Standing in a Miracle


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, it is good to be with you this day. I praise God and I thank Him, for He has done such great things for His people. Join in my prayers and thank Him who is holy, for He is all love and all truth. He is all goodness in your lives. He is all that you are and all that you have and His mercy is without end.

My dear ones, I ask you, my children, to increase in your desire to love as God loves, to be witnesses to all that you have seen, all that you have been taught . . . witnesses to the true and living person of Christ. My dear ones, what a calling this is, for as the apostles were called to follow so too you are called to follow. As they were sent to every corner of the earth . . . sent to all nations, to Jew and to Gentile, to all people of all tongues . . . so too are you sent to teach, to bring the good news, to bring the light of the world that is Christ, to share the wisdom that God has poured forth, the mercies that He has granted you, the blessings you have received. You too are witnesses to that divine providence that is the goodness of God. You are witnesses to the strength of His church, to the beauty of His love, to the mercy in His sacraments, and the gift upon your altars. You are witnesses to the real, true presence of Christ. You are witnesses to His actions, to the miracles He performs each day as He did when He walked upon the earth. You are witnesses.

Still He walks among His people. Still He heals the sick, cures the dying, is friend to the lonely, brings hope where there is none. Still He is among His people. Though unseen by many, hidden from the eye, still He is with you. He is with you in your tabernacles as a source of life, a refuge, a shelter from the storm. He is with you in the sacraments, in your priests, in all those whom He has placed in your life to be teachers, to guide you in His way. He is with you in your spouse, your brother, your parent, your friend, when they minister to you in times of need . . . when they bring to you peace in crisis, a peace that is a gift from God. He is with you in your suffering. In your illness, He is there. In your living and in your dying, He is with you. He walks yet among you.

My dear ones, you must witness to this through the way in which you live. You must make your hearts new. You must fill yourself up completely with the joy that is God! Be the wife, the husband, the mother, the father, the teacher, and friend to all people that you might be Christ for them, that in you Christ might be reflected in this world, and that He might teach and heal and save through you. Jesus our Lord, He is the great sacrifice. He came that all might have salvation, that all might be redeemed, that all may share in His glory, but He asks you to help Him continue to reach out in the world in a very real way. As He did once before on this earth, He makes you His followers. He commissions you to this task. He asks you to lift up your crosses and follow Him.

Dear children, will you not follow our Lord? God is so pleased with your response to His beautiful messages . . . messages that I have shared with you . . . the message of the Gospel, the message of the Mass, that Jesus is real and present with you . . . the celebration! You have opened your hearts and renewed yourselves. You have listened to God in a new way. I encourage you to continue, to grow ever more, to truly abandon all of your desires, all of your needs, all of yourself to God. Resign your will to Him, dear children. It is only in this way that you will know His perfect joy. Give all that is of yourself to Him and trust Him, for He is a loving father! He is a faithful father! He will not let you be alone nor will He let you be lost. If you would but abandon yourself to Him, He would walk for you when you are tired, He would pray for you when you do not have the words, He would live for you when you cannot struggle any longer and you will be given a taste of His glory, of His joy, and His peace.

This is the road that I have attempted to lead you upon, the road to greater holiness, to conversion . . . a conversion every day! I ask you to continue to walk with one another, helping one another always. Remember that you are teachers for one another. You are to be as Jesus was. You are to become like Jesus in every way. This is what God desires, that the light of Christ might shine most fervently in this world.

Great graces are being poured upon this world. God in His mercy, who loves His children and desires only good things for them, has given such grace, such blessings. Many hearts return to God these days and much, much praising happens in our father’s home, but there is much to do and so I ask you to become teachers, to become like Christ in every way. Share through your example, through your fervent prayer, through your steadfast faith, through everything great and small . . . whether it is as great as facing death or as small as being sure that you honor all that God asks of you in your personal lives. Do all that for God. Do all things for Him. With the spirit of His love within you . . . His great love . . . you will, through Him and with Him and in Him, change the world. He will change the world. Our Lord will triumph, for He is all things good and He is all things holy. Come and follow Him. Take up your crosses and follow. The way may be difficult but the joy is eternal.

My dear ones, I invite you to pray ever more fervently. Pray for those who have no one to pray for them, for they are especially in need. My dear ones, do not forget anyone in your prayer. Pray for all things. Give everything to God in prayer, for it is through prayer that you will grow and through prayer that you will come to know God more intimately. Listen to His words. Listen to the voice . . . the voice that speaks within you . . . for God does speak to each of His children in different ways and leads them, as the good shepherd, on the path of holiness. He is the great teacher. He is the one who has taught with such love and such compassion and such goodness, it can never be measured nor equaled. Yet strive, dear children, to be as He was. Practice every virtue. Do all this for God and I assure you, you will find great favor in His eyes.

My dear ones, I am with you ever as a mother. I lead you and I guide you, as God desires it to be so. I pray for you each day and I ask that Jesus would fill your heart with His most perfect love that you truly might be as He is and you might bring His light to the world. May His peace ever be with you and may you know joy!


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, today I bless you with my motherly blessing and I pray God who is goodness will be with you always in all of your endeavors, that He might walk on the road of conversion with you . . . of faith, the road of peace and a road of joy, that He might lead you into His own heart that there you will find sustenance, that there you will find drink for your thirsty heart.

