own lives . . . through the joys, through the triumph and also through the persecution, through the sorrow, through the suffering, through the death, each of you must follow this road. To follow the master you must walk this road, and yet you are given the promise of resurrection . . . of ascension into glory, for God deems that you shall participate in His glorious resurrection not only at the moment of your physical death when He takes you up and offers to you the gift of eternity, but each day in each moment.

It is a difficult road to walk, but it need not be one filled with fear or mistrust. Rather, it must be filled with the absolute conviction that God . . . who is love and who is mercy, who is goodness, who is grace . . . is with you, that He shall never leave you, that never will He give you anything but that which is good for your soul and that which brings you closer to Him. You must be filled with the absolute conviction that your days of sorrow will end, that your hopelessness will end, that your trial will end, and you too will know unfathomable joy.

I ask you to place your trust in God each day, to give to Him all of your fear. In this way, you open wide your heart to receive His peace. With His peace, you can come to understand His will in your life. You can come to accept the difficult road with love, even to desire that difficult road, for you will see in those trials and in those sufferings the footsteps of Christ and you, as His people, will desire to walk in His way.

Dear children, open your hearts to God. Allow Him to be present there that you might experience His perfect peace. I ask that He might send to you His peace that the peace of Christ, of His sorrows and death and resurrection and glory might be with you today and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, may the grace and the peace of God our father in heaven be with you now and always. May you be blessed. May you always be children of God. Dear little ones, praise and thank Him for the good things He has bestowed upon you, for the greatness that He has shared with you, for the glory which is His . . . which always shall belong to Him . . . but which He shares with you for love of you. Dear little ones, I am glad to be with you this day. As ever, I am glad, for God sends me to bring His message of love and hope, a message of peace and of joy. He sends me as your mother, to gather up His children, to lead them by the hand, to lead them to the Father.

Dear little ones, I ask you this day to commit yourselves to total abandonment to God. Long I have taught you to abandon yourself to Him, to trust fully in Him, and yet it remains difficult for you. I ask you to give all that you are to God without reserving anything for yourselves. Give to Him all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be, for He is your father and He desires to guide you, to lead you, to be your Lord, to be the center of your own heart. Give yourself. Give your life. Give your family. Give all that you do and all that you are to Him.

The great deceiver lies to the world. He leads the world to believe that God is not present, that He is not with you. So often in times of tragedy, in times of sorrow, little children of God ask, “Where is God? Where is He in this? Why does He not assist us?” I tell you truly, it is those times . . . when it seems that God is far, when it seems that God is not with you . . . it is you who do not allow Him to act. God desires to do great things in the world, to do great things in the hearts and the minds of His children. The separation that exists between you and heaven is a separation that need not be so great, if only you would give your will to God, if only the world would consecrate themselves . . . all of His children . . . to His Most Sacred Heart. I tell you, the joy of heaven is that in the giving of our will to God . . . in saying ‘yes’ at our deaths. In giving our souls to Him we are embraced by the Father, we are accepted and know sorrow no longer, know fear no longer, know pain no longer, but rather we are embraced in the goodness and grace that is our father.

You who struggle in this earthly life, you find it difficult to abandon yourselves to God. God needs for you to give to Him your will before He can act in your life. He does not wish to force His children to believe, to pray, to act with goodness, charity, or kindness. God desires your will. He desires your gift of self. If the world would turn itself to God, you would see a part of heaven here on earth. You do not know the power that you have when you pray as a gift of the will. You do not know the things that you can accomplish in God’s will, for He gives to you the grace and the power to do many great things if you would only commit yourselves to His will. This means that you should pray always and in everything, that you should live your lives each day as a prayer . . . each moment . . . through service, through love, through the joy that you find in life, in your sufferings and in your sacrifice, in all that you have, in all that you have not.

God desires you to pray in this way, but also He desires that you would, each day, pray for Him to show you His will, for you might pray for many things, but I tell you, if it is not according to His will, it is not good. God alone sees all that there is to see. He knows your very lives as you cannot know. He knows all things. He knows your soul. Many times you will pray for things and prayers will seem to go unanswered and yet, if you would pray that you would only do the will of God, that you might accept His will and beyond that, that you might embrace His will with joy, you will see that what you pray for will come about in your lives, for your will will be in line with His . . . His who is perfection . . . His who is glory.