My dear children, know that I come to you as a mother who desires to teach her children all things that they need to grow and to live in happiness and joy. I come to you to tell you that God loves you, that He is with you each day in all that you do, that He has commanded that you love one another as He loves you and that you serve one another as He has served you. I come and I tell you these things, dear children, that you might have joy in your heart and peace in your lives.

It is only by following the Word of God that you will find peace and joy, for God gave these words to you in His truth, in the Gospels that you have read, in His scripture, in His church, and in one another, that you might know Him. He desires, dear children, for you to come to Him as children, to make yourselves small before Him. Lay all that you are before Him. Give to Him your failings and your joys, all that you are. Let Him heal you. Let Him lead you. Let Him bring you into His joy and His goodness.

Dear ones, He is your father and as your father He desires that you give yourself fully to Him, abandoning all that you have to Him, for truly I tell you it is only because of His goodness that you have anything at all, for He breathed life into your very body, shaping it in the darkness. He has given you all that you have. He has placed you in the care of your friends and family that they too might lead you to Him.

This, dear children, is the truth. God who is love . . . God who is your father, He beckons to you always. He calls His children to come, to share in the mystery that is His love, that is His joy. He asks His children to come and participate in this family of God. He sends the mother to speak to the children that they might not fear the Father, nor turn far from Him, but might be welcomed into His embrace, returning home to Him.

In many ways you are all lost children, for there are things in your lives that trouble you. There are doubts in your heads and in your hearts. There are sorrows that are too great for you to bear alone. There is confusion. There is trial. There are sufferings and it shall be so until the end of your lives, for this is the cross that you must bear whilst on earth. And yet, you need not suffer alone, for God the Father reaches out to you, dear children. He calls you by name. He asks you to abandon yourselves to Him that as a father He might lead you, He might guide you. He sends me to give you these words that you would be comforted by the fact that you are in the care of loving parents . . . the Father who is great . . . great above all things . . . and also the mother . . . the mother of Christ given to you that I might lead you to God. This is my heart’s desire, that I might lead you ever closer to Jesus, to God our father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for truly then you will be home in your father’s house and you will begin to live the joys of heaven while on earth.

My dear children, do not reject the crosses in your lives, but embrace them with love. Do not reject the sorrows and sufferings. Do not fear the illness and the death, for God shall prevail above all and you are His children and He loves you. He will not abandon you, but will give to you every grace and every power that you might glorify His name eternally and be welcomed as part of His heavenly home.

Dear children, what a message of encouragement and joy this is and I thank God that He has allowed me to bring it to you, for this is the greatest gift, that God comes to you each day through so many things. In your churches, in your tabernacle, through divine messages, through the holy scripture, through your friends and your family, each day He is reaching out to you, dear children. Each day He is calling you, beckoning you to give to Him all that is His . . . your own heart . . . your own soul . . . your own life.

My dear ones, trust in your father in heaven, for He is a God of love and goodness and He desires for you perfect peace and great joy. Abandon yourselves to Him. Commit yourselves anew to service . . . to prayer. For these things will bring you closer to Him, enveloping you in His divine heart, making truths known to you that are known not to any who do not wish to love as God loves, who do not wish to unite their will to His own. Pray, dear children, that you will receive all of the graces of God, all of the gifts He desires to give to you. Pray that you will open your hearts to accept these gifts. Pray that you will not turn from Him, but you will embrace your father who loves you and rejoice in the goodness that is His.

My dear children, I bless you this day. I pray that God might always be with you, guiding your every step, guiding your every word, guiding your every deed, for He who is love will triumph over all things and His mercy is without end.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, I thank you for gathering this day, for praying as I have asked, for offering up your prayer intentions to God, who is a father who accepts your prayers, who hears your requests, who answers your prayers. He has taken you into His heart and He has made you His children. Thank Him with grateful hearts, for He has heard your prayers and He has answered you.

My dear children, I invite you this day to love as God loves. I continue to teach you about the love of God. No matter how many words I spoke to you, never could I give to you the depth, the greatness, the joy that God has for you. His love for you is greater than you can imagine. His love . . . His mercy . . . it is without measure. I invite you this day to love as He loves. This is what I have been teaching you these many years. All of these virtues . . . obedience, charity, kindness, mercy, compassion . . . these things all come from love, a love that is of God.

Dear ones, begin to love anew in this way. Begin to love so fully and so freely that you reserve nothing for yourself. Give completely of yourselves as God has given completely to you, that truly you might be Christ on this earth, that you might be for others God as He works through His people. Dear ones, it is in this way that God touches the hearts of His children. By pouring a measure of His Most Holy Spirit into those children who desire to do His will, who accept Him, who love Him, who will accept with open hearts the grace poured forth from Him into them. He pours forth His Spirit into you that you might go and speak His word, that others might hear and know Him, that you might walk as He walked a road filled with sorrows and joys, but one that is ever closer to the Father in heaven, that you might do as He did . . . teach, minister, love. Share with the people of God His glory, His love, and His life.

I ask you to begin to love anew today, to put aside all that is of yourselves, to relinquish your will to God, and to allow Him to love through you. Only in this way will love fill this world. So many times, you lament the world. You lament the evil, the wickedness, the sorrows and the trials. I tell you, my children, it is you who will create the world in which you live, through your love or your lack of love. Be an example, dear ones, of love that your example might teach others and that many might come to embrace the love that is Christ. In this way . . . this world, your lives, your homes . . . they will be filled with peace, with joy, with unending mercies and grace. Begin to love anew each day. Begin to love as God loves. Only in this way will you come to know Him most fully. Only in this way will you be united fully with Him. Only in this way can you find shelter and refuge in His Most Sacred Heart.

Dear children, do not turn away the gift that God gives to you, the gift to know Him through His love and mercy. Do not turn away His graces, rather open your hearts and invite Him to love through you, to give to you every grace that you might glorify Him. And in doing so, dear children, you too will come to have a share in His glory. May God who is peace and joy, may God who is greatness and mercy, may God who is love be ever with you, as I your mother am with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Word’s:

My dear little ones, praised be Jesus risen and may He bless you now and always. Praised be God Creator, Holy Spirit, Holy Advocate. Dear ones, today again I call you to peace in your homes, in your families. In your daily life, work for peace. . . . work for peace. When you pray, when you live as Jesus has called you to live . . . with love in your hearts, with forgiveness, with understanding, and with joy and gratitude . . . you will know the peace that God intends for you, the peace of Christ, that peace which He desires for you to spread among His people. This world is sorely in need of peace. There is much division. There is much hatred. There is much darkness, but you are able to bring light into the dark because God has given to you every grace necessary to do so. You are as candles to light a flame of love in the hearts of all mankind.

I desire for you to work for peace, because it is in peace that you will find joy, gratitude, and total abandonment to God. To live in this peace, you must give your will to God, you must entrust your heart to Him, your own soul. You must give Him your family, all of your cares, all of your needs, all of your blessings. You must give Him your sorrows and your trials, your illness, your death. Give Him all things and allow the Master to care for His creation. He has loved you as a father always and He desires to love you still. Each day of your life He calls to you, beckoning for you to come . . . to come before Him that He might love you more, that He might love you fully, that He might embrace you in His divine presence! Heed His call. Answer Him. Give Him all that you have that He might fill you with every grace and every joy, that He might make your heart light, and that you might shine as candles in the darkness, the light and the love of Jesus to all of the world.

My dear ones, this is my plan for the world, that I might touch the hearts of my little ones who will spread the love that I pass on to you from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to all nations. It is in this way that God has always worked, for He sent His humble son into the world, as a poor man, and it is only through the efforts of those who loved Him that you now know of Him, that you now accept and embrace the Church that He . . . the Lamb . . . gave His life for, that you now have a share in the knowledge that Jesus came that you might have life eternal. Through those first founders of the Church . . . those who shared the message of Christ, the good news of His death, resurrection, and ascension to the Father . . . you have been handed down this beautiful faith, the Church of God!

God works through His people always. He calls you again to be as they were, to share the good news you have received, news that is not new, but has been forgotten by the world . . . that you are loved above all creation, that God who is mighty is with you, that you have no need to fear, that you may rejoice, for you are His children and He is your Father. He desires for you to turn to Him in all things, to abandon yourself to Him in prayer, to give Him your sinfulness, your selfishness, your hardness, your anger . . . to give to Him your past and your present and to entrust in His hands your future, for only He can show you the way.

My dear ones, do as you have been asked by God. Do as you have been asked by Christ Himself in the words that He left for you through those first ones who saw and witnessed His miracles and who wrote that you might too know the truth. Follow Him. Give to Him all that is His. He has created you and provided everything that you have, that you are, that you ever shall be. Be as joyful as the children of a loving God ought, for if you do not live with joy, you do not spread the love of Christ who desires for His children to live joyfully. Live with gratitude, with awe that the son of God came that you might be saved. Live with love and reverence for all of His people. Live with peace in your heart, a love for His most holy Church, for His Eucharistic body sacrificed that you might again be in His presence in body and in blood. Reflect always on this great mystery that is Jesus, that is God the Father and Holy Spirit, Advocate. For they are with you, one God with one people. And they have sent me to tell you.

My dear little ones, know that I am your mother. As always, I guide you and I am with you. I do love you. I lift you up to the Father and bring before Him all of your intentions. May His peace flood your heart, may you know His mercy, and may you always, always remain faithful.


The Blessed Mother’s Word’s:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. May God who is glory, who has loved you all the days of your life, be with you. Today I come to you particularly as your mother. I wish to remind you of my maternal love for you, a love that is without condition, a love that is without end. I wish to remind you that God, our father, loves you with such profound love, such immeasurable love, you cannot fathom it.

Today I invite you, dear ones, to begin to love in a new way. Often I have spoke to you of love, of the love that only God can give to you, the love that is His most perfect gift to you. His love comes to you in many ways. His love is on your altars, in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. His love is in your sacraments, in your church, in the priests who minister to you, in the friends who console you in your time of need. His love is in His word, the living testament of His love. His love is in His gifts, in His graces, in His every mercy, in every blessing that you receive, in every healing, in the softening of every heart, in every conversion, and in everyone who has been given the tremendous gift of faith. These blessings shower forth from the heavens because God’s love for you is so great. His love is in this entire world, in every creation, in all of the good things that He has given to you that you might live joyfully.