Dear children, the faith that you have is a gift. You must not forget this. Your faith is a gift given to you by God. Who of you have felt lost? Who has felt alone and abandoned? All of the world will feel such things and yet, you have been placed by God in a position of great grace, for He has filled you with the gift of faith that when you look for God and you cannot see Him, for you live cloaked in the darkness of the world, you have your faith. You know that He is present. You know that He is with you . . . in your churches, in your sacraments, in the gifts that He gives to you, in the beautiful presence of the Most Holy Eucharist, in those He sends to you, in your praying and in your sleeping, in your living and in your dying. Dear children, your faith is a gift.

To live your faith, you must resign your will to God. The difference between faith and a living faith is the gift of the will. You must commit yourselves each day to the struggles and to the trials that you will face. You must commit yourselves with love. You must decide for God! I do not mean to say that you have not served Him and I do not mean to discourage you in any way, for God is most pleased that you have come to gather to pray together. This is a great thing. It is something that is so pleasing to our father in heaven and it has allowed me to bring such graces as this to many places and in many hearts. God has been so pleased that you have come together as He has asked of you that He has poured forth grace as you cannot understand, and only when you stand before Him in your home that He has prepared for you, will you see the great things accomplished through His will, through your perfect love given when you gift yourself to Him. It is in this way that you are most like God, for truly this is what you strive to do, to be like Jesus Christ who was the redeemer, who is and always shall be our savior. This is what you must do. You are most like Him when you give yourselves over to Him in prayer.

Dear children, I am pleased that you have continued to heed my call to you, to come together, to pray, to hear my words which I bring to you from the Father, for He has sent me and it is His message that I give. I am pleased that you have sacrificed, that you have given over many of the things that have held you from God’s love . . . many of the things you have chosen over God’s love . . . and I tell you that you will know so much more joy in your lives for the gift you have given to God, the gift of yourself. You have done much changing, together as a group and individually. Many hearts have been converted. Many souls have been taken from darkness and brought into light, the light that is Christ, and yet I implore you today to continue . . . to continue to move with love and abandonment toward God, for it is only in this way that you will come to know His perfect peace. My desire for you is that you would take my hand that I might lead you, as a mother, always to my son, that I might lead you through the cross and into His resurrection.

Dear children, be at peace. Know that God is with you. Abandon yourselves to Him. Trust completely in Him. Turn your lives over to Him and you will see miracles, true miracles! God gave the gift of faith to you, as He gave it to many of those who came before and those who are now with Him . . . those who walked this earth and did great things, who converted many hearts by allowing God to work through them, who healed the sick, who cured the blind, the lame, the diseased, who raised the dead from their graves. They abandoned themselves to God. They placed their trust, their very life, in His hands, and though the road is difficult and though you must walk the road that Jesus walked . . . a road filled with pain, with thorns . . . you too, as the saints of heaven, will see the resurrection and the glory. May the peace of Christ be with you. I thank you for responding to my call to you.


Note: On this evening, the prayer group gathered in darkness due to a power outage. Only candles lit the crucifix and altar area during Mass, prayer, the rosary, and our Blessed Mother’s message.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, praise God for darkness, for it is only in the darkness that light can be seen and known! Without the dark, you cannot know light. Without sadness, what is joy? Without strife and suffering, what is peace and eternal rest? Dear ones, tonight, illustrated in this most unique way, you have learned that you, the people of God, persevere through all things. You have come before the Lord today to worship Him. You have come before Him to praise Him, to give Him glory, to see Him where He is present with you . . . in His church, in His most holy body and blood, in His priest, and in His people.

My dear ones, look now. Though surrounded by darkness, how the cross is illuminated with light! Look, and I tell you, you will be practicing that which is necessary for life, for when you find yourself in darkness in life, you must look to the cross. What I tell you, I have told you many times before. I am not telling you anything that you have not learned from your priests . . . in the Gospels. Jesus is the light of the world! He is the one who brings truth and reason, who brings joy and peace, who brings light from darkness!

You, my children . . . dear children of God . . . you are as lights in a world of darkness. Each of you, seen through the eyes of Christ, you are a candle. You go and you spread His light. Dear children, remember the words of our savior, “Who would hide his light beneath a bushel basket?” I encourage you today! I implore you today! I beseech you today! Share the light of truth and faith that you have been given with all of the world. Make your lives a living prayer. Make your lives a light. Through your sacrifice, through your service, through all that you do each day as mothers and fathers, as teachers, as friends . . . be a witness to the truth that Christ has revealed to you!