Tonight I wish for you to learn to love in this way, to learn to love with a maternal heart . . . a paternal heart, to love as a sister and a brother, to love as the closest of friends, all people. It is this that Christ called you to, to love all men, regardless of whether they treat you with kindness, regardless of whether they treat you with love. He invited you to love all of those whom you encounter with His love, the love that God has given to you. This, my children find difficult. There is so little love in this world today. The darkness and the pain, the agony and despair of this world, all of it is caused by a lack of love. There is no other reason. All of the hurting, all of the deaths that you encounter, all of your sorrows, they are a product of a lack of love . . . love for God, love for neighbor, and a love for the dignity and the beauty of life.

This is the great weakness of humanity. It is why we as the children of God are a fallen people, for we have chosen not to love, and yet, you are given the opportunity . . . the grace needed . . . to love anew each day. You are invited to love as you ought to love, as God loves. I ask you to heed my call to this love. I invite you. It is only in this way that you will know peace in your lives, in your homes, in your hearts, in your world. It is only in this way that the darkness shall be quenched, that light shall enter the world, the light that is Christ. It is only in this way that the pain will end, that the agony will disappear, that the despair shall be no more . . . only when man decides to love.

You are bearers of that love. You are bearers of a great gift. God has given you so much! So many graces! Would you not love for Him as He has loved you? Bear His love to the world that others might see and learn. My children have forgotten how to love. They need to be taught, instructed, guided. It is for this reason that the Father pours His Holy Spirit out upon every nation, sending many witnesses, performing many miracles, giving many graces that my children might once again be filled with peace, with joy and love.

Do, children, choose to love in your every action and in your every word. Do nothing that is contrary to love, for God is love and when you do not love, you do not stand with God. If you will allow no wickedness, no sinfulness, no evil to reside within you, you will know a union with God that you can only imagine. You will be perfected in His image as He has always desired for you to be, as He created you to be. This is your choice. You must commit to your choice with the fullness of your heart. You must persevere, even when it is most difficult, even when the trials are great, especially when they seem unbearable. You will find, my little ones, that when you love as God loves, when you accept every grace that He desires to pour into your hearts, when you accept His peace, the difficulties of this life will be lessened, for your sufferings will have great meaning. To suffer without meaning, is only to know pain, but to suffer with love . . . you cannot know the graces, the joys, the mercies, that your suffering will merit. And so, little ones, even in times of trial and especially in times of joy, love without condition, love without end, love selflessly, love purely, love as God loves. It is in this way that truly you will emulate Christ and you will be the disciples He has called you to be.

My dear ones, may He be with you especially this day and always, as my maternal heart blesses you, loves you, and intercedes for you always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, peace be with you. Know that I come to you today bearing the blessings of the Father, the graces that He wishes to give to you. Thank Him and praise Him, for He allows me to come still to speak words of encouragement to you, to teach you how to pray, to teach you to love, to teach you how to follow Him, as He desires you to do.

My dear ones, you are a people filled with faith. You love God. He, your Lord, loves you tremendously. The difficulties that you have are not in your faith, but in the practice of your faith. I have come to teach you how to live your faith more fully, to teach you to live joyfully, to live as God desires for you to live, a holy and peace filled life. In this way, you are lights in the darkness. You are a shining example to the world of Jesus, of His love, of His mercy. You are filled with faith, my people, and God has seen your faith and responded to you with many blessings, with such grace. Your hearts desire to do as He wills you to do, yet you have not disciplined yourself to do so. I understand that the road is difficult. Know that you do not have to go alone. You do not struggle alone. You do not falter alone. God has brought you together as a people to love and to support one another, to share with one another and minister to one another. He sends His angels to minister to you, to guard you, to guide you, and He sends His mother to encourage you and bring you hope. My dear ones, place yourself completely in the Father’s hands. When your will is weak, pray! Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill you with His strength, with His joy. In this way, it will be God who works through you and much more will be accomplished in His name.

And so this day I again ask you to commit yourselves anew to God, to the task at hand, becoming His faithful servants . . . living each day the life of Christ, the crosses and the joys. Allow your will to be joined to that of the Father. Pray each day that He would fill you with His Spirit, to grant you the wisdom, the knowledge, and the courage that you need to live His road. My dear ones, it is not easy, but it is not impossible. God has sent you many signs and many graces. He has given to you many words of encouragement. He has given to you all that you need. Be as children. Trust and obey.

Little ones, the difficulty is in giving up yourselves that God might be all through you. It is a difficulty. It is a cross, but it is one that brings great grace and great strength in God, for if you can give to God all that is His . . . your heart, your soul, your mind, your family, everything. . . . place in His care, then dear ones, you will begin to know the peace and the joy that I have promised to you, that I have spoken about to you for this many years.

I am so pleased as your mother that you have responded with the fullness of your hearts and the desire to do as I have asked you to do, as God has asked you to do. You continue to persevere in faith and my maternal heart is filled with joy. Now I ask you to continue to persevere with your will, to decide for love, to decide to live your faith, to decide for God. It is not an easy choice, but it is a choice that is filled with grace . . . . grace that you cannot imagine.

My dear ones, be encouraged, for God is with you. He hears your prayers and He answers them. He pours down a multitude of grace upon you. He fills you with His Holy Spirit. Now He sends His Spirit to you as never before that you might be filled with His graces and spread those graces around the world. God works through His people. He touches the hearts of His faithful that they might go and share that message of joy, of love, and of hope, with all of those who they encounter.

It was the same way when my son was born upon this earth. How few saw Him! How few spoke to Him! How few touched Him or were touched by Him! And yet, all the world knows of Him now because of those who were faithful. In this same way, I call you to be faithful . . . to be faithful to the decision to love God, to live as He commands . . . and in the same way you will be apostles, you will be leaders, you will be servants, and this is a very, very great blessing.

My dear ones, let the world see Jesus in you that they may be filled with the hope and the joy that you have known. My little ones, I bless you with my maternal blessing and I remind you that as ever I am with you, guiding you, leading you, bringing you into the heart of my son.


The Blessed Mother’s Word’s:

My dear little ones, it is good to be with you again on this day. Praise God, for in His goodness He gives you many blessing, He grants you many favors, He lifts you up and gives you a share of His glory, He gives to you all that He has . . . all that He is . . . all because of His love for you.

My dear little ones, I come to you today again to invite you to enter into a deeper union with God our heavenly father. His people on earth separated from Him by sin and death . . . they live their lives apart from Him, many times because they choose not to see that which is there, that which is true, that which is God. I invite you to begin to look with eyes of faith, to begin to live through these eyes of faith. See that God is with you. See how He blesses you. See how He works in your lives and see the great opportunity He has given to you to serve your brothers and sisters, to live in love and peace and joy, to give back to Him all that you are that He might glorify you all the greater.

Dear ones, choose to see Him. Choose to walk on His road. So many times I have come and have asked you, little ones, to respond with the fullness of your hearts and I am so pleased, for you have learned to pray. . . you have learned to love. . . you have learned to serve. Still, as my children, I guide you in these ways, for as children there are many mistakes to be made and many places where you will fall, but as your mother I encourage you. I ask you to take my hand and to again commit yourself to living all that you have been taught . . . all that you know, to living the way of God. You are to be true apostles, disciples, those who follow in His footsteps. What a great gift this is and what a responsibility, for it is up to you to teach the world of God’s love, to teach the world that they are loved, that all people are loved by God, that God desires each one of His children fully and without reservation. It is up to you to show mercy, compassion, love, charity, devotion, faith. These virtues are not known in the world without God and they will not be known without you, if you do not choose to live in this way. Teach the world what is truth . . . what is right. Teach them, for so many are in the darkness for there is no one to reach out to them.

Your world and your nation suffers greatly from a disease that is evil . . . that is sin. Sin blinds the people of God. It takes away their ability to see Him clearly, to enter into a deep union with Him, a union that is constant . . . without end and always. Sin takes away the freedom that God gave to you to love, to live joyfully. It takes away your life, your joy, your peace. It takes away every grace and leaves only sadness, sickness, and death. As a mother, I come to invite my children to accept the healing love of God . . . to accept His healing in the sacraments, through His church, through one another, through prayer, through service, through the giving of oneself completely to His will. Accept the healing that God brings to the world that you might not suffer in blindness, but that you might truly see. You are called to be the light in this world. It is an illustration much used and yet so true, for the darkness that envelopes this world is great and yet the light is greater.

God desires His people. He calls His people to live in union with Him, to truly commune with Him, each day and every moment. Come into His churches and find Him there. Look for Him in your tabernacle. Spend precious moments before Him . . . in His presence . . . loving Him . . . prayerfully asking that He change you, mold you, shape you into the creation that He has designed you to be. Find Him in one another. Listen. Counsel. Help one another. You are called to this vocation as truly as to any other, for you cannot exist alone. You need one another just as much as you need your families, for you are an example to each other and to the world. You are support. You are guidance. You are the hand that is outreached to pick up those who are fallen. Be the hands and the feet of Christ. Gather His people up with love in your hearts. Be merciful, for most of my people do not know true mercy, for they have not accepted the mercy of God and they do not know how to live with mercy in their hearts. See that my children are broken and they are weak. See that they suffer. They are in need of healing, the healing that God alone can bring, and as truly and as really as Jesus our Lord gave sight to the blind, so too you, through the power of the Holy Spirit in the grace of God, will give sight to those who cannot see . . . who are lost.

And so I invite you, dear ones, to make yourselves perfect vessels for God and in doing so, you will truly become one with Him . . . knowing Him, being in His presence, living with Him and through Him always. You must pray. Without prayer you cannot enter into such a union with Him. Without the holy sacraments you will not know Him. Without His body and His blood your faith will wither and it will die, for He alone gives you sustenance, He alone gives you life, He alone is your strength and your counsel, He alone is your God . . . your Lord . . . your master.