Tonight you have, through the most holy Mass, lived the passion of Christ. You have been at His Last Supper. You have participated in the gift of His body and blood, His soul and divinity, that He gives to His people freely without price. Only for love of them, does He give Himself. You have gone through the darkness, the days in the tomb, waiting in the dark for the joy of Mass, for the joy of the resurrection, for the joy of life in Christ, that which each of you strives to live . . . that which you are promised by God Himself . . . if you choose to walk His road. Dear children, you have been there through the resurrection, through the ascension. You have seen the glory as Christ was lifted on high in the hands of His servant priest and you have looked upon Him in adoration as once His apostles and His mother did.

Dear little ones, you have participated in a special way tonight in the great, glorious mystery that is Christ and I encourage you, and I invite you, and I ask you, to go and to participate in this holy Mass, this mystery of love, every day . . . always! You do not know the gift that you have experienced. You do not know how heaven sings with joy when Christ is again sacrificed upon His altars. Through the darkness, dear ones, there is light. In times of trial and suffering, through the passion and the pain, there is hope and there is joy, there is resurrection and there is life. I encourage you this day, dear ones, to take this message of life into your own hearts and souls, into your homes. Live as a people of God . . . alive . . . on fire as candles of light! Live your lives each day for God and you will never, never know darkness, but the Lord Himself shall illumine your soul with His goodness, His love, and His mercy.

Dear ones, again today I invite you to pray. I thank you for offering your prayers and sacrifices, all that you have done in my name and in my son’s name, for His most perfect, most beautiful passion, for His grace and His mercy, for all of His children. I ask you to continue to pray, to make your lives a prayer. Think, dear ones, of the great joy that is experienced in heaven when you lift your voices in prayer. The angels rejoice and our father is pleased and He is most generous with His mercy.

Dear ones, I invite you to pray, to live every day as a prayer. It is with these words that I ask you to pray more each day. You do not know the power of your prayer. You cannot know the great joys that prayer brings! You cannot know the healing and the peace that will come to this world through prayer, if only my people would pray, if only they would consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of our Lord, to my Immaculate Heart which will be a refuge for you, dear ones, in your darkness.

Dear children, the Father sends me to give you His love, to invite you to be His people, to ask you to come before Him in His most holy, most precious, sacrament, to come before Him and ask for His mercy, for it will be given to you freely and He waits for you there. Do not live a life of darkness, but be in the light and the life that is Christ.

Dear children, may His peace be with you. May you be blessed by the Father Eternal and know that I, your mother, am with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, I greet you today in the name of Jesus Christ, who was and always is Lord of lords and King of kings. Worship and adore Him. Rightly give Him praise, for He is all goodness and He is our joy. My dear little ones, I thank you for gathering together to pray as I have asked. I thank you for coming before your Lord in the most holy and blessed sacrament of the Eucharist, for so many times I come to comfort and console Him left alone in your churches and in your tabernacles. So many times, the angels of heaven come to sing His praises and how filled with joy He is when His children celebrate this great and divine mystery.

Dear little ones, I bless you this day as your mother and I come to ask you to continue in your vocation of prayer. Continue to make sacrifices, dear ones, in your daily lives. So often you find it difficult to sacrifice, to give up things that are passing for the Lord, to make whole your life by making the Lord the center of your life. You find it difficult to fast. You find it difficult to commit yourselves to prayer and yet I remind you that many, many times, dear ones, God gives you the grace to see the beauty, the transformation, that takes place in your own hearts and souls when you pray. He has sent me to you and sent many, many gifts to you that you might see the power of prayer. Here, even in your own group, He has sent miracles through prayer that you might know that prayer is the only way. It is the way!

Dear little ones, again I ask you to pray. Go into your homes and into your families. Pray together. Persevere. I know that there are times when it seems that you are not heard and that you are not answered and yet I tell you, if you knew with what joy the Lord accepts your prayers, you would be so peaceful and so happy, for He accepts your prayers as a beautiful gift. I ask you in this season of preparation, in this season when you look towards the advent of Christ, the coming birth of the savior, to make sacrifices every day for the conversion of the whole world.