Dear ones, ponder what I have said and keep it in your hearts. Remember in the times that are most frustrating and most difficult, the times when you do not feel the presence of God with you, what I have said and know that truly He is with you. . . He is with you always. You will not be abandoned. Seek Him out through service and love, and you will live in His joy. May His peace ever be with you and may He bless you in all of your ministries. In all of your lives, in the daily things that seem mundane, may He be with you ever greater.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, as ever, praise God, for He is good and has allowed you to come tonight to share in His most blessed sacrament, to receive Him in His body . . . to know Him. Dear ones, what a gift . . . what a gift you have been given! Do not cease to pray in thanksgiving, for our God gives you all things.

My dear ones, do not be afraid to open your hearts to His grace in your life. How many times in your life you seek Him in prayer. You take to Him your troubles, your sorrows, the little deaths that you must suffer each day in your life, and yet you refuse to give them to Him, to allow Him to bear them as He has borne the sins of the world upon His own back. You hold tight to your troubles afraid to let go . . . afraid to let God free you, give you grace, give you peace. Your hearts desire to change, to trust completely and fully in Him, and yet it is difficult for you.

My little ones, it is with great joy that I tell you that you need not be afraid! Do not ever fear coming to our father in heaven who is goodness, who is mercy, who is forgiveness. Take to Him your burdens, your sinfulness, your sorrows. Give Him all your brokenness, all of your pain, that He might cast into the fires all that is evil and give to you all that is holy.

My dear ones, our God . . . our Father . . . loves each of His children with such immense love, with such perfect love! What He desires for you is holiness, a life lived in full communion with Him. You experience this in your Mass when you receive His body, His blood, soul, and divinity. When earnestly you lift your hearts up to Him that He might fill you with His every grace and, as His body enters into you, He makes you a holy vessel of His love, filling you with His Holy Spirit, cleansing you, purifying you. Seek out the Lord in your life. Do not be afraid to allow Him to come into your heart, to see the darkest recesses, to know your every secret, to know your every wound . . . your every weakness, for God desires to heal His children.

Each day, He is present in your life. How often I have said this and I cannot say it enough. God is with His people! He sends His mother. He sends His saints. He sends His earthly messengers . . . each of you . . . to teach the world that He is alive, that He is with you, that He is merciful. There is much sadness in the world, there is much pain, but it need not be so. God desires for His children to return to Him with love, return to Him with a desire to live in holiness, to accomplish this through prayer, perseverance, and relying completely on Him . . . trusting in Him . . . placing your will in His care that He might make it His own.

My dear ones, you have received so much! You have seen such goodness from the hands of God! He has blessed you each day in your life that truly, every day, you are standing in a miracle! Little ones, do not fail to see with the eyes of a child the miracle that is life around you, the miracle that is the eternal life that your God gives to you freely, without price. Come to Him. Come to Him in His holy sacraments and there find peace and reconciliation, a healing of your wounds, and a changing of your heart as you have never experienced before. Flee to your father in heaven, for He is your comfort and your solace. He is mercy and forgiveness. He desires for you only holiness, joy, and peace.

My little ones, banish all fear from your hearts. God has not made a fearful people. He desires for you to live in abundant blessings . . . in abundant grace, but you must open your hearts, change your hearts, set your will upon living in holiness, and pray always that the Holy Spirit might enter into you and make you a perfect vessel of love.

Dear ones, will you open yourself to God completely? When you place all in His hands, when you invite the Holy Spirit to work through you, then . . . only then . . . will you fully commune with God in your soul as it was always meant to be. See Him in your life, for He is there. He is waiting for you. Answer His call and seek His mercy.


Note: This was our first prayer group meeting after the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11.

The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little ones, peace be with you. Know that I come to you again as your mother. Know that I come to gather my children in my arms, to teach them about the Father, to gather you. Dear ones, what a difficult time it is in the world, for even in these own days you have seen the face of evil in your nation. This is nothing that is new to you. I do not need to tell you that evil exists, that it is real, that evil desires to destroy the kingdom of God, for you know this . . . you live it each day. What I come to tell you . . . what God sends me to tell you . . . is that there is grace . . . grace without limit in His hands, in His care, in His mercy. He desires to heal His people, to pour His love upon them, to comfort them in their affliction, to take away your sorrows, to make you a people of joy.

My dear ones, if all of my children, everyone in the world heard this message, how then could anyone reject such a gift? God does not ask you for anything more than what He gave . . . your heart, your soul, your mind, your heart. What great gifts these are! He gave them to you that they might be used for His will, which is always love, which is always goodness, which is always joy. I invite you then, my children, again this day to make yourselves His willing servants, vessels of His love. Open your hearts to Him. Hear Him when He calls you.

The malady of evil will exist in this world so long as my children do not turn to God with the fullness of their hearts, so long as my children continue in their own ways, the fallen ways which mankind has suffered under for this long time. God sent His son into this world to be a beacon of light, to be hope in the darkness. It is the same son . . . the Christ, redeemer and king . . . who is your salvation, who is your hope, who is your joy.

You are called to share Him with all people, to share the gift of faith that you have been given. What a gift! To be so blessed as to be gifted with faith . . . to be gifted with the faith that God has given you through Jesus, through His sacramental church, through His body and blood. What a gift! You must share this gift in the way that you live, in the words that you speak, in the way that you pray. Those who come to you looking for God will find Him only if you place yourself entirely in His care. Pray about all things. Find Him in the sacraments and in the Church and, most especially in times of temptation and trial, live a life of perfect humility, obedience, and joy. It is only this joy, this life lived abundantly in Christ, that will prevent evil from overtaking the very children of God. God offers this gift to His children. He offers it through His son, through the redeemer, but my children must accept . . . they must accept the gift. Dear ones, I ask you, make yourselves bearers of the light of Christ that all of the people of God might see Him clearly and that you . . . in your own times of trial, of temptation, of doubt and struggle . . . might clearly know Him and might not abandon Him.

Your God is a faithful God. He does not abandon His children. He does not leave you. He will not allow evil to overcome you, but you must trust in Him. You must place yourself in His care. You must accept the gifts of faith that He gives for if you will close your heart to Him, if you do not place your trust in Him, if you do not love as He commands you to love, you will not know joy, but only sadness, despair, and death.

You, dear ones, are the hope for the world, for those who are faithful to God are beacons of hope and joy . . . beacons of light and grace, and they make this world a joy for me to look upon. I ask you to share this grace with all those who are not as fortunate as you, who do not know God as you have come to know Him. For you, dear children, you have been given much and when you open yourselves to the Spirit of God who will work with you, through you, and in you, you can accomplish much.

Dear ones, know that I, your mother, am with you in all things. Know that I come to you to always bring you joy, to bring you hope, and to share with you the great grace that is the gift of faith . . . that gift that God pours forth upon this world in abundance. Share this message, I implore you. Let all the world see you as children of God that they too might follow that example, the example of Christ, and might be delivered into joy. First you must live this way. Second, you must pray always. And third, dear ones, you must always live out your faith in the promises you have made in your lives . . . as mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, teachers and friends, priests and celibates. Always live your vows. Do these three things, dear ones, and I assure you . . . you will always know the light and the peace and the grace that God gives to you. Do them not and you will have much trial.

As any mother, I come to you with a heart filled with hopes for my children, with a heart filled with great desires . . . desires for my children to know God as I have seen Him, as I have known Him. One day at the moment of your death, you will stand before Him and you will see with eyes unknown to you. Begin to see Him in this way now, through the way that you live each day. Do not be led away, for the prize is great, the treasure worth the struggle, and the grace all consuming. Dear ones, may the peace of Christ be with you and the gifts of the Holy Spirit be upon you this day and always.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear children, it is good to be with you tonight, to be given the grace from the Father to speak to you as a mother, to come to teach you . . . to remind you that God is with you, that He loves you, that He will never leave you, that He desires you to return to Him with the fullness of your hearts.

My dear ones, know that I come to you to be His mouthpiece, to bear His message. He calls to you time and time again. He beckons His children to Him, gathers them around Him, calls His little ones home to Him. Our father in heaven is good. He desires for the world to be filled with mercy and joy and peace. He has designed His children to be vessels of His love, to live in service and in joy, to live keeping His commandments . . . honoring His name and rejoicing in the blessings He has given them. He has designed His children, each one, to be loved by Him and to love one another.

Dear ones, from many places in many ages He has called to you. Through the scriptures, through the writings of the old prophets to this present day, He beckons a lost people home to Him. Throughout history the world has known unrest, disaster, pain, sorrow, and violence. God never intended for it to be so, but by choosing to walk apart from Him, man has chosen to live this way. It grieves my maternal heart, for it does not need to be so. Every day you are given the choice to love . . . or not. Every day you are given the choice to serve . . . or to serve yourself. Every day you have the choice to believe, to trust, or to doubt and despise.

Dear ones, this is your blessing and also your cross, for you have such freedom, and yet many of my children do not know how to close their eyes, open their hearts, and trust in God. God designed this world to be a place of joy, to be a place of peace, to be a place of love. Today you have the choice. You may help it return to such a place or you might contribute to the desolation that exists now. Choose well, my little ones, and do not choose alone. Invoke the Holy Spirit to come upon you, to dwell in your heart, to live in your lives, and to work through you that His wisdom, that His power, that His glory might be yours . . . that you might glorify God.

Dear ones, pray always, for it is in prayer that you will be given all graces and all blessings and all strengths that you will need to choose well. Do not fear to come to your father, to reconcile yourself to Him when you fall. God desires His children to come back to Him. He calls to them and beckons them. Come back to Him with the fullness of your heart, with all of your soul, and lead those around you . . . those who you have charge of, those whom God Himself has placed in your life . . . lead them back to Him as well, that all of humanity might worship Him, that the world might know peace and joy and the love that God desires to give to all of His children to spread upon this earth as a fire in the hearts and souls of His little ones.

Dear ones, I assure you, if you follow His law, if you live by His way, if you bind your heart to Him through prayer and the sacraments, truly you will know peace, you will know joy, and things will be as they were always designed to be. May the peace of Christ, who is our redeemer and king, be as ever with you.


The Blessed Mother’s Words:

My dear little children, I thank you this day for all that you have done to come to know the Baby Jesus, Christ your king, in a new and fuller way. Today, you begin a time of celebration, of preparation for celebrating His coming into this world . . . God penetrating time and space to come into the hearts of His children, coming to you not in grandeur, but as an infant child, as the weakest, the smallest, the most helpless of all creation. During these next weeks, you will recall how God in His mercy sent His angel forth to announce the good news to the world that Jesus . . . the redeemer, the savior . . . was with His people. What joyful news!