Dear little children, how willing you are to make sacrifices for your families, for your jobs, in day to day life, in all the things that God gives you in the world, and yet you find it difficult to sacrifice for Him. I tell you that these things need not be exclusive. They may exist together, for when you sacrifice for your husband or your wife, your child or your mother, do it in the spirit of love . . . do it as you would serve Christ. In this way, you serve your neighbor and you serve the Lord and glorify His name. When in your work places you are called to make sacrifices, do so with joy that others might see your joyfulness and they might know Christ through you. When in times of trial and difficulty, when called upon to make difficult decisions and difficult choices, make these sacrifices and make these journeys to the cross with joy and peace. Entrust your souls to God the Father in heaven who has sent to you the Eucharistic Christ to be your comfort, to be your salvation. Place your trust fully in the Lord each day. Commit your own heart and soul, your family and all that you are, to Him and trust that He will lead you, He will guide you, He will show you His way, and you will live life filled with His peace.

My dear ones, when you pray you will become strong in God. You will become as He desires you to be, perfect reflections of His love and His mercy. When you pray and you make sacrifices, you will become the mercy of God. He will pour His compassion upon the world. He will pour His grace upon the world through you. You are His people and He has called you to this mission. Continue each day to strive towards mercy and love. Continue to sacrifice and to pray, especially for conversions in the world, for there are so many who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and it saddens my maternal heart.

Dear ones, I wish to give to the whole world the gift that God has allowed me to give to you, the gift of revealing Jesus Christ to you as He revealed Himself in your gospels, in your church, in your sacraments. I come to remind you that He is present. It is for this reason that God sent Him to this earth, that you might know Him truly and intimately as your God, as your friend, as your teacher and your counselor. I tell you that He is the way and He is the light, and I come to show you the way. I come to bring you His light.

Dear children, the road will become much easier through prayer and sacrifice. I know that it is difficult to understand the merit of sufferings. It is difficult to understand why they are so essential for the health and wealth of your soul, and yet I tell you that without sufferings, without trials, you would not know the peace of God, for it is through sufferings that you are joined to Him most intimately. It is through sufferings that you receive the treasures of heaven, the true, true joy of reward . . . of life eternal with Christ. You, dear children, by making yourselves meek and poor, become wealthy . . . by making yourselves small you become great . . . by making yourselves humbled in the Lord, you become His most favored servants.

I ask you, dear children, to renew yourselves in prayer and sacrifice, to renew your commitment to be a servant of God in your daily lives, in all that you do. Heed His word and listen, for He whispers to your hearts. He sends His Holy Spirit to be your guide. He sends His Holy Spirit to give you His wisdom. Pray that He might continue to bless you with these gifts that you would always follow the light, always follow the way, and be, in this way, united with Christ our redeemer and our king.

Dear little children, I give to you my motherly blessing and I pray that in this season you will contemplate the greatness of God, for He so loved you that He humbled Himself to walk upon this earth, that He humbled Himself to walk with you, that He humbled Himself to walk for you, to die for you, to rise for you and to ascend to the Father that you too might have a share in His glory. Dear children, I thank you for giving to me the gift of your prayers and sacrifices. Know that I present them to the Father with great joy and they are accepted with gratitude. My dear ones, may God be with you this day and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, praised be Jesus born into your hearts this day and always. Praised be He who is the Lord, who is God throughout all ages. Praised be the Paraclete who is your inspiration and your wisdom, who is your courage and who is your faith. Praised be God the Father who is all good things, who is love.

Dear children, I am pleased to be with you again this day. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to come and to speak to you in this way, to share with you the good news that Jesus is alive today as He has ever been and that He roams among you, that He is within you, that He shares in your lives, that He is in your hearts. Dear children, Jesus is with you. He is with you on your altars. He is with you in your churches. He is with you in your priests, in your religious. In your brothers and sisters, He is with you. In your parents and spouses, in your friends and children, He is with you. He walks among His people as a good shepherd, to lead His sheep. Ever He is with you as consoler, ever as your friend. He comes to heal you, to teach you, to give to you all good things, all that God has designed for you, His children. My dear ones, rejoice always, for Jesus is the greatest gift of the Father. He has been given to you as redeemer and salvation that you shall not parish, but shall live forever in the glory that God has designed for you, the glory that belongs to Jesus.