Dear ones, in these next weeks you will be reminded of the great humility of Christ . . . how He as God became the lowest, the smallest, the servant . . . slave to the desires of men, obedient even until His death. In these next weeks you will be reminded, dear ones, that God did these things, that He became His creation, because He loves you, because He is merciful, because He is good, because He desired to show His children that which was right . . . the way to live. It is the example of Christ that you must follow, for He is the teacher. He is the master.

Dear ones, I ask you, how many of my children during these next weeks will remember these things? Do not forget. Do not be among those who cannot truly see with the eyes of faith because they have no faith, for the gift given to them has been rejected . . . the grace poured upon them is not with them, for they have chosen another road. Do not forget. Do not become distracted. How much there is to distract my dear ones from prayer, from love of God and love of neighbor. It is difficult in this world when evils multiply, when trials are great, to remember to love and to live as the master commands. You are called, dear ones, to remember always that you are the people of God and as such you must live with dignity, with love, and with mercy.

How many times, dear ones, how many times must you forgive those who hurt you? How many times must you love those who are unlovable? The world will tell you that there are those without worth. The world will tell you that respecting life, that loving life, that life, which is sacred, has no worth. Many will tell you that to think of oneself, to desire the things of the world, to act in one’s best interest, is the way to live. You are blessed, for you know otherwise.

Dear ones, what I am telling you is nothing that you do not know. You yourselves, you pray . . . you beseech God for an end to such evils in this world and in your nation. I call you to remember . . . to renew in your heart . . . the commitment to pray that this might be a season of hope and joy for all people, that they might truly believe that God hears prayers and answers them in His divine will, in a beautiful and glorious way.

Dear ones, you are blessed. How blessed you are to be gifted with truth. I ask you as your mother, do not forget to live the truth. May your lives be shining examples of that which you know. God . . . Father, Son, and Spirit Eternal . . . is with His people in humility, in His mercy, in His justice, in His peace. He, now as ever, crosses space and time and all things to bring love to His children, reaching His hands to you, offering you His peace, offering peace to the world. He who is mighty comes again in humility as the smallest and the weakest . . . those without a voice,

those most abandoned, those most abused. He who is mighty and great comes again to you, to be taught by you, to be loved by you.

Who is this person who comes to you in this way? It is Jesus in your brothers and sisters, in the hearts of all people . . . all of His creation. See with eyes of faith that He reigns within you, that He truly is king of the hearts of all mankind, and that to serve Him is to serve one another. Therefore, may I impart this message to you, be servants first . . . masters last. Be teachers and friends and counselors and above all . . . pray. In this way, you will begin to live a life of service. In this way, you will find yourself growing closer to God through Jesus, our living Lord. In this way, you will find your prayer renewed and your faith will bloom as a rose before the crown, the throne, and the glory of God.

Remember, little ones, in this season and in these next weeks and always, that Jesus who is Lord is with you. May He reign always with the Father Almighty through the power of the Holy Spirit . . . one God forever and ever.


Note: The following message was given by God during a candlelight prayer service on Christmas Day.

God’s Words:

My children, I call you. I make you a new creation unto me. I fill you with every grace. I grant you every blessing. I know your every word and every bone and every hair and every thought and every deed. I know you as you do not know yourselves, for I have seen that which might be if you would protect your souls from sinfulness and death and embrace the light . . . the light which I bring you.

Children, your father calls. I beckon you. You are mine. Be in my presence. See the gift I give you in myself . . . that I send my Spirit upon you to heal you of all affliction, to make you whole, to bind your families to my heart that bleeds for you. See I send my Spirit to be your advocate, to be your counsel, to be your light, that you might share in that glory that is mine! See that I send my body to your table to be broken . . . to be part of you my people, that I now and always shall be joined unto you with God . . . one creature . . . my heart. See now I send my mother . . . she who ordained from all time to be the one woman clothed in the sun, who comes to bring my peace and my joy and my glory, who is my servant . . . she is my prophet. I speak to you through her. My daughter, she comes to you. She brings my words that you might come to know me as I know you. There is nothing hidden from my eyes. There is no pain I do not feel. There is no joy I do not know. Always, I am with you.

Children, accept the gift of my grace that I give to you. Accept this gift now. Fill your hearts with my mercy, for my mercy alone shall sustain you. Fill your hearts with my love, for my love alone . . . my love alone is all things. Fill your heart with my word. Become that which I know you to be. Join your hearts to me and give me your will. You do not trust enough to give to the creator that which is my own . . . that which first I gave unto you. I am calling.

Dear children . . . dear precious ones . . . dear thought of my heart, breath of my life . . . answer this call. Give yourselves to me that I might do great things through you to bring all of my children into the mercy of their father. Do not . . . do not leave me alone. Remain in me always, for such I created you . . . to be one in my heart now and forever. Turn your faces unto me. See my mercy that awaits you. See my forgiveness . . . my joy . . . my love . . . my peace. Let me, your God, free you from the chains of sin and death and lift you up into that glory that I have created for you.

Children, come! Your father calls.