My dear ones, unite with me in prayer always that all of my children might come to know Him as Lord. Unite with me in prayer that the entire world may be illumined by His love, might know His great mercy, and might be truly present with Him always in His churches. So much has been given to you, my children! So many graces poured out upon you! God our father in heaven has seen the good things in your hearts. He has seen the way you have changed your hearts and your lives. He has seen you return to prayer and He has permitted me to come all the longer to you. He continues to let me come that I might encourage you and guide you in this way, that you might be converted all the more, that you might pray more fervently, that you may be filled with faith that is unshakable. He has seen the love that has grown in your hearts. He has seen you try with all of your heart and all of your soul to return to Him and live life anew in Him. He desires that you continue . . . continue the journey toward Him. Walk with Him ever closer each day. Be with Him in your Mass. In the tabernacles, visit Him often. In your home, invite Him in. In your families, make Him head.

Dear, dear children, you do not know the gift that you have in Jesus. You do not know the great grace that He is to the world, the grace that the Father pours onto the world for His sacrifice, for the redemption that He has earned for all men. God sends me to you again and again to remind you of this great mystery, to remind you of His love. He will continue to send me so long as you will open your hearts and respond with the fullness of your heart. He will continue to send me so long as the world is in need of His mercy.

Dear children, God is marvelous! He does love you so tremendously . . . so tremendously! He comes to His children, especially now, in a way that is unfathomable. He comes to you to bring you home to Him, to call back the sheep wandering far from the shepherd. He comes to you as the Child Jesus to invite you to befriend Him, to invite you to love Him, to invite you to share in His great mercy and in His joy. Dear children, He reaches out to you as ever, for He is love . . . He is all goodness.

My dear ones, it is my prayer for you that you will continue on the journey of conversion that you have begun. Continue each day to live the cross, for this is what I call you to. This is what Jesus has called you to. I am sent to remind you that you must live the cross each day. May your lives bear the fruits of the cross. May you suffer patiently and with joy. May you endure all things for God. May you live in His joy and in His peace and recognize the great blessings He has poured into your lives. All that you have is of God. He has given to you the air that you breathe, the food that you eat, the shelter over your head, the clothes that you wear. All things both spiritual and temporal are given to you of God, for in His mercy He provides for His children. He gives to you so many opportunities in your life to serve Him and to serve one another. He desires for you to learn to love in a way that you do not know. He desires for you to learn to love as He loves, freely without restraint . . . without condition. He desires for you to love one another as He has loved each of you. In this way, you are forever joined to Him in His great mystery of love, for God is love and those who love live in God.

Dear children, this day go forth and make a new commitment to love as God loves. This is the next step in the process of conversion through which I have led you. First you must pray. Prayer is the very, very first step in conversion, for you cannot be converted to God if you do not know Him and you cannot know Him if you do not speak to Him . . . if you do not listen to the words that He whispers in your heart. You must love the Mass and your sacraments. Love your holy church and participate often in the great gift of the Mass. You must bear your penances and your sufferings quietly, with patience and love . . . obedience and humility. You must live with grateful hearts and rejoice in the joys God pours into your hearts.

Finally, dear children, you must begin to love one another as God loves. You must truly begin to give completely of yourself, emptying yourselves out that God may fill you and work through you. Only in this way will you become a perfect vessel of His will. Only in this way will you share in a union with Him, so strong it will be as if in heaven.

Dear ones, God desires to give you a piece of heaven upon this earth. He desires for you to begin to share in the glory that is His. You may do this by loving, dear ones, loving as He loves, loving with the fullness of your heart, loving all people as He has loved you. Dear ones, such a simple message this is and yet how difficult to live! I ask you to never . . . never stop trying to live in this way. Never fail and fall and refuse to walk again. Rather continue, when you stumble, to get up and to reach toward the cross, for Jesus shall bend down from the cross, offer His arms to you, and walk in your stead.

Dear ones, your God calls you to Him. He calls you to be His children. It is for this reason that He will continue to send me to you, so long as He permits, so long as it is His will. My dear ones, heed my words, for they are the words of God. I come as a servant of God to remind you that He loves you and desires you alone.

Dear children, be filled with joy on this day and may Christ as a Child enter into your hearts . . . open up your hearts and your eyes that you might see Him and love Him anew and welcome Him into your homes. May God bless you always. May He fill you with His Spirit and may the peace of Christ, especially in this beautiful season when you welcome Him anew in the world, be with you always.